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Make a note for future reference: I am never ever getting a flu shot ever again. Like, ever. )
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i voted today!!! i didn't get as much time as i really wanted to research all the candidates and propositions on the ballot, but today was probably my only chance to vote at all, so it's better than nothing i guess.

thursday night we carved pumpkins! mine is BMO (from Adventure Time) and jim's is Captain America's shield. the third one ended up as a big heart, although it started life as something else. :P

also i did a zombie walk last night and it was SO MUCH FUN. we had ripped-up zombie costumes and gruesome bloody dead-looking makeup, and when we went to get drinks afterward, a bunch of people at the pub (mostly dressed as scantily-clad-all-in-black or clever-or-ironic-political-statement things) were very freaked out. my life is complete.
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today for breakfast i'm having an orange scone with lemon tea.

how is my life so awesome?
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And also I think I aced the final exam I had this morning.

I win at life. :D
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So I've had a great couple of days, which, thank God - school starts again tomorrow.

Last night I accompanied the hubby to a get-together with some of his college friends. Bear in mind he has a foodie education, so this was a cooking get-together and it was themed. My hubby made the appetizer without heat: beef carpaccio on a fan of sour apple with paprika coulee. Channing made the salad without greens: butternut squash topped with radishes and thai chili oil dressing. The host, Jake, served an entree without protein: mushroom pot pie with puff pastry tops. And then the birthday boy, Nathan, made the last two courses: parmesan and bleu cheeses, with honeycomb and toasted hazelnuts, followed by a dessert without sugar of cocoa smear with smashed raspberry, candied oranges, and cocoa sorbet quenell over toasted coconut. All five courses were accompanied by an appropriate wine or port, with mixed drinks for the ladies while dinner was prepared.

Yeah. It was delicious. :D

And today I finally got to talk with my thesis advisor about my concerns with my project, and in about three sentences he totally changed my perspective. I've been worrying over break about some concerns with the size of my program and the city parking ordinances - which is especially important for me, given that my project proposes a high-density mixed-use development specifically for the purpose of convenience to people who can't afford a car - and he simply suggested that I take a step back and view this not as a problem that needs to go away, but as a challenge, a focus, and even the source of my solution. Instead of worrying about fitting the requirement, put it under, on top, inside the rest of the program; or maybe reverse it, and put the rest of the program inside a parking garage. Don't let it be a problem - let it be inspiration. And I was so invested in the problem that I couldn't take the time to breathe deeply and step back and think of it like that. (Also he's been doing this about twice as long as I've been alive, so. The advantage of experience.)

And tonight we're celebrating my sis-in-law's 21st birthday (which is tomorrow) so I have dinner and cake and relaxing in the hot tub to look forward to in a few hours.

So while I didn't get through everything on my list of holiday-to-do's... life is good at the moment.

ETA: I slipped getting out of the hot tub and fell on my butt, like a cartoon stepping on a banana peel. I cracked two nails and bloodied the knuckle on my toes, and the whole right side of my butt is one big swollen bruise. You win, life. I give up.
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i just realised that i'm getting a $50,000 college degree. *gobsmacked*

that's obscene.
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thesis topic APPROVED!!!!

*throws confetti*
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gah, freaking quilt!!!! it keeps growing.

so, i bought that extra fabric that i realized i would need, you know, since the quilt was bigger than i'd planned for and my other fabric turned out to be not as wide as i'd thought. and i did my math and cut up the new pieces - didn't even cut off the extra, just pinned it all together so it would be as big as possible. and yesterday at lauren's place i started work on sewing the stabilising layer together.

after i had it sewn together i started to pin it to the quilt/front/tshirt layer, just to check, y'know, 'cause that seems a sensible precaution to take, before starting on the finished back piece. and it's a damn good thing i did, because it turns out that my stabilising layer, which should be 95"x95", is not as big as my front piece.


so i had a little bit of scrap, and lauren had some extra broadcloth lying around, and i patched together another 10" along each side of the quilt. yeah, this thing is getting monstrous.

