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so, barrack obama is the next president of the united states of america, our 44th, and the first non-white president. this presumes failure on the part of the multiple groups that have sworn to assassinate him. i will take this moment to say that he had my vote (regardless of circumstances) and that nonetheless i am worried for our country, because i didn't like ANY of the four presidential/ vice-presidential candidates in this election. but i think obama's ideals are alligned with my own (more than anyone else running, anyway). the greatest concern i have now is in how democratic the legislature has turned out to be after this election. i wanted to have obama in office with a split-party or republican congress, because i think that way we can have smart, conservative laws passed under a liberal lens- which i think is what we need. unfortunately (for me) that's not what happened.

well, either way, what we have is a situation that is quickly going down the crapper, no matter who the president is. and i think people need to wake up and smell the sewage instead of continuing to dream that everything is gonna be fine.

in other news... god i have so much work to do. *seppuku*
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so... i don't think i'll be able to vote this year. like, at all.

i clearly remember registering to vote in williamson county in austin during high school, but... according to the search engine on the website of the texas secretary of state, i'm not registered. anywhere. this sucks so hard.

the postmark deadline for voter registration is oct6- three days ago. i feel like such a retard- i wasn't even worried about it because i remember registering. i just don't know what happened. but i was trying to get an application for absentee voting this morning, and.... i apparently never registered. wtf?!

so i can't vote for the next president. crap.

...i think i'll register online anyway, and see if it somehow goes through in time for me to vote. miracles happen, right?

i fail at life. *headdesk*
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on heroes from yesterday: jim says that future!claire is the sharpest bulb in the drawer.... cause she's the broken one. *rofl* god, i love that one!!!! and future!gabriel- omfg awesome!!!!! i love him. and his son's name was noah. SO MUCH LOVE for future!gabriel.

so, i watched the second presidential debate tonight. it was alright. previously i've been pretty dead-set for obama, because early on in pols last year i compared policies, and i matched most closely with him. and also because i like his energy policies better. but after watching the debate.... i learned three things:

-barack obama is kind of an assole
-mccain is experienced and level-headed
-obama is an idealist

so basically, mccain would be the better president, regardless of policy... but i disagree with him more than i disagree with obama. so i think what i'm gonna end up doing is vote for mccain and then research the hell out of the congressional candidates for this election. cause congress writes the laws, y'know. *sighs* this does not make me happy. (for the record, i'm a liberal.)

crap! it's already 10pm. *shocked*

ETA: wow. i had no idea that this post would prompt so much discussion in just... twelve hours. i'm impressed, y'all!!!! ^___^


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