myurbandream: (Default) - everyone should read this. - video of a little girl mistaking a water heater for a robot.  she gives it a hug.  my heart melted!!!
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watched disney's tangled again with jim today. that movie rocks.

if you liked it, go read this:
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"Anatomy of a Mid-Life Crisis" by AlchemyAlice
-Inception, Ariadne/Eames

"Limited Release" by pru
-X-Men First Class, Charles/Erik modern-day AU
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to the point that i don't know
if i'll upset the status quo
if i throw poison in the water main
listen close to everybody's heart
and hear that breaking sound
hopes and dreams are shattering apart
and crashing to the ground...

i cannot believe my eyes.... )
how the world's filled with filth and lies
but it's plain to see
evil inside of me
is on the rise...
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hyde mix!!! cait and i put it together in the car on the way to a-kon.

under the cut... )
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so, sara got this song stuck in my head- and she wasn't even there to do it. she opened it on youtube and it was there when i got on her computer, so i started to listen.... and poof! i'm hooked. dcfc is amazing, imo. anyway, i really love the lyrics, and the 5-minute instrumental intro is pretty amazing too.

lyrics here. )

they did "into the dark" and "soul meets body" and a number of other songs that i like as well. i have to agree with sara on this one. she likes imogen heap as well (i have no idea how to pronounce that) and i've liked what i've heard of hers as well. maybe i just need to listen to sara's music more. ^/___^

....alas, class. (*lol* that rhymed.)

ETA: cait, you keep calling me after i'm asleep. what's up- something important? i'll try to remember to call you this afternoon.
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links to the wildflower and tree websites that i used to find our id's for systems. joy. *hates*
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research for class.... ) is very frustrating that i can't find any resources on the stuff i really need to look into, that being other buildings dug into the site the way i want my project to be.

oh, crap. i didn't build a site model. griff's gonna kill me.
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heee, look what jim found!!!

when youtube is cooperating i'll get the actual link to that posted here instead.

amusement!!!! vast amusement!
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two very amazing things just happened.

the first is that i locked all of my worldy possessions except my cell phone(ie- notes, glasses, wallet, textbooks, etc, my backpack) including my keys in my locker. just five minutes ago. i am a GENIUS, y'all. (the good news is that i forsaw this happening, and the spare key to my locker is with my boyfriend. the bad news is that he's working out at the rec so he won't be able to pick up his phone until 5 or 5.30. *headdesk*) thank god i am aware of my own forgetfulness and carelessness and planned for this exact eventuality in advance.

(final warning: geekiness and fandom abound hereafter.) the other thing is that, while reading my anthropology textbook, i came across a three-page discussoin of the algonquin expression of paranoid schizophrenia through the windigo myth. ...holy. crap. quote from the text: "these northern [Native Americans- Ojibwa and Cree-] recognized the existence of cannibalistic monsters called Windigos. Individuals afflicted by the psychosis developed the delusion... that they were themselves transformed into Windigos, with a craving for human flesh." etc. show, you are amazing and made of win. *squee*

EDIT: oh, and charissa found this:
-some poor mcdonalds worker getting messed with. that's a drinking song they're singing into the order box. *eyeroll*
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homework. it eats my life. *seppuku* dang it, i lost my to-do list.

spent all yesterday (and i mean ALL of it) doing a take-home physics test that was 137 questions long. ridiculous!!! then i got up at 7:30 this morning to build my model for studio. spent all of arch history lecture correcting the bloody test with sara and sarah before class. in-class free-response test in physics- finished right at the end of the period. anthro was normal, studio was cool- i was one of few people who had a model to show today, and griff actually liked it, which is cool. *proud* of course that means he gave me more work to do- it's a never-ending cycle of give and give and give. -___-

so now i'm on page.... 232 (reading 219-248)of the article we have to read for arch history. ("Lucien Febvre, "Civilisation: Evolution of a Word and a Group of Ideas," in Peter Burke, ed., A New Kind of History and Other Essays, trans. K. Folca (New York: Harper and Row, 1973)") 1000wd essay on that due wednesday. i swear we should get writing-intensive credit for that class, and sabatino doesn't know how to lecture to save his life. we can't analyze buildings if he doesn't teach us about them!!! *fumes* i'm basically teaching myself this class.