the plan now is to just keep adding to the stabilising layer until it's as big as the tshirt layer, and then i'm going to pin or maybe even just sew the tshirt layer to the stabilising layer so it will stop growing and i can figure out how big the rest of it will have to be.

also, college starts tomorrow. *surrenders*


ETA: lessons have been learned!!

so apparently when i pinned this thing in my lap yesterday, i was stretching out the tshirt layer too much. (the tshirts are all stretchy, like they do, and i didn't use any interfacing on them, but now i see why that can be a useful step to not skip. oops.) i laid out the front piece on my living room floor just now (we had to move the couch and the end tables to get enough room, but it fits) and laid the stabilising layer over top, and it fit just perfectly without having to add the extra strips along the sides. which means i now have to pick off said extra layers, but whatever.

so now the stabilising layer is pinned to the tshirt layer, and i've pinned together the back layer. the back layer, thank god, is actually a bit bigger than the stabilising layer. so i can sew together the green back piece, sew the brown stabiliser to the back of the tshirt layer, put the batting in the middle, tie it, and then bind the edges. yay!!!!

only a small portion of that is going to happen today, of course. *headdesk*


in other news, jim and i made omelettes and bacon and biscuits with gravy from scratch for breakfast this morning. mmmmm, tasty. :D
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so you know how i'm making a quilt? and i have a square design using a 7x7 grid of 13" tiles, which ends up being 91"x91"? and when i bought material i planned on having a 91"x91" unfinished dimension to work with?

well, my quilt is decidedly NOT 91"x91". it's more like 7'11" (95") on the vertical, instead of 7'7" like it's supposed to be. and it's about 95" on the horizontal, too. which means i have an extra four inches of material to cover in each direction. i probably didn't sew my seams wide enough.

aaaaaand my bolt of fabric is only about 39"-40" wide, instead of the 43"-ish i was planning on.


SO!! let's see if i need to go back to the fabric store or not.


ETA: oh yeah, i'm boned.

so it turns out that the green fabric is narrower than the brown. i do have about a 44" width on the brown; it's just the green that's 39". so, doing the math, i need another 48" length of my green to finish out the back of the quilt - i'm going to err on the side of caution and get a full yard and a half. and i'm a little short on the brown as well - i'll need another 24" or so of that - so i'm gonna pick up another yard there as well.

in other weirdness, i supposedly got 200" of both colors of fabric, and supposedly cut two 95" strips off of each of them. but somehow i ended up with 7" extra of green, and 14" extra of brown. in pure math, i should have had 10" of each. i have no vaping clue what happened there.

so... back to the store with me. *headdesk*


ETA: how to tie a quilt -
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quilting update!!!

so today i went to the early service at church and then.... lauren and i went on a field trip to jo ann's fabric store! yay!!

so, nix to the jersey. i got a 1/4" layer of batting - some kind of polyester stuff? - and then i got two additional layers: that cheap broadcloth, to put behind the tshirts as a stabilising layer; and some 100% cotton for the backing and the border (which lauren calls "binding"). the back is going to be a nice forest green, with a gray-ish navy border around both sides. and all of this was under my $60 budget!

and then we went back to lauren's apartment. we put the new cloth in the wash and i went to work on my quilt while lauren did some calculus homework and also started a new project - a skirt. and then.... I FINISHED THE FRONT OF MY QUILT.

*throws confetti*

so now that's the hard part done. i've got to get my three easy layers cut to size and pinned together before i go back to lauren's later in the week. then i can sew those pieces together into squares. once i've got my four squares i (and lauren if she's unoccupied) can pin the layers together, in preparation for... the actual quilting of the quilt! (that's the part where you sew all the layers together. :D)

and then i add the binding/border/thing... and i'm done. woohoo!!! i'd dearly love to finish this before the semester begins - 'cause once that happens i will have ZERO free time to work on it until, oh, say, thanksgiving break.

side note: i need to remember to ask after my copy of 'good omens' the next time i' m over at lauren's place.

