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So I may have spoken too soon with my last entry, on the subject of being tired of pregnancy.

I had a my routine weekly check-up today, with some interesting results... )

Meanwhile, my bills with the doctor's office are still all screwed up - I finally received the bill from the office to match the notice my insurance sent me from a billing in August, but now the office manager is saying that the bill is wrong - which really I think is just that they billed me (and my insurance) for the total amount, but should have since deducted what I have meanwhile been paying to them visit by visit: my co-pays and the "global care" payment they asked me for. The paperwork is a nightmare, let me tell you. And I haven't even got to my delivery yet, for which there will be separate bills for the doctor's office, the hospital, the anesthesiologist, and any other services that are rendered. Thank God I have copies of almost everything I've done for this pregnancy, and that it's all in one calendar year.

(I'm kicking myself that I forgot to ask for copies of my paperwork for the lab work and the ultrasound today. Also I have no photos or stats from my ultrasound, which I thought they were going to give me at the end on a disk like last time, but apparently not! And I don't have copies of my and Critter's consent forms either. Grr....)

So, we'll see how this goes.


ETA 2013.10.26 - Well, gentle readers, I still have a baby in me. No preeclampsia! (Yet.) My doctor called to let me know that all the tests came back clean and she would see me at my normal appointment time next week. Back to waiting...
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Dear Everyone Who Is Hounding Me About Unimportant Shit:
(Yes, dear aunties, this includes you.)

I am:

a) nine months pregnant, with all the physical exhaustion and discomfort that entails.

b) dealing with all the last-minute planning and details that are part of being nine months pregnant.

c) two days and counting of being the last one out of the office after a twelve-hour work day.

I'm sorry that I haven't met whatever expectations you have for proper behavior or things you think I ought to be doing or spending money on right now. But frankly, I have no more fucks to give. There are only so many days in a row I can put off things like buying groceries or washing my clothes or (not that this is important) calling my health insurance provider to find out how exactly to add my future child to our insurance plan if he is without a Social Security Number. (Thank you, U.S. legislature, for making my life just that teensie bit more complicated.)

So yes, I'm sorry that I didn't hand-wash my glass when the break room dish washer was running last night. I'm sorry I haven't yet written and mailed thank-you cards for all the gifts I got at my baby shower three weeks ago. I'm sorry I'm not dressed up to your standards because my size-too-big flip flops are the only shoes I own that still fit my feet. I'm sorry for whatever other things I have done or not done that may offend your sensibilities.

Go build a bridge and get the fuck over it.


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woke up today to find that the forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger of my right hand were tingle-y and a bit numb from poor circulation. i am told this is normal....

additionally, i haven't seen my ankle bones in weeks. D:
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through a mutiny last night of body and/or brain, i woke up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep until sometime after 5am. i am tired. so very tired. D:
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upside of having amazing friends: had a wonderful baby shower and took home tons of adorable baby clothes and other swag

downside of baby shower: so many new baby clothes, blankets, pacifiers, bottles, etc to wash...
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i can't see the bottom half of my ipad when it's in my lap; i have to hold it up. D:
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my belly button says hi.
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found on pinterest:

I'm not dead!!!! I've just been reading a lot of fan fiction lately... <<---this!

except for me it's more like, "sorry fanfic, i'm not dead, i'm just having a baby!!"
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i've officially got enough of a baby belly that it makes a little curved shelf-like place, right under my boobs, where i can comfortably rest my hands on top of my belly. i feel really weird about the fact that the top of my belly touches the underside of my boobs - but it's a comfy resting place for my hands.

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small pregnancy update.

apparently the new symptom of the week is swollen feet. it's very weird. the first couple times this happened, last week or maybe the week before, i didn't even notice until i got home from work and took off my shoes, and my feet did the equivalent of 'oh thank God' and made their displeasure known. the first time it happened, i thought it was just because i'd worn heels for the first time in a week, but it's started to happen more consistently, regardless of what (if anything) i'm wearing on my feet, and it's getting more noticable now that i know what it is i'm feeling.

it's not all that much to complain about, at least not yet - on a scale from "ow" to "praying for unconsciousness" this barely ranks an "ow" - but it is... very uncomfortable. the feeling is difficult to describe, actually, because only once or twice have i had anything swell up that i hadn't first jammed or smashed or otherwise caused external damage to. the swelling by itself isn't so bad, so long as i don't put any kind of pressure on my feet. of course, that makes walking a bit of an ongoing "ow" situation. it also makes flexing my toes weirdly difficult. but only my toes - the swelling starts below the ankle joint, so it's literally just my feet that are affected. very strange.

other than that, not much has changed. my baby belly is growing prodigiously. :D onward!


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