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Genre: Heroes tv series
Pairings: none explicitly (hints of Mohinder/Sylar)
Rating: T / PG-13 (some language)
Spoilers: nothing beyond general Season One canon
Summary: Mohinder saves the lives of a group of Specials with just one word. - A drabble set in an apocalyptic future of the world of 'Heroes'.

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hangman is comin down from the gallows and i don't have very long.... spn drabble.... i just can't get this fandom out of my system, jeez.

Genre: Supernatural TV series
Pairings: none
Rating: K+ / PG
Spoilers: major spoilers for 2.22: All Hell Breaks Loose Part II
Summary: Dean receives an offer, and makes a choice, and makes a deal. AU.

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and my anthro101 class- yay ethnographies!
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I wrote this in a fit of not really having the desire to do anything else. We'll see if I ever continue it.

Genre: Supernatural TV series
Pairings: Sam/Jess
Rating: T / PG-13
Spoilers: none, except general series canon
Summary: Jessica Moore has a secret. AU

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another Tin Man! )


yep, that's pretty much all i wanted to say. okay!
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...and i will try to fix you.

because everyone encouraged me- a sequel. i wanted to do something from Cain Wyatt's pov, but I had a lot of trouble with it, because his name is Wyatt, but everyone calls him Cain, which is also a first name. it got really frustrating. anyway, fic. this one is longer than the first, because i had more to say.

Tin Man fic: prequel/sequel to 'Remembrance and Knowing'
Rating: PG-13, for slashy smooches, but still very tame.
Summary: Wyatt Cain is honest with himself. )

not finished yet!!!! ....i need to go back and watch the show again. and write my ambrose drabble.

EDIT: now we're writing a good omens/ supernatural xover. XP shoot me now.
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so...... i stayed up until 4.30am yesterday today and read every single fic in the glitch_wyatt community. every. single. one. it got kind of confusing after a while.

and now, obviously, i have glitch/wyatt on the brain.

Genre: Tin Man SyFy mini-series
Pairings: Glitch / Wyatt Cain
Rating: K / PG
Spoilers: for all of the series
Summary: No one has ever tried to put someone's brain back in before. It has unexpected consequences.

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fic: Remembrance and Knowing )


oooo..... i just figured out what that 'link' button does!! ^/_____^
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watched the first few eps of superman:tas tonight, and i have to say, jor'el (clark's biodad) seriously rocks. srsly. ^______^

anyway, i wanted to ramble on a bit about how completely ballistic-ly AU earth would be if jor'el's plan had succeeded, like it should have: send everyone into the phantom plane or whatever it's called, then jor'el goes to earth and lets them all out again, and they spend a generation or two rebuilding their tech base before finding themselves a new planet. and all the humans are going "wtf?! aliens!" incidentally, i have this theory that the greek/roman gods and goddesses were actually kryptonians. all the kryptonians we've seen have had a very 'greek god' look to them, especially jor'el's family. i mean, how did jor'el know about earth and the way it would affect kal'el's biology? i think they still had stories about their ancestors (not so distant as ours from the same time-period...) ruling earth as gods. they look and act like it, for sure. jor'el would certainly fit right in! and lara's father, who is unexpectedly awesome and whose name i can't remember.... *thinks* anyway, it would not be pretty for the humans. i imagine some of the kryptonians, like the stuffy arrogant council members with the 'funny outfits of krypton' (patented right after the 'funny hats of rassilon'), would feel that they have all these powers that the humans don't, so they ought to rule over the flimsy little humans. i see lots of enslavement and being taken advantage of in humanity's future, and only people like lex and bruce would stand in the way of total control by the kryptonians.

it would kind of suck.
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i wrote this in my regular, plain old paper journal last night, before i figured out how to get the internet working in my uncle's house in dallas. back in austin now, with a computer that mostly works and is my very own!!!! my uncle dana plays around with stuff a lot- cars, computers, boats, planes, that kind of thing; he's a real hands-on mechanic type guy. of the three computers that have technically been entirely mine, two were from him: the black death, my evil evil laptop, and spot, or rather spot's cpu, which was new and a joint gift from dana and my grandparents. spot's the one that took a nosedive onto the highway on the way back from houston for the summer. black death is around somewhere, lurking and trying to infect the other electronic stuff in the house by sheer determination and proximity. anyway, my uncle dirk (my godfather) and his wife aunt jana have contributed to uncle dana giving me this little guy, an ibm thinkpad, as a birthday gift. i'm starting to think i should just not get new computers- i feel worse when i destroy a new one than when a castoff crashes. but this guy's a nice castoff. and he's got a dvd player. *grins* of course, this is my uncle dana, which means he runs on linux, but i'm used to that by now... *eyeroll*

(continued from this post - )

so, anyway, fic. )

continued in further drabbles:
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'heroes' fic- what would happen if gabriel wasn't raised by his psycho, overly-expectant mother? this is what i think!

chandra suresh died in new york. )

with additional drabbles here:
- (gabriel's youth, and his time with chandra suresh)


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