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browsing through synecdochic's dreamwidth journal, i came across a link in a comment to this fascinating study of the multitude of dialects in the English language: the amount of work that's gone into this is frankly amazing, and the level of detail is drool-worthy. omnomnom linguistics!

and also the photography of col chris hadfield, which i had heard about but never perused until now:
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guys. GUYS.

I GOT AN iPAD. *throws confetti* it's a joint graduation gift from about three quarters of my male relatives pitching in, and it's SO SEXY.

what should i name it?

my two ipods are named iRock and iRoll, so it would be nice to continue that pattern in some respect. but i'm fresh out of ideas.

also i'm still in squee mode just from having it, so it's a little hard to be objective about names. :D


worth buying?
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wedding gift registry ideas:

jim wants:
xbox 360
...and some other stuff that i can't remember

jenny wants:
new clothes!
dishes and glasses and casual silverware
star wars movies
architecture textbooks

the nice thing about this is that people don't have to buy me christmas gifts, because my wedding is four days later!
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so apparently i need to do some computer maintenance. the special cord that connects my external hard drive to a computer with a usb connection is broken, and i need a scroll-mouse and a carrying case for my laptop. depression.

BUT! i now have autocad on my laptop (and rhino on my external, not that it's doing me any good at the moment...) and i have illustrator installed but no keygen for it. and i'm getting photoshop too. (ETA: got cs3 and a keygen! we are in biznez!!!) joy! i have shinies on my shiny. *lol*

i'm getting kind of worried about my career though. i know that architecture is what i want to do with my life, and i think i can hack it this year (so long as i can hang onto my scholarships, that is) but i don't like what i'm learning about the profession as a whole.

architects come in second behind archaeologists as the most under-paid, over-worked profession. and nearly every architect i've met or heard of so far has been an arrogant, pretentious ass-hat. and i kind of don't want to be like that. (it's the latter that bothers me, not the former.)

....i don't know what to do.

...and i have a group project due in bachman's class this friday that i don't really want to work on.
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i has a shiny new toy!!!! last night i went with jim to best buy and i bought a laptop! *gasps* it's SO SHINY!

i'm deliberating on what to name it though. i've thought of 'hoffnung auf zukunft' (german: hope for the future, because i am death for computers) and 'moo cow'. i kind of want a girl computer, since i've only had boys before, but i think this one might end up being gender-confused. XD

here's one thing: i'm not used to this keyboard. i haven't used the backspace key so much since i tried to type up a paper on ana's mac! sprechen of which, i need to do my homework...
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oh god. i just spent $533 on a dress.
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guess what.....

i got a shiny new phone today!!! cellular, mobile, handy- pick your adjective, but it's a slide-open samsung and it's steel-blue and pretty! *joy*

my grandparents got me a trackphone for my 18th birthday (june before i started college, after high school graduation, summer of '06) and i've had that same one since then. it's a beast of a phone, though- i've dropped it on concrete, into sand and water, sat on it, popped the cover off more times than i can count, and peeled off most of the rubber edge, but it still works just fine. which is, needless to say, nothing short of miraculous as far as the average lifespan of a phone is concerned. but it also costs my grandparents $50 per month for the minutes, most of which i use to talk to jim.

so jim's grandmother mimi has an extra space on her family plan, $25 activation fee plus $10/month for unlimited nights and weekends and free calls to anyone else on her plan (which includes jim), and a choice of free new phone along with it. oh frabjous day, i am in heaven.

i only have like four contacts in the new one right now, but that's because the track phone doesn't have a simcard- it's not a conventional phone. it's also paid through february 15th, so i can still get calls on it up until then, and i have time to move all my contacts over to the new one. i still don't have texting since it costs extra so stop texting me, you buggers but this new phone has a camera, it plays music, i can have ringtones. you have no idea how cool that is to me. ^____^

anyway, if you want my new number, call my old one. joyousness!!!!!

ETA: cait, i'm a horrible person and keep forgetting to call you at night. and during the day i never know when you're in class or at work... T___T i beg your forgiveness.

ETA2: and in other news....


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