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good morning! we've talked the whole night through. good morning, good morning to you!

...except replace "talked" with "worked".

(from Singing In The Rain) :D
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I graduate from college in one month.

Thank GOD.
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things to do... )
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this is so depressing. i have a to-do list. already. )

it's only the second day of school. this is just not right.
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oh my god, i have so much to do.

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i just realised that i'm getting a $50,000 college degree. *gobsmacked*

that's obscene.
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SG LAS round 1 - challenge 3

CHALLENGE 3: "I love it when a plan comes together!"
AUs Allowed? - No.
Crossovers Allowed? - No.

due by WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20th at 5:00PM (EST).


ETA: defaulted - did not turn in an entry and did not acquire/use any further skips. *shrugs* it's midterms.
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yeah, it's that time again. i should have made a list on friday, or today in studio, but dumb-butt me didn't think to do it, and now i'm freaking out.

things i gotta do:
-compile my notes for keiji before thursday
-post videos to cnu's page
-new plans for studio by wednesday - high priority
-site and program drafted by wednesday - high priority
-get camera from kathryn for pictures on tuesday
-read karate book
-finish grading paul's papers asap - high priority
-grade mike's papers
-check blackboard for arch students' posts on tuesday night baaaaad students! :D
-check blackboard for itec students' responses
-readings for colaco by thursday
-section detail for tackett due next week
-email itec questions to kyung-hee
-read and return Texts and Sprawl
-buy food for food drive

i've been learning so much for my thesis project - it's been great, i've been like a sponge since saturday for this stuff, and meeting with prof. rogers today was immensely helpful - but i just cannot absorb this stuff fast enough. i have to have a site and program picked out by wednesday.

"if i could get a grip on reality, i'd choke it."
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christian was talking about bad german drinking songs today in studio. mostly because both of us are studying german buildings for our precedent research (due monday) and i've been reading a lot of german the past few days.

the site visit today was very sweaty. actually, all of today was very sweaty. i had karate again this morning, but more vigorously, considering it's the second day and we're getting more serious about it now. but the site visit was much worse - prolonged and unrelieved exposure. yech. i feel all grimy, and i'm supposed to leave in about.... eight minutes to babysit michelle's kids for the night. no time for a shower.

overall, though, the week has been good. (i'm still freaking out about the thesis. but quietly. quietly freaking out.) all my classes are interesting so far, and all my non-studio classes have also been very easy, which is just what i wanted. hooray! i may actually have some free time this sunday to work on the quilt! it's a miracle!

other than that.... not much to say.

four minutes. gotta go. tata!
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why is the financial aid department so worthless?

seriously. why? )
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my to-do lists for the week )
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*lols* so apparently the superbowl is today? idek.

HI, LJ!!! long time no see. i've been busy with studio work, and will continue to be so. thus is life.
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and yet more research.

sheet piling, among other things. )
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research, day two. )
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gah, research. )
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;4kj t2q3p4iutba[e94untql3!!!!1

y'all, i just aced my last two finals of the semester, and i'm getting married in exactly two weeks (plus some-odd minutes).

heilige scheisse.
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it's a totally new world, y'all.

this past week was CRAZY )

so whatever. now i'm going to mail three letters to my brother, and go with kathryn to the pub to watch the cusa football game (go coogs!) and then i'm picking up my shoes!!!!!!! it'll be a good day.
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Studio Presentation of Doom is on thursday: frantic scrambling-about commences!!!!


buy materials: 1/32" basswood sheets, 1/16"sq dowels, 2ply chipboard, cardboard
build base finish curbs to east side of project
build buildings, ramps, small bridge, stairs, and roof
make crossing bridge and end ramp
details: screen on bridge (and buildings?), trees, railings, columns

lower floor plan
upper floor plan
site plan
site section
site elevation - OHMYGOD I HATE YOU SO MUCH. kathryn is my hero!!!
3 or 4 in-context perspectives:
-perspective 1
-perspective 2
-perspective 3
-line diagram of colliding axes
-fixed program diagram
-circulation diagram
-city/transit diagram
layout of drawings (with text, north arrow, and graphic scale)
DONE!!!!! (4:09am Dec 3)

discarded drawings
site analysis section diagram
scanned sketches
fixed site layout diagram
skin diagram
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the curse holds true. i have killed another computer.

fml. )

thus begins a three-week stint of late hours in the computer lab and the library on campus. bugger all.


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