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Genre: Heroes tv series
Pairings: none explicitly (hints of Mohinder/Sylar)
Rating: T / PG-13 (some language)
Spoilers: nothing beyond general Season One canon
Summary: Mohinder saves the lives of a group of Specials with just one word. - A drabble set in an apocalyptic future of the world of 'Heroes'.

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....i am so brain-dead. i got up to studio at 8am and worked basically the whole day, except for going to the writing center to teach and then for lunch. which is basically the same as what i did yesterday (except that i didn't get lunch yesterday) but somehow i feel far more drained today than i did yesterday. i dunno what's up with that. *sighs*

heroes premeire was last night!!!! it was RIDICULOUS, if you want my opinion. i won't post spoilers, in case someone hasn't seen it yet, but it's my personal opinion that they turned on the Stupid Generator (TM) for this season. sheesh. *eyeroll*

i want to watch star wars.

anyway, music... )
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I. AM. AWESOME. and kathryn has totally made my day. she told me something that i probably would have known, if i'd been trolling the heroes and paire communities like a good little fangirl. but: OMG MILO AND HAYDEN ARE DATING!!!!!!!


i called it. i SO called it like six months ago!!!!!! yes!! YES!!!!!!




ETA: as of february '09 they've broken up. *sadface*
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somehow i apparently didn't archive this vid.

it's the sylar movie trailer.

also, i have a headache.
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Title: Left and Leaving, by The Weakerthans
Vid by: [profile] wuffielover and me!!!!
Spoilers: The whole season, y'all, especially the finale!
Summary: Peter-centric vid, kind of an AU future Peter looking back. Or something. XP It's pretty! We promise!
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Megaupload link:

Youtube link:

so, those's the links.  and we spent 2-3 days on it, 9+ hours all together.  and it's AMAZING!!!!  and it's the first vid i've ever done, and nee-san too, and i don't know why i didn't start doing this years ago!  it's so fun, and addictive, and incredible, and no-one has even commented yet but we only posted it twenty minutes ago and i'm still insanely excited!!!  *flails*

so, yeah, that's all.

omg guys.  i rock.
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i think caitlin just called it: "we have devolved to the final level of fandom. we're making a music video."

granted, it's gonna be a really cool one when it's done.

so shut up. it's petrellicest. i'm a geek
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i wrote this in my regular, plain old paper journal last night, before i figured out how to get the internet working in my uncle's house in dallas. back in austin now, with a computer that mostly works and is my very own!!!! my uncle dana plays around with stuff a lot- cars, computers, boats, planes, that kind of thing; he's a real hands-on mechanic type guy. of the three computers that have technically been entirely mine, two were from him: the black death, my evil evil laptop, and spot, or rather spot's cpu, which was new and a joint gift from dana and my grandparents. spot's the one that took a nosedive onto the highway on the way back from houston for the summer. black death is around somewhere, lurking and trying to infect the other electronic stuff in the house by sheer determination and proximity. anyway, my uncle dirk (my godfather) and his wife aunt jana have contributed to uncle dana giving me this little guy, an ibm thinkpad, as a birthday gift. i'm starting to think i should just not get new computers- i feel worse when i destroy a new one than when a castoff crashes. but this guy's a nice castoff. and he's got a dvd player. *grins* of course, this is my uncle dana, which means he runs on linux, but i'm used to that by now... *eyeroll*

(continued from this post - )

so, anyway, fic. )

continued in further drabbles:


May. 24th, 2007 04:19 pm
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i got a shot. *pouts*

/baby. no, srsly, i hate getting shots. they freak me out, even more than the part where it hurts- major phobia here. *sighs* but i went and got my second hpv shot today. i will be geeky!!!!

nee-san found this cool sylar music video. (i don't know how she finds these things, she's just magic.)

i like sylar... *smirk*

(i know, i know, i already posted today, but adding this onto the other entry would just be really ADD of me. so. deal with it.)
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'heroes' fic- what would happen if gabriel wasn't raised by his psycho, overly-expectant mother? this is what i think!

chandra suresh died in new york. )

with additional drabbles here:
- (gabriel's youth, and his time with chandra suresh)
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into the west )
...i dunno, i'm in a lotr mood right now. john williams someone who sounds like john williams composed the soundtrack for 'night at the museum'. went to caitlin's house and watched lots of stuff- first 'night at the museum', which has dick van dyke (sp?) and robin williams and a whole bunch of other cool people in, and was really funny- no really, it's hysterical- and tousan loved the miniature people ("no; they look sad...."); but cait absolutely broke my brain. *murderous thoughts* then we watched 'heroes'. lots and lots of heroes- the last three eps of season 1, in fact. yay, season finale!!!! cut for spoilers! )


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