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happy belated guy fawkes day to all!!!!!!!

everyone should go watch v for vendetta and, if you're really lucky and/or ambitious, light off fireworks. ^/___^ remember... ) so we watched that last night: me, scott, jim, preston, lauren, and chari in jim's room, and me and lauren also watched never been kissed earlier last night. a great evening, all around. except i hit my head on my footboard so hard it bounced- i have i giant goose-egg. *eyeroll* silly me.

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i still haven't done anything about my nanowrimo fic. i may just write out some plot bunnies and call it a month. *sigh* that's so depressing though..... i dunno what i'm gonna do about it.

voting is tomorrow, guys, and i don't get to vote.... i'm not in my own county, and i also didn't register in time... i was gonna vote for kinky, too. *eyeroll* don't gimme any scheise about it either, at least i was intending to be politically active, okay? and i actually think he knows what he's doing. he's adressing a lot of issues that i can get behind, anyway. so, hush!!!! sara went back to sugarland to vote tomorrow morning, and then she'll come back for class, which is at 10am. *sigh*

well, i'm gonna head back to studio for the night. toodles, y'all!!!!
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so nanowrimo is pretty much a bust. *mopes* i hadn't saved my story on my usb, just on theblackdeath's teeny hard drive, so when he kicked the bucket a couple days ago, all my work was lost. poor story!!! i think i'll eventually get back to writing next week or tomorrow or whatever, but it won't be the same story; i've scrapped that one. this also means i don't have my own computer anymore, since my desktop loki is going through a hate-me phase. stupid loki!!!! *glares*

otherwise, though, this weekend has been pretty cool. actually, this whole week has been pretty cool, but last night and today especially. our homecoming football game was this afternoon- we won 27-10!!! and i rushed the field, not once, but twice!!! which you wouldn't think is possible, except we did it. ^/___^ so yay for homecoming. (go coogs!!!) and then a big group of ppl, 12 or so, went out to 'house of pies' to celebrate. and we played video games. i got second against the guys in super smash bros melee!!!! woot!!!!!! and i killed jim!!!! mostly because he was concentrating on ripping preston to pieces, so i kinda blindsided him. BUT STILL!!!!!! and i definitely killed john all by myself! SO much fun! so, yeah... hmm... what did i do last night... oh yeah!!! we watched avatar, and then 'a knight's tale', and then we played this game called 'apples to apples'. my first time playing, so kinda ehh, but a very fun game nonetheless. it was me, katie, jenny, jim, john, and preston. definitely whenever one of the guys was judging, all you had to do was lay down something offensive, regardless of whether or not it went with the adjective, and that's what they'd pick. *eyeroll* men!

all in all, a great week. studio has been slow for a bit, not really anything happening this past week or the week before, which is nice. but i'm definitely a book and a half behind in human sit- i'm a third of the way through lucretius, and i'm definitely supposed to be two chapters into the aeneid. *grins*

and jim shaved his head thursday night. we've been teasing him so much!!!! it doesn't look half-bad, but i think he's gonna grow it out again. silly boy.....

signing off now. ta!!!


Nov. 2nd, 2006 01:39 am
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it's a bit nippy outside, very refreshing. ^/__^ writing to you from my friendly campus library, having finished my mock-up (finally) and left studio at 1am. oh joyous day!!!- confetti all around. i would be back in taub, but i have homework to do. math homework; algebra homework. yes, yes, it takes maybe twenty minutes to do, but that doesn't mean i don't have to do it. *pouts* but i WANT to be back in taub, typing away on theblackdeath for nanowrimo. i have half of today'syesterday's wordcount pounded out, and the rudiments of a plot. *sigh* sadly, i saved it on the teeny weeny hard drive of theblackdeath, so it's not a portable nanowrimo story- yet; i WILL fix this!!! soon everyone on campus will be able to see the gloriousness that is my nano story this year!!!!

jennie rants about nanowrimo here, and rambles a bit. )

alright, alright, now i really have to do my homework. then i can get back, write my 2000 words or so, and sleep a bit. so, for now, toodles!!!!

and, since it's everyone's bedtime but mine (and i have this stuck in my head....)
a song!!!! a lullabye, in fact.

Anna Rose )

sleep well, all!!!! ^/__~
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i got back my paper yesterday during discussion, the one i'd been agonizing about for forever, and i definitely got an 83 on it!!!! YES!!!! i totally thought i would fail that; i mean, i was praying for an act of mercy so that i could pass it, so an 83 is fantastic. and i got a 77 on my first paper!!! this is awesome!!!! i'm so excited!!! i didn't want to look at it yesterday b/c it would completely ruin my day to have gotten a bad grade, which i expected, so i looked at the grade today during lecture. 83, baby!!!! and i got an A on my presentation, we got those back too. woot!!!

so, yeah, halloween was a blast. i got loads of candy from trick-or-treating in the dorms, and we all dressed up to do it, so everyone had crazy costumes on. rhys had a different costume for every floor, that silly boy..... *grins* it was so much fun, though. and we watched 'the shining' too!!! well, i missed the end to go get my bodice laced up, but still, it's a cool movie. ^/___^ so, yeah, halloween was a blast. this is the first halloween i've really enjoyed in years, too, so i'm very satisfied. ....even though jim accidentally head-butted my in the nose. *grins* i had such a headache for the rest of the night. he was using me as a shield from sara's newspaper bombs.

and nanowrimo is going good- so far. *crings* i have half of today's wordcount met already, but i'm hoping my plot doesn't run thin before too long. i wanna see how far i can get this year, now that i'm in college, with studio to worry about and all. *frazzled*

okay, i need to help kathryn with her paper. bye now!!!!


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