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today's my last day at blgy.... *mopes* it's exciting that it's my last day, because i get more free time and it means that school is almsot here again, but it's also sad b/c i like my job, and it's fun and most of the time it doesn't hurt my brain, and my co-workers are nice and funny and helpful. so, yeah. but i'm looking forward to going to college, which is the main reason today is my last day: so that i can have friday and the weekend to get ready for packing and moving. i STILL don't have a parking pass, which i need to do yesterday, seriously. and i went out last night book-hunting; it looks like i'm gonna have to order my books. i have nine books for my english class, just this semester, but they're all really cool things, like the illiad, plato, sophocles, sappho; all the old classics. they just don't exist anywhere. i found three on the shelves, two of them can be ordered, and two of them couldn't even be found in the system in the stores i looked at. arg. but i'm looking forward to being in college; i think my optimal function is learning, b/c i really, really enjoy it. school, class, reading, sometimes even homework. (i know, i'm crazy, don't kill me.) so yeah, i'm looking forward to going. but i have to quit my job. i got to do punch lists with jt again today, as a nice last-day high. blake manor is finally mostly fixed up after having been vandalized, so we repunched the c wing today. poor jt won't know what to do with himself tomorrow, now that he has to go back to writing punch lists by hand. we get four or five times the number of rooms done per day when i follow him around and type things as he calls them out. now he has to write it all out by hand, and then come back to the office and type it up before sending it out to the site manager. and he wasn't born in the computer age, so he types with, i swear, three and a half fingers. it's so funny to watch, but i can't without smiling hugely so i don't. *snickers* so he'll be doing punch lists the slow way from now on. ^/____^;;

well, last tkd lesson is tonight too. i will die. X__X and then, sleepover!!!! kick-off for me going to houston and leaving bri, cait, and melissa behind. you guys must email me ALL THE TIME!!!! keep me in the loop, okay? *weeps* i'm gonna miss you!

*sniffles* okay, signing off. T_T


Jul. 27th, 2006 10:31 am
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i eat chocolate. ^/__^ work is fun; i get to color things. i have something like 325 prismacolor art pencils on my desk. mike came over to my cubicle yesterday after lunch and asked me to start designing the vct and wall tile for the high school. he told me: "no red, b/c it's expensive. no blue, b/c that's the school colors of the other high school. we're leaning towards green. have fun!" and oh boy, am i having fun. *grins* also, tracing paper is the gift of the gods. all my work is on one roll so i don't have to shuffle through things, and i don't have to print off a bajillion copies of the floorplan or use up my whole sketching tablet. it's nice....

in other work-related news, bill from the office across the hall grows watermelons in his abckyard, and he brought about thirty of them to work today in his pick-up. so everyone's going home with a watermelon under each arm. i lo~ove watermelon!!!! they look like giant pickles, it's funny. we had a little assembly, passing watermelons through the back door like a fire brigade bucket line. except giant pickles instead of buckets. ^/__^

mm.. went swimming yesterday. for the first time this summer, no less. it was nice.... and i got to hang out with melissa. i leave in like 2 1/2 weeks, zomg!!!! *weeps* i'll miss people.

kay, back to coloring now. *smirk* bye!!!
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and, yeah, i'm still a kid, but not like this. )

so now i get to spend ALL of today (we leave in 8 minutes and don't get back till 4.30 or 5 in the afternoon) punching manor middle school. joy. at least i'm not actually sitting in the office for the day, and i get lunch on the company. ^/__^ manor has mexican, or barbeque. yu~um... and i got twelve hours of sleep last night. that felt good....

this rocks

Jul. 14th, 2006 08:29 am
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guys, i am getting paid to surf the internet!!!! (admittedly, i have to search for certain things, but still!!!!) i love my job, so much. ^/__^

kind of a busy weekend planned for me. today is work, obviously, but i also need to get gas and buy a gift for knives, and sga s3 premieres today; must go to caitlin's house to use her cable connection. (bugger all.) tomorrow is tae kwon do in the morning, then work at the clairmont. (last shift? dunno.) then knives' party is in the evening. sunday is church, duh, 8.30 to 12.15. after that me and chari go to the container store to by dorm stuff. then it's monday, back to work! but i get to do punch lists for mms on monday, so i'm not complaining.

there's only like four weeks of summer left, guys!!!! *wails* i'm moving away!!!! i'm gonna miss everyone so much!!! but i do get to come back every second or third weekend, so, keep saturdays open for me if you wanna hang out. bri, sav, i haven't seen yu two in forever! and we haven't talked except for when you called caitlin's cell while we were up in wisconsin. i miss you! *pouts* see, bri and sav are in the same city even, but i still never get to see them. what will i do when i'm three hours away?!?! *weeps*

..hokay. now i'm gonna actually do work. bye!

ps. new icons!!!! some of them, anyways.
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i found this quiz on chari's lj, and took it, and i have to say, the result is spot-on. it's almost scary how well this matches what i think of myself. so, all ye: this is me:

You Are a Hunter Soul

You are driven and ambitious - totally self motiviated to succeed
Actively working to acheive what you want, you are skillful in many areas.
You are a natural predator with strong instincts ... and more than a little demanding.
You are creative, energetic, and an extremely powerful force.

