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imho the song "Nach Haus" by Silbermond is pretty much perfect for Bagginshield happy AU fic:

Ruhig und königlich liegst du hier vor mir (Calm and royal, you lie before me)
Deine Anmut ist schon zu sehn von hier (Your grace can already be seen from here)
Du wirst sie nie verlieren (You will never lose it)

Ich war so lange weg, das trägst du mir nicht nach (I was gone for so long, you don't hold it against me)
Du empfängst mich doch noch mit offenen Armen (You still welcome me with open arms)
Mit offenen Armen (With open arms)

Ich komm nach Haus (I'm coming home)

Wir beide kennen uns gut, besser als gedacht (We know each other well, better than we thought)
Durch deine Straßen zogen wir so manche Nacht (We walked through your streets for so many nights)
Du hast mich bewacht (You watched over me)

Und jetzt zeigst du mir, dass wir uns nie verliern (And now you show me, that we'll never lose each other)
Was uns verbindet, das krieg ich nur bei dir (What connects us, I can only get it from you)

Zurück nach Haus (Back home)
Zurück nach Haus (Back home)

Ich komm nach Haus (I'm coming home)
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new word of the day! (i love listening to the radio!)

die Überraschung (n) - surprise, astonishment
as in Kinderüberraschungseier aka "kinder eggs"

surprisingly, leo doesn't have any record of "raschung" as a word, which is what i was most interested in finding out. D:


so for the past week or so, the time in germany has only been 6 hours ahead of me instead of 7, and it's been freaking me out, i kept thinking i was hearing the time wrong or forgetting how to count or something. but i just figured out what happened, and i feel so dumb: germany is already off daylight saving time, but we're not yet. (does anyone know why? isn't DST usually earlier in the year?)
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german word of the day:

die Ewigkeit (n) - eternity
from ewig (adj) - eternal, perpetual
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just dropped off my friend chari at the airport; she's catching a flight to germany, where she will spend the next six weeks being the envy of all of us. good luck, liebchen!! i do actually want to see you blog about all the bathrooms of europe!!

but seriously. blog. pictures. do it.
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german wort des tagges


when used to mean...

...motivated, stimulated, excited - angeregt
...nervous, exhilarated, agitated, excited (fussy, in a tizzy) - aufgeregt
...impassioned, aroused, thrilled, fevered, energized - erregt (elated - "freudig erregt")
...huffy, petulant, testy, irritable, irascible, galled, on edge - gereizt
...jumpy, nervous, skittish, squirrelly, excitable, edgy, flustered - nervös
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german word of the day: anxious

when used to mean...

-afraid, fearful, poor-spirited, timid, half-hearted - ängstlich

-trembling, afraid - bange (zB: "keine Bange" (as noun), "kein Angst")

-alarming, ominous, precarious, risky, concerning - bedenklich

-anxious for, to aim to do, to work towards, to be keen for - bemüht (zB: "bemüht sein, etw. zu tun") AND bestrebt (zB: "um etw. bestrebt sein")

-apprehensive, careful, considerate, worried - besorgt (zB: "um etw./ über jmdn./etw. besorgt sein")

-anxious about - darauf bedacht (also: well-considered - "wohl bedacht / wohlbedacht"; intent on - "bedacht auf"; care, intent, deliberation, thought - "der Bedacht")

-agitated, disturbed, fitful, uneasy, fidgety, disquieting, fretful - unruhig (zB: to be axious about sthg. - "wegen einer Sache unruhig sein")
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Nenas "Ich kann nix dafür"

Lyrik )
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so, browsing itunes in german, most of it sucks, but i actually found one chick that i like!

name of... koenigwerq, i think it's spelled, although it may be koenigwerg, i don't quite know the text in itunes that well. but she has good music. she's in the schlage genre.

i also found pluesch, who's a guy, and not bad. also in schlage.

......and nena, who did 99 luftballoons, has a LOT of really goos stuff, and current too. yay youtube! *lol*
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two very amazing things just happened.

the first is that i locked all of my worldy possessions except my cell phone(ie- notes, glasses, wallet, textbooks, etc, my backpack) including my keys in my locker. just five minutes ago. i am a GENIUS, y'all. (the good news is that i forsaw this happening, and the spare key to my locker is with my boyfriend. the bad news is that he's working out at the rec so he won't be able to pick up his phone until 5 or 5.30. *headdesk*) thank god i am aware of my own forgetfulness and carelessness and planned for this exact eventuality in advance.

(final warning: geekiness and fandom abound hereafter.) the other thing is that, while reading my anthropology textbook, i came across a three-page discussoin of the algonquin expression of paranoid schizophrenia through the windigo myth. ...holy. crap. quote from the text: "these northern [Native Americans- Ojibwa and Cree-] recognized the existence of cannibalistic monsters called Windigos. Individuals afflicted by the psychosis developed the delusion... that they were themselves transformed into Windigos, with a craving for human flesh." etc. show, you are amazing and made of win. *squee*

EDIT: oh, and charissa found this:
-some poor mcdonalds worker getting messed with. that's a drinking song they're singing into the order box. *eyeroll*
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homework. it eats my life. *seppuku* dang it, i lost my to-do list.