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quilting update!

so, last weekend i didn't get as far as i'd hoped. i wanted to finish the entire front piece last weekend, but i'm not quite there: i have all the tiles sewn into rows except for the three oversize pieces. i didn't measure them, so i have to lay them side-by-side with a normal column/row and figure out where the seam needs to go. so there's those three pieces, and then of course i have to actually sew the columns (and the top row) together.

so i need to do that this coming weekend.

but my original plan for this weekend was to start - or at least plan for - the batting, backing and border. i don't have the material for those yet, and it would be great if i could get that before this weekend, so i'm all ready to start. but i don't have clue one about what kind of material to get, or how much i'll need, or even what colour i want. so i need to do that before i buy the material, and i need to buy the material before i can actually work with it. i have this weekend, and then next weekend cait is coming to visit, and the weekend after that is the weekend before school starts, on the 23rd. so..... i'm totally screwed.
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quilting update!!!

yesterday i went over to lauren's apartment and officially started on my tshirt quilt, and i continued today. i'm now at the point of no return: i cut things up. *le gasp*

so here's the plan right now:

1 - pick out all the tshirts that i'll need, with the correct number of designs given the size of quilt and size of tile that i want to use. done
2 - cut the tshirts into halves and remove the sleeves. done (note: most tshirts don't have seams on the side, so you just have to lay them flat and guess.)
3 - make a tile frame. done
4 - cut out all the tiles. done
5 - arrange the tiles in whatever design i want to use (i'm probably going to put the oversized ones in the corners, with smaller ones making up the difference of the adjacent tiles). done on july 20
6 - patch any tiles that need patching. done on july 25
7 - sew the tiles together in rows or columns, and then attach them all together. done on august 8
8 - buy (or make from recycled scraps) the material for the batting, backing, and borders (jersey?). done on august 8
8b - assemble the pieces of the layers. done
9* - sew the tshirt layer and stabiliser edges together. done on august 29
10 - tie-stitch the three layers together.
11 - sew on the border.

so despite the fact that i have been very productive in the past few days, i still have a loooooooot to do. and, um, maybe five more weekends to do it in. fml.
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;4kj t2q3p4iutba[e94untql3!!!!1

y'all, i just aced my last two finals of the semester, and i'm getting married in exactly two weeks (plus some-odd minutes).

heilige scheisse.
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the curse holds true. i have killed another computer.

fml. )

thus begins a three-week stint of late hours in the computer lab and the library on campus. bugger all.
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okay, so, pardon the geekery of the following comment, but: i was trying to think of an adequate description of how unbearably humid the weather was today, and i can only compare the sensation of stepping outside this afternon to walking through a gungan underwater force-field. the water hits you like a wall in the air, i do not lie. it was epic.

pin-up in studio tomorrow, moved up from this thursday, argh. finished two concept maps, still have data map to do; also, forgot to get reading for history from the library. going to be busy tomorrow morning. must remember not to eat lunch in history because yesterday i was scolded for doing so. grrr...

obsessed with disney's mulan at the moment, although still reading "atlas" as it updates - that being slower now, which works better with my schedule. life is full of things happening, no free time anymore, and it makes me twitchy. don't like cutting free-time out of my schedule, don't like having so many different pulls on my work-time. got in trouble in studio last week because wedding plans interfered with last project, must do make-up work on layout design before contest submission. signing photographer's contract tomorrow, appointment with florist friday morning. must remember to email lauren about hair stylist.

been sick since yesterday - sniffly and congested, leads to headachy and sleepy - and so not in the mood for working. taking robitussin. is magic medicine.

caitlin in town for the herp convention this weekend!!! very excited about that, have hardly spent time with the friends that live close by, let alone her or bri or anyone else from austin. have barely seen jim because of different schedules, despite living together. *sadface* both home right now (miracle) but am too busy to do more than enjoy his presence in the next room.

life wins, i give up. going to sleep now.
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God, I am so fucking pissed off right now.

My personal advice to you: do not ever use either Bank of America or TXU Energy. They are both manipulative, slow, greedy, lying bastard companies with shit policies that are designed to take your money in ways that you can't fight or expect or compensate for.

As of this morning, I am dead broke, and it's only about 5% my own fault.

I hate life.

