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Nenas "Ich kann nix dafür"

Lyrik )
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hahaha lolz

"Here It Goes" music video to the Ok Go song of the same name
star wars goodness!!!

i'm playing music vids for my mom. ^____^
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"Colors" by Kira Willey
-great song, written for a children's yoga class. i heard it on tv. ^__^
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hahahaha *lols* i love youtube!
"Bleach iPod Character Songs"
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....i am so brain-dead. i got up to studio at 8am and worked basically the whole day, except for going to the writing center to teach and then for lunch. which is basically the same as what i did yesterday (except that i didn't get lunch yesterday) but somehow i feel far more drained today than i did yesterday. i dunno what's up with that. *sighs*

heroes premeire was last night!!!! it was RIDICULOUS, if you want my opinion. i won't post spoilers, in case someone hasn't seen it yet, but it's my personal opinion that they turned on the Stupid Generator (TM) for this season. sheesh. *eyeroll*

i want to watch star wars.

anyway, music... )
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"love song requiem"
-this vid is AWESOME!!!! it's obi-wan/padme, and seriously, why didn't the show go this way in real life? do you realize that obi-wan never got to meet leia? he helped birth her, gave her to bail organa, saw her hologram message, and died just meters away before ever actually getting to see her again. so. SAD. *flails*

damnit, youtube.

Trading Yesterday - Love Song Requiem

good switchfoot video:
-song "dare you to move"; instead of padme being force-shoked by anakin on mustafar, obi-wan and anakin start fighting and padme is left to watch, and eventually to talk them down and save anakin; v well done
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to the point that i don't know
if i'll upset the status quo
if i throw poison in the water main
listen close to everybody's heart
and hear that breaking sound
hopes and dreams are shattering apart
and crashing to the ground...

i cannot believe my eyes.... )
how the world's filled with filth and lies
but it's plain to see
evil inside of me
is on the rise...
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hey, so this is like, the best commercial ever. go discovery channel! *lol*

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so, sara got this song stuck in my head- and she wasn't even there to do it. she opened it on youtube and it was there when i got on her computer, so i started to listen.... and poof! i'm hooked. dcfc is amazing, imo. anyway, i really love the lyrics, and the 5-minute instrumental intro is pretty amazing too.

lyrics here. )

they did "into the dark" and "soul meets body" and a number of other songs that i like as well. i have to agree with sara on this one. she likes imogen heap as well (i have no idea how to pronounce that) and i've liked what i've heard of hers as well. maybe i just need to listen to sara's music more. ^/___^

....alas, class. (*lol* that rhymed.)

ETA: cait, you keep calling me after i'm asleep. what's up- something important? i'll try to remember to call you this afternoon.
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heee, look what jim found!!!

when youtube is cooperating i'll get the actual link to that posted here instead.

amusement!!!! vast amusement!
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two very amazing things just happened.

the first is that i locked all of my worldy possessions except my cell phone(ie- notes, glasses, wallet, textbooks, etc, my backpack) including my keys in my locker. just five minutes ago. i am a GENIUS, y'all. (the good news is that i forsaw this happening, and the spare key to my locker is with my boyfriend. the bad news is that he's working out at the rec so he won't be able to pick up his phone until 5 or 5.30. *headdesk*) thank god i am aware of my own forgetfulness and carelessness and planned for this exact eventuality in advance.

(final warning: geekiness and fandom abound hereafter.) the other thing is that, while reading my anthropology textbook, i came across a three-page discussoin of the algonquin expression of paranoid schizophrenia through the windigo myth. ...holy. crap. quote from the text: "these northern [Native Americans- Ojibwa and Cree-] recognized the existence of cannibalistic monsters called Windigos. Individuals afflicted by the psychosis developed the delusion... that they were themselves transformed into Windigos, with a craving for human flesh." etc. show, you are amazing and made of win. *squee*

EDIT: oh, and charissa found this:
-some poor mcdonalds worker getting messed with. that's a drinking song they're singing into the order box. *eyeroll*
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somehow i apparently didn't archive this vid.

it's the sylar movie trailer.

also, i have a headache.


Jul. 22nd, 2007 12:37 pm
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thanks to this youtube video ) all my fun has been spoiled for bowie in the labyrinth. y'know all that awesome contact juggling that jareth does in the movie? it's not him!!! it's actually a guy standing behind him doing the -through-the-arm trick, so it only looks like jareth is doing it. *pouts* bummer. ah, well, the movie still looks awesome.
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new doctor who vid!!! it's the crazy, crazy,happy master.

i love most that they put in the actual clips of the master singing to this song on screen

aaa~aaand, another giddy master video, also of one of his in-show theme songs
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Title: Left and Leaving, by The Weakerthans
Vid by: [profile] wuffielover and me!!!!
Spoilers: The whole season, y'all, especially the finale!
Summary: Peter-centric vid, kind of an AU future Peter looking back. Or something. XP It's pretty! We promise!
X-posted: the whole world

Megaupload link:

Youtube link:

so, those's the links.  and we spent 2-3 days on it, 9+ hours all together.  and it's AMAZING!!!!  and it's the first vid i've ever done, and nee-san too, and i don't know why i didn't start doing this years ago!  it's so fun, and addictive, and incredible, and no-one has even commented yet but we only posted it twenty minutes ago and i'm still insanely excited!!!  *flails*

so, yeah, that's all.

omg guys.  i rock.


May. 24th, 2007 04:19 pm
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i got a shot. *pouts*

/baby. no, srsly, i hate getting shots. they freak me out, even more than the part where it hurts- major phobia here. *sighs* but i went and got my second hpv shot today. i will be geeky!!!!

nee-san found this cool sylar music video. (i don't know how she finds these things, she's just magic.)

i like sylar... *smirk*

(i know, i know, i already posted today, but adding this onto the other entry would just be really ADD of me. so. deal with it.)

ficvid rec

Aug. 2nd, 2006 05:08 pm
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omg everyone look!!!!! if you have ever even seen a commercial for stargate atlantis, go download this:

and watch it.

a vid by 'lim' entitled "this is how it works", for the sga fic "freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose" by 'synecdochic'. i am so pimping this out to, like, the world. my love for "freedom" is boundless, and then astolat pimped out this vid and i DIED. dead. a lot. *loves*

and  )

ETA: yeah. it rocks.


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