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so..... as of roughly 3am today i'm 20 years old. yay?

i don't really feel much different- i stopped being excited about my birthday in high school. it's always been a muted affair for me, except my golden birthday, because i have a summer birthday, you know? i never had many friends around to celebrate with, and not enough people acknowledge the use of half-birthdays for that to be worthwhile. so as a kid i didn't do much. and i think, after about 7th grade, i just stopped caring about it as much. it's still, y'know, the day i was born, which is kind of cool to think about, but i stopped expecting big things. this year i practically forgot that it was happening, and i wouldn't have even known it was today except that people kept reminding me.

and i'll admit, it's not something that i completely disregard. celebrating birthdays is part of my culture, so i'm aware that my birthday is approaching and in the back of my mind there's always that feeling of, 'hey, it's my birthday, i should do something special'. so i'm not a total weirdo about it, i guess.

but i'm no longer a teenager, and that does feel different. it's about the only thing that turning 20 gets you- second most useless birthday among the ones that are worth counting, imo- you're not a teenager anymore, which really does make a difference in how people think about you. and, i guess, in how i think about myself, when i consider my age as a factor. it's one less excuse to have at my disposal for having fun and relaxing and stuff.

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yay for labor day!!!

went to del rio with bri and cait for caitlin's family reunion this past saturday-monday. lots of fun! i took pictures, which will eventually be up on facebook, but in the meantime:

i spent 10 hours in driving time from houston to del rio via austin, and another 10 hours back again- thankfully i didn't have to drive all that myself!!!! del rio, for those who don't know, is on the border with mexico near a big, BIG lake. very desert climate. we stayed in a very nice hotel but spent days at caitlin's paternal grandparents' trailer near the lake, which is only occasionally occupied. there was lots of food and ps2 games and chatting- and babies!!! cait has two new baby cousins, lilah and milah, who are actually cousins to each other, not sisters, believe it or not. so. CUTE. it made all my maternal instincts go squee.

i forgot my phone charger in houston, so my phone died saturday afternoon/evening, which was fun. we slept for most of the car ride up, or wrote fanfiction. i handwrote like fifteen pages of avatar fic over the weekend. and i did my homework! see, i wasn't completely unproductive. i did design sketches for studio and i did my reading assignment for pols, too. bri did her homework, but cait had left her books at home, so she didn't- sha~ame.... ^/_____^ and we watched the first episode of 'life on mars', because john simm plays the main character. *squee* he looks exactly like, the master, which is kinda weird to think about, in a cool au-fanfiction kind of way.

on a completely random side note, i'm doing all this typing in the dark- i can't see the keyboard. i had no idea that i could type so well- i know where all the keys are, even after moving my hands. this is kind of.... unexpected. but cool. *shrugs*

also, i discovered this weekend that i hate channel-surfing with an unusual and surprising passion that was slightly unexpected on my part. it's just.... ugh. i hate it.

flesh-eating pigeons finally went away this weekend, too, but i still can't find my swimsuit, so that was a bummer. we walked down the mile-plus distance to the lake and put our feet in where the water comes up over the road, but it's not the same as tubing like we did two years ago. ah, well.....


i, robot- the movie, i have and have read the book already.


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