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let me tell you of our recent adventures in home-ownership!

our lawn is dead. )
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Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

...I only really am on lj because I am super-sleepy at work right now and trying to stay awake. I went out to lunch with some coworkers and stuffed myself, and considering the holiday things are really slow in the office right now. *yawn*

Hubby-of-mine is working tomorrow, so once again I will be going to his family's celebration/reunion in his stead. It's kinda weird for me, since Thanksgiving as a child was always just my nuclear family having a big feast at home. Tomorrow I will be a guest of a guest, so to speak, and I think I don't like it.

I don't want my future family Thanksgiving tradition to include Jim being at work. Obviously if we have to, then we have to, but I don't want it.

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So. A guy tried to break into our apartment last Sunday. Jim caught him red-handed and called the cops, but it's become the final straw, so to speak, and we're apartment-hunting now.

In case I haven't told you the story, here's what happened. )

We've kinda narrowed in on one place and we'll probably be signing a new lease sometime next week. I'm glad to be moving - I've wanted to for a while. But there are two downsides. The first is that this new place is pretty much gonna max out our monthly income. We were gonna wait to move until I found a full-time job, but that hasn't happened yet, and we're at the point where moving is no longer optional. So we're gonna be very tight on the purse-strings until I can find work. Sucky thing number two is that I haven't yet found a place that will accept exotic pets, which means I still can't have my corn snake actually living with me, dammit. Dammit, dammit, dammit. D:

I was going somewhere with this, I promise.

ETA: Oh, right! The rest of the story. )

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So I've had a great couple of days, which, thank God - school starts again tomorrow.

Last night I accompanied the hubby to a get-together with some of his college friends. Bear in mind he has a foodie education, so this was a cooking get-together and it was themed. My hubby made the appetizer without heat: beef carpaccio on a fan of sour apple with paprika coulee. Channing made the salad without greens: butternut squash topped with radishes and thai chili oil dressing. The host, Jake, served an entree without protein: mushroom pot pie with puff pastry tops. And then the birthday boy, Nathan, made the last two courses: parmesan and bleu cheeses, with honeycomb and toasted hazelnuts, followed by a dessert without sugar of cocoa smear with smashed raspberry, candied oranges, and cocoa sorbet quenell over toasted coconut. All five courses were accompanied by an appropriate wine or port, with mixed drinks for the ladies while dinner was prepared.

Yeah. It was delicious. :D

And today I finally got to talk with my thesis advisor about my concerns with my project, and in about three sentences he totally changed my perspective. I've been worrying over break about some concerns with the size of my program and the city parking ordinances - which is especially important for me, given that my project proposes a high-density mixed-use development specifically for the purpose of convenience to people who can't afford a car - and he simply suggested that I take a step back and view this not as a problem that needs to go away, but as a challenge, a focus, and even the source of my solution. Instead of worrying about fitting the requirement, put it under, on top, inside the rest of the program; or maybe reverse it, and put the rest of the program inside a parking garage. Don't let it be a problem - let it be inspiration. And I was so invested in the problem that I couldn't take the time to breathe deeply and step back and think of it like that. (Also he's been doing this about twice as long as I've been alive, so. The advantage of experience.)

And tonight we're celebrating my sis-in-law's 21st birthday (which is tomorrow) so I have dinner and cake and relaxing in the hot tub to look forward to in a few hours.

So while I didn't get through everything on my list of holiday-to-do's... life is good at the moment.

ETA: I slipped getting out of the hot tub and fell on my butt, like a cartoon stepping on a banana peel. I cracked two nails and bloodied the knuckle on my toes, and the whole right side of my butt is one big swollen bruise. You win, life. I give up.
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the curse holds true. i have killed another computer.

fml. )

thus begins a three-week stint of late hours in the computer lab and the library on campus. bugger all.
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okay, so, pardon the geekery of the following comment, but: i was trying to think of an adequate description of how unbearably humid the weather was today, and i can only compare the sensation of stepping outside this afternon to walking through a gungan underwater force-field. the water hits you like a wall in the air, i do not lie. it was epic.

pin-up in studio tomorrow, moved up from this thursday, argh. finished two concept maps, still have data map to do; also, forgot to get reading for history from the library. going to be busy tomorrow morning. must remember not to eat lunch in history because yesterday i was scolded for doing so. grrr...

