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apparently some bad shit went down with one of Misha Collins' fan events (Stonehenge Christmas) and I think he's feeling pretty burned by it. he didn't tweet anything for a few weeks after the fact, and i just got on my youtube subscriptions today to find that all his videos are gone/private-locked.

part of me feels like this was going to happen eventually - that if he gave so much of himself to his fans, eventually something bad would happen - but the other part of me is so fucking pissed off at whoever the people were that ruined this for the rest of us. i'm not even really a true minion - i haven't done GISHWHES or been to any of his con panels or followed him on twitter (well, no officially). but i still really enjoy in a passive way how much of himself he gave to us fans in so many ways, even just interacting with us as real people (i use "us" in the collective sense, having never so much as been in the same state as the man myself). i think it's a damn shame that anyone could ruin the relationship between him and his fans - we appreciate him as an actor, he opens up to us, we appreciate him as a person, he asks us to do amazing things, we accomplish amazing things in his name, and the world is a better place. now that cycle has been wrecked, i think, or at least wounded and scarred, and it's just really extremely disappointing and saddening.
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so i've been reading through [ profile] synecdochic's 'writing meta' posts, and it's made me really picky about the fic i read- although part of my problem is most definitely the fact that i'm browsing ffn trying to find good fic. which is just pointless. but anyway- it got me to start thinking about actual canon show and all- i've been on a naruto kick the past week or so- and basically i've decided that half the problems with naruto fic are caused by the fact that naruto canon, as a cohesive story, sucks. i mean, it's just not well-written.

take itachi, for example. he killed his entire clan, men, women, and children, nin and civilian alike, infants to elderly. why? canon says it was because he wanted to "test his abilities" or some crap like that. but he spared sasuke (his then-7-year-old younger brother, fyi)- supposedly so that sasuke could then use his hate to "become strong" and hunt down itachi for vengeance or whatever. itachi actually provokes sasuke into this- he doesn't just leave sasuke to assume that it was itachi who killed their clan, he actively imposes a vision of the slaughter (at his hands) into sasuke's mind using the sharingan. this leaves no doubt in sasuke's mind that itachi did the deed.

why? there is no believable reason for this. if itachi actually did kill the entire clan and for his professed evil reason- why did he kill even the infants and civilians, who couldn't have posed any sort of danger to him? as a test of his will and supreme evilness? i don't think so. same question if you believe that itachi didn't do it just to "prove himself"- why would he do it, and what reason could possibly require the deaths of even the infants of the clan, but excuse both himself and his little brother? and, if you choose to believe that itachi didn't kill his clan, and is on some secret vengeance quest to kill whoever did do it- why the mystery? why lie to sasuke? why not go directly to the hokage with whatever information he had? it just doesn't make sense.

and here's another situation: naruto. one of his defining character traits is his goal of becoming hokage so that the villagers of konohagakure won't be able to ignore him or hate him and will have to acknowledge him. but, as a student in the academy, he obviously paid zero attention to these classes which are designed to teach him how to become a shinobi. that is a huge disconnect between what the writers say his character is like and what he actually does as a character. and then, suddenly, once he's out of academy, he's able and determined to learn everything!

i'm not even going to touch on the overpowered state of the main character cast, the obviously-skewed battles, and the sketchy politics and legal system of the story as a whole, let alone the infrastructure of their culture (which is dichotomous) or their social structure and ethnic superstructure (which are unbalanced and completely disconnected).

can they get kubo tite to rewrite the show? please?
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mm, it's been a good few days. right now i have a nice balance of work and relaxation time going- which will get messed up pretty soon when i start summer classes, but- eh, you can't have everything.