check tuition, research "be on time" loans, scholarships
studio: model, 2+ plans by wed
anthro: read ch4, study for test
phys: homework? (plz no.)
hist: write paper!
structures: lab 2a???

why are all my architecture classes this semester so annoying? *mopes*

EDIT: on a note of much joy and win, my wonderful roommate found this, ALL FOR ME, bwahaha!!!
"Nur fur dich" by the Wise Guys, performed live (it annoys me that i don't know how to get umlauts in html text.)
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oh. my. GOD. bri, curse you for posting this!!!! it drew me like a fly!!!

...i counted books i'd only half-read in the italics section, because i've been meaning to go back and finish them but never have.

Bold those you've read. Italicize those you want to read (or those you've been meaning to get to...). Underline those you own. Add one! )
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somehow i apparently didn't archive this vid.

it's the sylar movie trailer.

also, i have a headache.
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cait, since you asked, here are all the laby fics that i have either on my fav-list or my alert-list on i found a couple on lj, too, but it's been like three weeks since i was in labyrinth fandom so it's not in my history sidebar anymore. anyway, here:

"A Necessary Deception" by 'Scattered Logic'; fav story list

"Into the Rose Garden" by 'Dryad13'; fav story list
-so this is the one where sarah's mom marries an elf- jeremy aka jeremiel, bestonly friendnon-servant of jareth- and sarah ends up getting kidnapped by jareth, and then by elves, and then she sort of gets married to jareth. somehow.

"Say Your Right Words" by 'Scattered Logic'; fav story list

'Lattelady'; fav author list
>she has four labyrinth fics, all of which i've read, and "For Love of Sarah" is currently being updated and is on my story alert list

well, that's all i can find from just my fav lists on; pro'ly most of what i found was by fav lists of those authors and from searching by word count, if i know my own search habits, so try that. happy hunting!!!
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new doctor who vid!!! it's the crazy, crazy,happy master.

i love most that they put in the actual clips of the master singing to this song on screen

aaa~aaand, another giddy master video, also of one of his in-show theme songs
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Title: Left and Leaving, by The Weakerthans
Vid by: [profile] wuffielover and me!!!!
Spoilers: The whole season, y'all, especially the finale!
Summary: Peter-centric vid, kind of an AU future Peter looking back. Or something. XP It's pretty! We promise!
X-posted: the whole world

Megaupload link:

Youtube link:

so, those's the links.  and we spent 2-3 days on it, 9+ hours all together.  and it's AMAZING!!!!  and it's the first vid i've ever done, and nee-san too, and i don't know why i didn't start doing this years ago!  it's so fun, and addictive, and incredible, and no-one has even commented yet but we only posted it twenty minutes ago and i'm still insanely excited!!!  *flails*

so, yeah, that's all.

omg guys.  i rock.


May. 24th, 2007 04:19 pm
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i got a shot. *pouts*

/baby. no, srsly, i hate getting shots. they freak me out, even more than the part where it hurts- major phobia here. *sighs* but i went and got my second hpv shot today. i will be geeky!!!!

nee-san found this cool sylar music video. (i don't know how she finds these things, she's just magic.)

i like sylar... *smirk*

(i know, i know, i already posted today, but adding this onto the other entry would just be really ADD of me. so. deal with it.)
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*mutinous* i have to leave for lecture in like ten minutes, and i'm pissed that my speakers are on the wonk and i can't watch any of the vids i just found. grrr....

in other news, i hope and pray to finish my project soon, because it would kinda suck to be trapped in studio over the weekend.

home in three weeks!!!! woot!!!!!

ps- caitlin, where is that rewrite of 'beauty and the beast' that i think was on with wyverly the butler and flying statuary. i can't find it!!!!! *wibbles* (my bf and i watch the disney movie monday night. ^/____^)

pps- rain!!! omg we got rain last night!!! real rain, not dorky misty stuff. yay!!!


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