obsessed with disney's mulan at the moment, although still reading "atlas" as it updates - that being slower now, which works better with my schedule. life is full of things happening, no free time anymore, and it makes me twitchy. don't like cutting free-time out of my schedule, don't like having so many different pulls on my work-time. got in trouble in studio last week because wedding plans interfered with last project, must do make-up work on layout design before contest submission. signing photographer's contract tomorrow, appointment with florist friday morning. must remember to email lauren about hair stylist.

been sick since yesterday - sniffly and congested, leads to headachy and sleepy - and so not in the mood for working. taking robitussin. is magic medicine.

caitlin in town for the herp convention this weekend!!! very excited about that, have hardly spent time with the friends that live close by, let alone her or bri or anyone else from austin. have barely seen jim because of different schedules, despite living together. *sadface* both home right now (miracle) but am too busy to do more than enjoy his presence in the next room.

life wins, i give up. going to sleep now.
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in class at about 2pm, kathryn tells me that she has an extra ticket to the concert, $15 if i want to go.


lawn seats, laid down on a blanket on the grass under the stars with a bunch of friends and listened to beautiful singing and instruments for two and a half hours.

did not get much work done today. left after dinner, back just half an hour ago. up at 0730 for class.

worth it.

love college.

...wish jim could have come too.
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so i'm twenty-one years old now!! nothing much feels different, except for the really weird thought that i can now legally buy alcohol. jim took me out to firkin & phoenix's last night after dinner to celebrate, just the two of us. the plan was for me to eat dinner (which i did, spaghetti and meatsauce) and then we'd go out and try a few of the drinks on the list that jim had gotten from his coworkers for me. on the way back we were gonna pick up cake-mix and milk and frosting, and then bake the cake while i figured out how to play harvest moon on the wii, have cake for dessert, and then retire for the night. we got as far as the pub before things started going wrong:

in the span of two hours i had: four glasses of water; a washington apple; mozerella sticks; a buttery nipple (yech, kahlua); a starfucker; a peach tea (the shot, not the cool drink); nachos; a lemon drop; a chocolate cake (also a shot, and it really does taste like chocolate once you bite the lemon); a mind eraser; and two sips of another starfucker that jim ended up finishing cause i was really loopy by that point.

this was a bad idea.

i am not doing this again.

i will leave it up to your imagination as to exactly how horrible i felt by the time we got home. i will say, however, that i remember everything that happened last night, including all the math questions jim kept asking me in the car and once i was in bed (square root of n? that prat). being tipsy was indeed fun - by the time i got to the lemon drop i was halfway through the nachos and extremely dizzy and light-headed, and apparently also hilarious to be around. but by the last bite of nacho it was Time To Go, and just because that starfucker tasted delicious did not mean i was going to drink it.

warm showers are great, by the way.

so, 10 hours of sleep and about a gallon of water later, i'm feeling pretty decent, but there is no way in hell i'm going past two or three shots ever again.

and that was my twenty-first birthday, y'all.

although i never did get to eat cake.
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well, i had a pretty good day yesterday. actually, it's been a pretty good couple of weeks, all told.

there was cait's graduation and then her birthday, and my portfolio to do, yarn harlot visitng bookstop (emergency knitting!), and then akon. and then i came back to houston for my first week of working with surf, uh's summer undergraduate research fellowship - for which i have already been paid $2800, but for which i must also present the results of my work at a conference and in a published journal. (yikes.)

and then friday i went over to jim's parent's house and paid $340 (the total cost was $940, and that was with several hundred in discounts) to get the a/c in my truck fixed. and it's still not working perfectly, so i have to go back tomorrow and get it checked out again. but i had a good time hanging out.

and then yesterday i went to galveston with jenni and we ate lunch on the beach, swam around a bit, and then met up with some of my friends (sara, tara, sara's sister alli, etc) to go see the aia sandcastle competition on east beach. the sandcastles were okay, but i got a little sunburnt and footsore. and earlier in the day when jenni and i were swimming in the shallows, i got stung (right knee, left ankle) by a jellyfish. and it must have been a stealthed ninja jellyfish, because there was a whole crowd of people all around the beach but i was the only one to get stung, and i never even saw the bugger. hurt like the dickens, even with the vinegar i got from the lifeguard, until sara brought some meat tenderizer to put on it. and it already looked like tenderized raw hamburger at that point. yeach.

i got a little sun-sick last night, and didn't get anywhere on the work that i should have done friday and was trying to finish. but jim just got me some robitussin, and i have advil already, so i'm feeling much better now.

on friday night jim got a speeding ticket, his first ever, which will total about $430. *shakes head* i'm not really upset at him, though. plus, he made back a good portion of that in unexpected tips last night at work, which is only ever a good thing.

so all in all, it's been an interesting time.

