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this is so depressing. i have a to-do list. already. )

it's only the second day of school. this is just not right.
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the end.


*gasp* okay, studio is officially over!!! unnoficially, however... )

.... i want sleep desperately.

still to do:
final draft of history paper due by thursday
tuesday meeting at work 11a-1p, meeting with truitt 330p
wedding stuff: pick venues, dress shopping, reception party list - check
documentation for studio
re-do section model and finish perspective drawings
secure loan for next semester
advising for honors course next semester
study for and take finals: bachman & taylor
gynocology/uti appt
post graphic design pic
compile portfolios for engl1300
laundry!!! (oh god.)
finances/ balance checkbook
work out spending for studio, bachman
help sana on her model
state inspection for marshy on wednesday morning
buy christmas gifts - jim, family/friends, secret santa
monday church 11:30am
2nd year crit on monday @1pm, visit after church?
save and print and put together fic 'zine
new cougar card

(also, i had thoughts about body types. my fiance is hott. *grins*)
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i had a geek moment earlier, but i don't have time to talk about it right now. it involved ceilings, and how awesome they are. ......ANYWAY.

(by tomorrow)
-perspective drawing
-fix and reprint precedents dwgs (green! check little tests too)
-read and respond to essays for engl1300
-taylor: project due friday, homework due monday
(sometime soon)
-mail mom earrings, tuition file
-mail g&g promissory note
-avoid hurricane

EDIT: so, my geek moment: truitt was talking about the advantage of hand-drawn section-perspective drawing and how they make it easier to perceive space, and i was thinking how sad it was that we couldn't see the structure of the ceilings in the arch bldg. i mean, before the invention of the tile ceiling, looking up revealed a celebration of the structure of a building. many ancient buildings emphasis and decorate their ceilings- the exposed structure indicates the construction of the space and isn't as boring or confining as a box-like partition.

....*yawn* okay, it's past my bed-time.

EDIT: (post-hurricane) i can see the ceilings now!!!!! *cackles*


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