we went to see iron man last night- so now i understand why sarah twice blew off studying the night before a final exam to see this movie- it's pretty awesome. thank god marvel isn't renting out their license anymore! *lol* it's a lot like the ultimates verse, actually- which makes sense, as both were started in roughly the same real-life period, so the political background and technological imagination of each is about on par with the other. although after seeing the movie i have a whole new appreciation for pepper- she's awesome!!! i loved the vibe between her and tony in the movie- it was incredibly dynamic and realistic and, just, wow. that's one thing that isn't in the ultimates comics- there's much more of a tony/thor relationship there, though. but- nick fury!!! we sat through the credits for a five-second scene with tony and general fury (5 seconds, guys, seriously- give us a bit more?) but it heavily implied good things to come. thor! thor is good things! *grins*

so that's enough about iron man. i took jess for a jog this morning- caitlin's dog, not my sister- and realized how much i miss my friday morning workouts. it's not like i was being super-exercise-girl or anything, just an hour or so once a week, but i missed that tight panty feeling in my chest that tells me my heart is pounding and i'm out of breath. it feels good; it's kind of a zen place for me. (what i could do without is the burn in my legs afterwards. *eyeroll*) so instead of going to church this morning (i woke up too late- bah!) i went for a jog. just as satisfying, if in different ways.

i got my grades for the semester- mostly a's and b's, but i got a c+ in studio, which absolutely killed my gpa for the semester, and i'm pretty sure my professor did it out of spite. well, not spite, because he's not a malicious guy. he just... doesn't grade so much on the merit of your work as on the merit of your personality, and i was kind of bitter and frustrated the last few weeks of studio. obviously my grade reflected this in the drop of an entire letter. despite my bitterness, i did my best to present the project in the way that he wanted me to, but obviously that wasn't enough. griff is a pretty superficial grader- he only glances at your final project, and bases his grade partly on that single impression and partly on what he remembers of your design process over the past weeks. and he also has a particular presentation style, so you can have amazing drawings, but if they don't fit his style, he'll still fail you.

that's kind of messed up.

in a few hours i need to call my mom, ask her about last year's taxes for my fafsa. stupid federal laws- just because my mom is alive, i'm younger than 21, and i'm not married yet, that doesn't mean she can afford to pay for my college tuition. losers. *grumbles*

jim is in chicago, and then back until next weekend before he's off to montana for the summer. i miss him!!!! but he's having lots of fun and keeping super-busy. also- chicago. i do not begrudge him this. *grin* so i asked off work to go to houston for a few days to visit him over memorial weekend. and i think that's the same work-week as a-kon. not sure. i may have traded in a shift to see jim for a shift on a-kon weekend.... but i'm okay with that. ^/___^ we'll see how it goes.

i can't wait for the next temeraire book!!! astolat hasn't been doing as much with fanfics lately, which could have any number of reasons but which i hopefully take to mean that a new book will come soon. i don't stalk her journal like cait does, so i guess i'm kind of out of the loop on this one. *shrugs* i got jim to reading them though, which is super-cool. but imo, it doesn't matter what she's doing- whether she's into a new fandom, or writing a book, or working on a super-long fic, whatever- because either way i'll get to read it, and her work is always great. maybe that is kind of stalker-ish. drats.

well, i need to eat something sometime today, so i'm gonna go do that. mmm, food..... yum. this is why i'm dating a foodie.
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oh. my. GOD. bri, curse you for posting this!!!! it drew me like a fly!!!

...i counted books i'd only half-read in the italics section, because i've been meaning to go back and finish them but never have.

Bold those you've read. Italicize those you want to read (or those you've been meaning to get to...). Underline those you own. Add one! )
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into the west )
...i dunno, i'm in a lotr mood right now. john williams someone who sounds like john williams composed the soundtrack for 'night at the museum'. went to caitlin's house and watched lots of stuff- first 'night at the museum', which has dick van dyke (sp?) and robin williams and a whole bunch of other cool people in, and was really funny- no really, it's hysterical- and tousan loved the miniature people ("no; they look sad...."); but cait absolutely broke my brain. *murderous thoughts* then we watched 'heroes'. lots and lots of heroes- the last three eps of season 1, in fact. yay, season finale!!!! cut for spoilers! )
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so, i've been reading like, a million sga fics over the past couple weeks. (i'm on a kick. stfu.) and i had some thoughts, about the characters, and the plot, and, well, stuff. many of these were actually noted in the fic "using occam's razor to skin schroedinger's cat", so there you go. *eyeroll* fanfic writers think alike. nee-san, i expect feedback. you can actually comiserate on this with me. and bri, you too. *glares*

oh so many issues... ) no real news. well, except:

omg i go to college in fifteen days omg!!!!!!!! *dies*


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