An outdoors person, you like animals and relate to them better than people.
You tend to have an explosive personality, but also a good sense of humor.
People sometimes see you as arrogant or a know it all.
You tend to be a bit of a loner, though you hate to be alone.

Souls you are most compatible with: Seeker Soul and Peacemaker Soul

in other news, i'm at work. did more punch lists today out at bmes, but got back slightly sooner, because we can punch a lot faster than the guys out there are building. so i came back to my desk, got a cup of cocoa, and got on my computer. *grins* i am such a shameful worker. but, to make myself feel better, i'm only posting this and then getting off. i still have the roof plan and finish schedule to corrolate.... so, bye!

EDIT: i feel less guilty about being online after catching jt playing games on yahoo. only slightly less guilty, tho. also, i totally just found a splinter in my hand that i didn't know was there. O_o;;
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...and a bottle of rum. i feel kind of in a singing mood. but a silly, 'wow i'm really tired, i think i'll lay here and sing atrociously, just because' type of mood, too. hmm.

work today was very fun. i finally got to go to the sites!!! i was gonna do that two weeks ago, but then there was this dog... ^/__^ anyway, i finally got to go visit the manor sites today. every time i turn my head i smell smoke in my hair, because jt's the one who took me around the sites, and he smokes like a chimney, no lie. but i got to go to the project meetings for mms and bmes, and then me and jt went to lunch with the casings guys, and then we did a partial punch list for bmes, just the a wing. i got my laptop from my desk and pushed it around on a cart while jt called things out- the punch list, fyi, is when the architect gets to walk around the building during its final stages and write down all the mistakes that the builders made, then (in jt's case) he gets to submit the list and very 'nicely' go tell them to fix it and do it right this time- or else. "the REALLY cool thing is that because i helped, my name is on the punch list records. for forever. i can look back in the records and show people, look, that school, i helped when they were building it. here's my name." jt's name is on it too, of course. (caitlin: jt GUTHRIE; he sadly does not have any relation named paige. actually, he reminds me of wolverine, if wolverine were a gainfully employed cowboy instead of a canadian bar-hopping cage-fighter. also, jt is visibly really old. really, really old.) i was also surprised today at work; it was my second day back from a two-week break. a lot of people in the office (ie, everyone), when they first saw me, asked how i was feeling, and looked at my scars, and said they were glad i was back. this frankly amazes me. i barely know anyone's name in the office, but they all know me and heard about the accident and were sympathetic. i feel... really flattered.

tkd tonight. i am exhausted. actually, i forgot to ask dr gadaria if i could do tae kwon do, but he's released me from all my other restrictions, so i'm assuming it's okay. unless master jung sends me home. hmm... i'd better bring a book along then, just in case.

well, i sadly have oodles of stuff that need to be done still tonight. i find new respect for my mom, as i realize that a full-time job does not mean that you get to relax when you get home. you're just putting down the work you get paid for and tackling the work you have to do regardless. *whines* i wanna read.... ah, well.
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aa~aahh!!! i'm going to houston for my orientation at uo/h and i'm supposed to be leaving work like right now. i love my job. ) okay, must leave now. bye!!!!

ps- getting my hair cut this saturday, for sure. nee-san already chopped all her's off!!!! she says she looks like sasuke a bit, but i haven't actually seen her. and, wow, i won't see her until i pick her up from the airport in madison on the 30th. so we'll neither of us recognize the other person. *grins* this is gonna be fun!!!
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jenny gushes about work. )but i'm having a great day at work, even though i'm gonna be falling asleep at my desk in about two hours. and i've got tae kwon do tonight! *groans* i so need to take a nap when i get home! i was up reading late and didn't even realize the time. last night i went to a sleepover with all the other girls who graduated from my middle school with me and have just graduated high school. it was me, gracie, steph, lori, sarah, alli b., rachel, and sarah's mom, who's our small group leader in youth group. we're a pretty tight-knit group, and it was lots of fun. i'm gonna miss them this fall!!!

kay, i'm really leaving now. bye!
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i. got. hired. !!!!!!!!!! first internship ever for jenny!!!! i am now an intern at BLGY inc architects of austin- go me!!!! i got hired this morning; i start on monday. omg yay squee!!!!!! ;dfliogjuhd;fghabd!!!!! (can you tell i'm excited?)

so, this week has been horrendously busy. thursday i was home for a total of maybe 45 minutes, during which i read. so sue me. BUT!!!! thursday was also my first tae kwon do lesson of the summer. yay!!! i got a great deal at the place where caitlin takes tkd- and grace was there! b/c we went on a thursday, and nee-san doesn't normally. took her four years, but i finally joined! i'm a little white belt, and she's a chodanbo-stripe, so we're on slightly different levels. *snerk* (for those of you who don't take tkd, nee-san's about to take her black-belt test.) my legs are so~o sore though!!! i could have gone swing dancing last night at the fed, but i might not have been able to walk this morning if i had. on the plus side, i felt properly exercised for the first time in months- such a good feeling!

a-kon is today!!! i need to make my vbs calls and pack for a-kon, and call caitlin as well. and email ms. davis. and go to the bank. ack!!! busy!!! must go!!! the leash that is my hair survives another week! hopefully i'll get my hair cut next saturday, but we'll see. bye!!!!!


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