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...night will fall and drown the sun
when a good man goes to war
friendship dies, and true love lies
night will fall, and the dark will rise
when a good man goes to war
demons run, but count the cost
the battle's won but the child is lost...

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new doctor who vid!!! it's the crazy, crazy,happy master.

i love most that they put in the actual clips of the master singing to this song on screen

aaa~aaand, another giddy master video, also of one of his in-show theme songs
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Via chinawolf: When you see this post, quote from Doctor Who in your LiveJournal.

From the new season 3, Utopia

The newly-regenerated Master is talking to the Doctor:

Master: 'Why don't we have a nice chat where I tell you all my plans and you work out a way to stop me I don't think!'


ps- finally, a supervillain who's read the handbook!!!!!
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i watched doctor who last night. *grins* i liked the episode 'blink' with the statues, even though it was doctor-light. it just had the most amazing one-liners. although the second part of 'family of blood' had a really good description of the doctor, of what he is to humans. 10doc is cool. i think 10 is my favorite doctor (of the ones i know well, that being 8, 9, and 10) but like caitlin was asking last night, if i could pick a doctor to travel with i would pick 8doc. he's happy. well, until the time war, that is. well, i guess he didn't really experience the whole gallifrey-is-gone thing, that was 9doc. whatever. anyway, so caitlin was giving spoilers. )

in other news, my family-reunion-vacation, which we were going to leave for tomorrow, is pretty much canceled. thank you, family. *grumbles* i still want to go on a road trip with nee-san, visit nz in kentucky or hit a reptile expo elsewhere; dunno what we're doing yet, everything keeps changing around real quick. *sighs* yay, life. i took work off during inventory and now that we're not going up to wisconsin i want the hours, but i still want to do a road trip anyway. i dunno. i think i just wanna get out of the house for a few days. i really am gonna miss my cousins this summer though; we've been going every year since i was one or two years old, still a toddler. sucks. yay.

and that's how my day is going. well, it's raining. that's always nice. except yesterday, when i spent the first four hours of ym day driving through a thunderstorm (that is such a scary experience) and the next four hours working at tm while outside it was raining. and then the rain stopped when i got home. joy.

i want to take a nap.


Jul. 19th, 2006 08:40 am
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omgwtf 10doc!!!!


rose! and 10doc! death! omg the alternate universe! ack! torchwood! where's jack?! the lo~ove!!!! he said it!!! or, well, SHE said it, and he was totally gonna say it back but the stupid rift couldn't hold out just a LITTLE more, because omgwtf 10doc!!!! my heart bleeds!!

angst!!!! i di~ie!!!!!!!!!!


*facepalm* why do i watch this show?!?!?!?! whyyyiieeeee?!?!?!

....fanfiction! must have fanfiction!!!!! *hides* oh the angst!!!!


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