ETA 10,6,09: jellyfish sting stopped hurting within a day, but still has a pretty bruise pattern on my skin. next time going to beach, will bring vinegar. stupid jellyfish.
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engagement party last night was so fun!! there were twenty people there including jim and i, and i knew almost everyone. we had the party at olive garden and it was so~o tasty!! and then we went back to my apartment and played apples to apples, which i've never played before. kathryn set it all up and got all the invites out, and there was even cake and flowers! and veronica got me a gift, which was pretty awesome, too. and then after everyone left i went over to jim's place and collapsed, i was so exhausted from this week. but i got like nine hours of sleep- and i actually slept- and i didn't have anywhere important to be this morning, no work to rush and finish. kathryn and i went to the rec this morning (and the weather was absolutely stunning), then we went to the bank and the grocery store, and it started pouring just as we were leaving the heb, but by the time we got back to the apartment it had stopped raining. *shakes head* that's texas for you.

so today and last night were amazing, which makes up for how everything from tuesday to friday morning absolutely sucked. (well, i had an okay crit on wednesday, but that was about it.) i haven't been sleeping well or very much at all, and i'm getting more and more uncertain about how my education is gonna play out. i talked to jim about this last night: i'm going to finish my degree, but i don't know if i'm going to try for my license afterwards. i just don't like what i've learned so far about architecture as a profession in the states. maybe it's different in other countries, or maybe i just don't know enough architects, but as much as this is what i've wanted to do since i was three years old, i don't know that i could handle becoming the kind of person that architects seem to be. so maybe i'll be a drafter. *shrugs* we'll see.

ETA: booked the church this past tuesday, and tomorrow i'm putting down the deposit for the sanctuary and reception hall. excitement!!!
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i has a shiny new toy!!!! last night i went with jim to best buy and i bought a laptop! *gasps* it's SO SHINY!

i'm deliberating on what to name it though. i've thought of 'hoffnung auf zukunft' (german: hope for the future, because i am death for computers) and 'moo cow'. i kind of want a girl computer, since i've only had boys before, but i think this one might end up being gender-confused. XD

here's one thing: i'm not used to this keyboard. i haven't used the backspace key so much since i tried to type up a paper on ana's mac! sprechen of which, i need to do my homework...
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oh god. i just spent $533 on a dress.
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guess what.....

i got a shiny new phone today!!! cellular, mobile, handy- pick your adjective, but it's a slide-open samsung and it's steel-blue and pretty! *joy*

my grandparents got me a trackphone for my 18th birthday (june before i started college, after high school graduation, summer of '06) and i've had that same one since then. it's a beast of a phone, though- i've dropped it on concrete, into sand and water, sat on it, popped the cover off more times than i can count, and peeled off most of the rubber edge, but it still works just fine. which is, needless to say, nothing short of miraculous as far as the average lifespan of a phone is concerned. but it also costs my grandparents $50 per month for the minutes, most of which i use to talk to jim.

so jim's grandmother mimi has an extra space on her family plan, $25 activation fee plus $10/month for unlimited nights and weekends and free calls to anyone else on her plan (which includes jim), and a choice of free new phone along with it. oh frabjous day, i am in heaven.

i only have like four contacts in the new one right now, but that's because the track phone doesn't have a simcard- it's not a conventional phone. it's also paid through february 15th, so i can still get calls on it up until then, and i have time to move all my contacts over to the new one. i still don't have texting since it costs extra so stop texting me, you buggers but this new phone has a camera, it plays music, i can have ringtones. you have no idea how cool that is to me. ^____^

anyway, if you want my new number, call my old one. joyousness!!!!!

ETA: cait, i'm a horrible person and keep forgetting to call you at night. and during the day i never know when you're in class or at work... T___T i beg your forgiveness.

ETA2: and in other news....
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jim and i went to circuit city (liquidation sale!) and best buy today to price computers, since i desperately need one- a laptop would be best, so i can get the mobility of bringing it to studio to work with my professor. i got $400 christmas money towards that end, and my budget is $500 (before tax)- depressingly, i still need to pay for my wedding this year too.... *sighs* anyway, jim gave me a run-down of the relative merits of everything we looked at, and we came down to three options:

desktop #1:
Compaq #SR5710Y
processor: AMD Athlon 4450E dual-core
ram: 3 GB
hard drive: 250 GB
graphics card: Nvidia GEForce 6150-SE
includes keyboard and mouse
price: $369
(and nearby, a shiny flatscreen monitor for $149; i have an older monitor, but it's a big clunker... that totals to $520 before tax)
(a similar machine)

desktop #2:
HP Pavilion Slimline (it's freakin' tiny! i could put it in a lunchbox!)
processor: AMD Athlon X2-5000 dual-core
ram: 3 GB
hard drive: 320 GB
graphics card: GEForce 6150-SE
price: $429
(another related machine)
(closer to the one i was looking at)

