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J invited me out with a big group of her former co-workers. I haven't been to TRF in quite a few years, but I got out my go-to costume dress and made a little ribbon tiara and set off.

We carpooled there along with J's friends N and C, and another car of folks following behind. I drove because J was still working on her costume! That brings back memories. :D We got to the park before noon, which was good, and then of course we spent forever getting everyone into costume. I was sad because I didn't want to bring in my own (modern) purse, but I don't have one to go with my dress. I put my things in N's purse and carried my flip-flops (that got old fast) and determined that I would buy a purse!

No such luck. Only a few places inside make purses, and only one in a style even remotely similar to my dress. I found one I liked, but it was priced at $40 - which is all the cash I had brought, and I was determined not to spend more. So no purse. I'll have to make one before next year.

Instead I spent every cent of that $40 on food, booze (cider!!!), and tips for the entertainers.


They were amazing, as always, and they also have out four new CDs since the last time I was at TRF. Thankfully their music is for sale on iTunes now, so I can still buy it - because by the time we went to one of their shows in the late afternoon, I was down to $5 and couldn't buy any of their swag. D:

And then J and I got separated from the rest of the group, sans phones because they were in N's purse. Thankfully we had D with us, who did have her phone, but everyone else was in a show and not answering her calls. Eventually we managed to reconnect with the group, but by that point it was after sundown and I was exhausted, so we opted not to stay for the fireworks and the after-fair rush, and we left early.

So much fun.

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alright, i have to get back to work in studio in about ten minutes, but squeee i have free time soon!!!! thanksgiving break begins tomorrow at 6pm for me- omgwtfyay!?!?!! well, actually not, b/c i have a paper to write, and also we have a project assigned in studio that has to be done w/ my parallel bar (which is drilled and padlocked into my drafting table, which i also need) and is due on monday after break. i'm gonna be a 3.5 hr (minimum) drive away from studio from tuesday night until sunday night. this project is SO not happening. *frustration* and i'm not the only one, either. it's so despicable..... so i'm trying to get as much done as possible, but i dunno how that'll work, since i have to sleep as much as possible tonight so that i won't be tired driving tomorrow.... argh!!!

anyway, this weekend rocked. went to renfest saturday for about six hours, after locking my keys and my bag and everything except my wallet inmy truck- oh boy was that SO fun, but not really. *eyeroll* sheer stupidity on my part, thankyouverymuch. but renfest was pretty fun- i got a puzzle ring (my new toy; it's so entertaining!!!) and two pairs of wrap pants (the pretties..... pet them..... *purrrrr*) and the weather was fantastic. yay!!! and yesterday i went w/ jim to his house, since it was his mom's bday on saturday but he missed it. so she made us an early dinner, and then we played video games (me and jim vs. jenny-his sister- and his mom) and watched cars. that movie is GREAT!!! i've seen two movies recently, actually (which is pretty abnormal for me), cause we went to see the new james bond movie 'casino royale' thursday at midnight/friday when it came out. long, but so amazing. that car!!!!!!! no spoilers, but OH that poor car...... and i want to go see 'happy feet' too. dennise has seen it twice now; i'm so envious!

so i've actually been doing stuff other than studio this weekend, and it felt wonderful, until monday morning rolled around and i had another plan/shadow sketch of my cube project to do, graphite pencil on 1000/white vellum, and i'm at least semi-allergic to graphite. plughie!!!! but i really wish we'd gotten at least one or two days for a break after turning in the model of our cube project, it's so uncool to have to jump right back into working after the suicide that was last weekend. *fury* i need a little free-time, people.... and hey, wasn't that the subject of this post? yeah, jenny actually has no free time at all, and it sucks. *glares*

so, i have to go back to work now. toodles.....
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so, um, yeah. y'know those rumors that arch students don't sleep? definitely fulfilling those right now. *exasperated w/ self* i was in studio all day. )all in all, my life is over.


ps- the weather has been beautiful recently, especially this weekend, which is great since there were masive tstorms predicted, and we were under tornado watch f/ a couple hours earlier this week. it just started raining out now (it's 6.46am, by balckdeath's clock.) i just hope we get good weather f/ trf. it's pirate weekend, and i'm going in garb again- so are chari and jim and, i think, michael. it's SO exciting!!!!
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i'm going to renfest in like an hour or two!!!! *squee* currently, packing, then, leaving!!!! *grins* just an update of excitement. bye!!!!


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