ETA: 4/7/09 and the situation is mostly resolved, thank God. I'm still looking forward to canceling my service with both of them, though.
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i love being in college so much right now. i mean, sometimes it really sucks, but on days like today i feel like i want to be in college for the rest of my life.

jim had work at 6am this morning, so i was up at 5am with him. i got back to my apartment at 530 and tried to go to sleep again, but i shouldn't have, because i only actually slept for about half an hour before i had to get up at 7am again anyway, and then i was sleepy. it wasn't worth it. but, whatever, anyway: i got up at 7am for the first site visit we had to do for our project for taylor's class (structures ii, or "materials and methods ii" according to my syllabus). best 1-1/2 hour lecture i have ever been to in my life. i wish structures class was always like this instead of boring monotone lectures and busy-work textbook readings.

a lot of what we talked about on-site was stuff we had already covered in class, either last semester or in the past couple months, but it was so much more interesting to hear the architect talking about it this morning in the context of actually dealing with it, and being able to see the effects of it and ask questions about specific things we could look at. the site is incredibly interesting from a structural and programming perspective, and there was a lot of background that we would never have understood about the project if we hadn't talked personally with the architect while on-site. it was incredible.

then the five of us went out for brunch at house of pies, and had great conversation about our degree program, the profession as a whole, and the wonderful food at house of pies. i feel like now in third year we're all finally realizing what it is that we want to do with our lives, where we want to be in a decade as far as our career is concerned, which is what nick brought up. it's interesting to see how five different people, who've all been going through the same program together for three years now, have such completely different goals and passions all within the scope of the degree we're taking. (and i'm finally learning how to get around in that area on the other side of 59, between midtown and the medical district; normally anything i need to do there is right off of the highway so i never need to take the backstreets, but yesterday and today were both adventures in navigating.)

(yesterday, on the way to drop off glass at the recycling center, kathryn and i took a couple of accidentally-on-purpose detours, into rice village and another nearby neighborhood, and the homes there are gorgeous, i mean absolutely stunning. i want to go back some day when i have more time. i love those areas of the city, i just never have a reason to go over in that direction, so it was really nice to be there and have the opportunity to make random turns and get lost in those beautiful old neighborhoods.)

basically, i love my life right now. i am full of win.
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the end.


*gasp* okay, studio is officially over!!! unnoficially, however... )

.... i want sleep desperately.

still to do:
final draft of history paper due by thursday
tuesday meeting at work 11a-1p, meeting with truitt 330p
wedding stuff: pick venues, dress shopping, reception party list - check
documentation for studio
re-do section model and finish perspective drawings
secure loan for next semester
advising for honors course next semester
study for and take finals: bachman & taylor
gynocology/uti appt
post graphic design pic
compile portfolios for engl1300
laundry!!! (oh god.)
finances/ balance checkbook
work out spending for studio, bachman
help sana on her model
state inspection for marshy on wednesday morning
buy christmas gifts - jim, family/friends, secret santa
monday church 11:30am
2nd year crit on monday @1pm, visit after church?
save and print and put together fic 'zine
new cougar card

(also, i had thoughts about body types. my fiance is hott. *grins*)
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sleep count:

sunday night/ monday morning: 4hrs

monday night/ tuesday morning: 4.75hrs

tuesday night/ wednesday morning: 5hrs (sort of)
10am-11am (dozed a bit...)

wednesday night/ thursday morning: 4.25hrs

so far, life wins.

thursday night: 10.25hrs

oh, yeah, baby. *smirks*
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so... i don't think i'll be able to vote this year. like, at all.

i clearly remember registering to vote in williamson county in austin during high school, but... according to the search engine on the website of the texas secretary of state, i'm not registered. anywhere. this sucks so hard.

the postmark deadline for voter registration is oct6- three days ago. i feel like such a retard- i wasn't even worried about it because i remember registering. i just don't know what happened. but i was trying to get an application for absentee voting this morning, and.... i apparently never registered. wtf?!

so i can't vote for the next president. crap.

...i think i'll register online anyway, and see if it somehow goes through in time for me to vote. miracles happen, right?

i fail at life. *headdesk*


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