spent all yesterday (and i mean ALL of it) doing a take-home physics test that was 137 questions long. ridiculous!!! then i got up at 7:30 this morning to build my model for studio. spent all of arch history lecture correcting the bloody test with sara and sarah before class. in-class free-response test in physics- finished right at the end of the period. anthro was normal, studio was cool- i was one of few people who had a model to show today, and griff actually liked it, which is cool. *proud* of course that means he gave me more work to do- it's a never-ending cycle of give and give and give. -___-

so now i'm on page.... 232 (reading 219-248)of the article we have to read for arch history. ("Lucien Febvre, "Civilisation: Evolution of a Word and a Group of Ideas," in Peter Burke, ed., A New Kind of History and Other Essays, trans. K. Folca (New York: Harper and Row, 1973)") 1000wd essay on that due wednesday. i swear we should get writing-intensive credit for that class, and sabatino doesn't know how to lecture to save his life. we can't analyze buildings if he doesn't teach us about them!!! *fumes* i'm basically teaching myself this class.

check tuition, research "be on time" loans, scholarships
studio: model, 2+ plans by wed
anthro: read ch4, study for test
phys: homework? (plz no.)
hist: write paper!
structures: lab 2a???

why are all my architecture classes this semester so annoying? *mopes*

EDIT: on a note of much joy and win, my wonderful roommate found this, ALL FOR ME, bwahaha!!!
"Nur fur dich" by the Wise Guys, performed live (it annoys me that i don't know how to get umlauts in html text.)
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euch!!! i'm all soggy; the whole week it's been forty degrees and sprinkling outside.

first week of classes is over and done with- yay!!! i have: a physics class that is just as crazy as the one i took in high school, except that my professor is thirty years older and the class is three times as big; an anthropology lecture class that is interesting despite how bored my professor seems to be; studio; two architecture lecture classes, in both of which i severly dislike the professor who is lecturing; and conversational german, one hour on fridays, which is probably going to be my favorite class this year. i walked in this morning, panicky because i haven't spoken german outside of casual conversation since the end of last spring, and i couldn't remember anything for the life of me. but ten minutes listening to frau hellmann speak reminded me that i understood every word she said, and i spent the whole our without saying hardly a single word in english. i'm so glad i signed up for that class!

and i was in the university newspaper on wednesday. *eyeroll* we got a new president/chancellor of the uh system, lady name of renu khator, and she spent tuesday visiting random classes and hang-out spots all over campus. one of the classes she visited was our studio- full camera crew and everything, and she stood right next to me!! \'o'/ (that was supposed to be a *shocked and amazed* face, but it came out kind of cheerful. o__O) and then they dragged me downstairs with one of the guys in my studio and handed us some poor third-year's model (turns out it was aaron's from apx) and told us, "yes, we know it's not really your model, but could the two of you stand here and explain to dr. khator about what you do as architecture students using this model while we film you and take pictures? kthxbai." and then they picked the lamest picture they could to put in the newspaper, so it's me in between daniel and dr. khator- them busily talking about the model while i look kind of pouty, standing useless in between. the weird thing is that i was the one doing most of the talking during all that. *confused*

an-y-way..... so yeah. yay for college!
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today has rocked so hard!!!!! well, technically, yesterday, but whatever- saturday. (???) yes!!!! especially since today was closely preceded by yesterday, which was also fun. i was covered in paint! up to my elbows! architecture rocks, guys. *grins*

today: slept in till eleven (woot!), then went down to the pancake social in the basement. i wore chari's clothes, because i didn't have a clean red shirt, and then i had to wear the matching pants, y'know? but i love these pants- they're wrap-arounds. anyway, the pancake social- my dorm rocks so much!!!! the guys made pancakes from scratch for our whole floor, and they were delicious. mm..... also free, which, hey, cool! then i went and took my algebra quiz- got one question wrong, which, i dunno how, i added wrong? but anyway, then lauren called and wanted some company while she went shopping. so we went down westheimer looking for the cvs or whatever, and it practically didn't exist!!!! but then we found chuy's (in houston!!!! *dies*) and it was right next door. and then we went to old navy, where i sang about cowboys while she shopped, and then i talked to don while lauren cursed at the people on the highway who wouldn't let her merge. ^/___^ we had an adventure trying to find old navy.... ended up doing something like three u-turns and a few illegal parking lot maneuvers. so, anyway, we get back just in time to go tailgating for the rice/tulane football game at 4p. again- free food. plus: band, shirtless guys w/ red paint on their chests, and people throwing other people in the air for fun. and i had football explained to me in a way that i actually understood wtf?! we won 45-7 tho, so that was cool. it's like, our third game; our first was against rice, our arch-rivals. i was totally not there for the game, but jim and his friend isaac managed to keep me there through the end by holding my stuff hostage. *glares* they're lucky they have redeeming qualities (aka sarcasm), or i might have had to hit someone in the kidney. and jim was one of the afore-mentioned guys covered in paint, so that helped. *shameless grin* then we came back and watched 'dress to kill' over a pint of ice cream. so much fun!!!!!! "you say 'erb', we say 'herb'- because it has a f*** h in it!" eddie izzard is hysterical. the best part was after the movie, tho, when me and jim and chari reminisced about germany together. *mopes* i long for my ancestral homeland!!!!! we talked about kinderuberaschung, sausages, language quirks, and the lay of the land, among other things. me and jim both have that 'no one else can understand what i'm missing' feeling, so it works out well.

but all in all, today was the best day EVER. the end. ^/___^


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