Toshiba Satellite L305D
processor: AMD Turion X2 dual-core
ram: 3 GB
hard drive: 250 GB
graphics card: Radeon 3100-S29
price: $529

AutoCAD 2009 sysem req's:
processor: AMD 64 or Intel EM64T
64bit (what??? i'm reading jim's notes here...)
ram: 2 GB
hard drive: 750 MB for installation (and those files get big, too; but i do already have an external hard drive for those)

so my thoughts are as follows:
-i want a laptop for the mobility of having it in studio (i am the only person in my class who doesn't bring their laptop to work in class, and it's gotten me in trouble before.)
-i am already used to working in the computer lab and borrowing time on other people's computers to make do
-i want to not exceed my budget but still have a decent machine
-i want to get the best i can for the price i pay

so... i think i want to get the compaq desktop. and i should probably get the monitor as well, because i'll need a good one anyway... but on the other hand, i do already have a functional monitor, and i also have a wedding to pay for. thoughts?

whatever i buy, its name will be Hoffnung auf Zukunft.
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the end.


*gasp* okay, studio is officially over!!! unnoficially, however... )

.... i want sleep desperately.

still to do:
final draft of history paper due by thursday
tuesday meeting at work 11a-1p, meeting with truitt 330p
wedding stuff: pick venues, dress shopping, reception party list - check
documentation for studio
re-do section model and finish perspective drawings
secure loan for next semester
advising for honors course next semester
study for and take finals: bachman & taylor
gynocology/uti appt
post graphic design pic
compile portfolios for engl1300
laundry!!! (oh god.)
finances/ balance checkbook
work out spending for studio, bachman
help sana on her model
state inspection for marshy on wednesday morning
buy christmas gifts - jim, family/friends, secret santa
monday church 11:30am
2nd year crit on monday @1pm, visit after church?
save and print and put together fic 'zine
new cougar card

(also, i had thoughts about body types. my fiance is hott. *grins*)
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jim very helpfully found these links for me:

and i've picked out a few places that caught my eye:

anyone wanna check 'em out and tell me what you think? i'm by no means limited to these, but this is a starting point. the nice thing about getting married here in houston is that i can visit all these places... you know, in my copious spare time. x__X

it's looking like a really good idea to get a wedding planner, simply so that i can make someone else do all the legwork. yeesh.
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wedding plans!!!!! omg i'm so excited. this is all i've been able to think about all day. and, y'know, some of this stuff i've already thought about and i'm just finalizing ideas, but some of it.... wow, this is so awesome.

okay, first things first: the proposal. this is how it happened. )

anyway, wedding plans: i've been thinking.... )

today's been such an emotional roller-coaster for me, though. i got so many congratulations from friends- everyone in my studio has known for weeks!!!!!- and hugs and people admiring my ring (it's beautiful), and i felt so popular and happy and excited.... but i'm struggling a lot in studio right now, too. so i would be working on drawings and getting really depressed... and then i'd see my ring on my finger and in two seconds flat i'd be grinning and happy again. i feel like i'm pregnant!!!! *rofl*

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jim and i were talking about holiday traditions- or rather, we started out by debating whether we should watch love actually now AND at christmas, or just wait until christmas to watch it, because you HAVE to watch love actually on christmas- and then we got to discussing other movies and holidays and then i started thinking..... anyway. holidays. i have family traditions. do you? ) did i miss anything?
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bring it, ike!!!!


so, we had an archi party tonight at my apartment- me, sara, kathryn, melissa, sarah, and hannah. we all got in a group together to work on our first project for taylor's class, due friday. and somehow while we we working, we got on the topic of egg donation.

so, um.... tuition money, anyone?

EDIT: (Thursday) flee! flee, i tell you!!!!! *flails* ike is upon us!! ^___^ seriously though, hurricane's a-comin', and we're makin' plans. so far i'm intending to go to pearland with jim to stay with his parents, but if the storm gets much worse it might be advisable to go to austin tomorrow morning. classes have already been cancelled from 5pm today through the weekend- no class tomorrow. we'll see. it'd be nice to go home for a bit, but i also like the idea of being with jim for the weekend.

i dunno. i'll think about it over the course of today.


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