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browsing through synecdochic's dreamwidth journal, i came across a link in a comment to this fascinating study of the multitude of dialects in the English language: the amount of work that's gone into this is frankly amazing, and the level of detail is drool-worthy. omnomnom linguistics!

and also the photography of col chris hadfield, which i had heard about but never perused until now:
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star trek.

just saw the new movie.

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If I had any kind of drawing ability, this would end with a picture of Tabitha on Hulk's belly. Alas, I don't, so it doesn't. Sadness. :(

please, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS CUTE AND FLUFFY, somebody please draw this. internet, i'm depending on you to make this happen. PLEASE.
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watched disney's tangled again with jim today. that movie rocks.

if you liked it, go read this:
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i am currently sitting in the alamo ritz on 6th street in austin, four minutes from the start of hobbit feast.

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oh, LJ, i missed you so much.

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guys. GUYS. HP7b premiers tonight.


Hubby and I are hosting a party at our place, YOU CAN COME. We will have snacks and drinks and watch the Best Of the previous movies (PoA, why do you break my heart? You are shitty but I love you anyway!) and geekery will abound.

ALSO. What's up with the new LJ theme-banner-thingee? It's like a strange fusion of LEGOs and Candy Land.
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...night will fall and drown the sun
when a good man goes to war
friendship dies, and true love lies
night will fall, and the dark will rise
when a good man goes to war
demons run, but count the cost
the battle's won but the child is lost...

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guys. GUYS.

I GOT AN iPAD. *throws confetti* it's a joint graduation gift from about three quarters of my male relatives pitching in, and it's SO SEXY.

what should i name it?

my two ipods are named iRock and iRoll, so it would be nice to continue that pattern in some respect. but i'm fresh out of ideas.

also i'm still in squee mode just from having it, so it's a little hard to be objective about names. :D


worth buying?
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actually that happened a while ago, i just haven't been on lj in ages. but: YAY!!!

and also poetry:

I try not to think that everything you do
Is a promise I can taste and breathe in like the heat of
Your nearness.
But I touch and feel the in-deep-breath, the exhale of your sleeping peace
And the way you sleep is a promise I can touch.
Your smell and taste
The murmur of your lips against my skin. The vibration of your voice.
Your hand that spells “We have all night together.”
All your body against all of mine.
You say, making love, you do not need the light.
Or words or signs.
Your ears don’t mind the sounds I make
We can be (I feel. I think) deaf-blind together.
For a while

-by Brook Henson (The Eighth Day: Rooms of the Mind - chapter 12)
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;4kj t2q3p4iutba[e94untql3!!!!1

y'all, i just aced my last two finals of the semester, and i'm getting married in exactly two weeks (plus some-odd minutes).

heilige scheisse.
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in class at about 2pm, kathryn tells me that she has an extra ticket to the concert, $15 if i want to go.


lawn seats, laid down on a blanket on the grass under the stars with a bunch of friends and listened to beautiful singing and instruments for two and a half hours.

did not get much work done today. left after dinner, back just half an hour ago. up at 0730 for class.

worth it.

love college.

...wish jim could have come too.
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wedding plans!!!!! omg i'm so excited. this is all i've been able to think about all day. and, y'know, some of this stuff i've already thought about and i'm just finalizing ideas, but some of it.... wow, this is so awesome.

okay, first things first: the proposal. this is how it happened. )

anyway, wedding plans: i've been thinking.... )

today's been such an emotional roller-coaster for me, though. i got so many congratulations from friends- everyone in my studio has known for weeks!!!!!- and hugs and people admiring my ring (it's beautiful), and i felt so popular and happy and excited.... but i'm struggling a lot in studio right now, too. so i would be working on drawings and getting really depressed... and then i'd see my ring on my finger and in two seconds flat i'd be grinning and happy again. i feel like i'm pregnant!!!! *rofl*

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wheee, yay for memorial day weekend! and visiting my boy.

on sunday morning i went to houston to visit jim. he's just gotten back from chicago and the national restaurant association convention or whatever it's called, and in two days he goes to montana for his summer internship, AND I WILL NOT SEE HIM FOR ALMOST THREE MONTHS. *cries* so i drove to houston for memorial day weekend.

i had several thoughts about this: 1) WHY IS GAS SO EXPENSIVE?!?! i filled up once on the way to houston, once in houston, and once in manor on the way back when i ran out of gas. gas is so effing expensive, i am going to sell my truck and buy a bicycle. then i will be thin and fit and not pay out the eyes for gas money EVER AGAIN. i even get really good gas mileage for a truck- between 20 and 30 mpg depending on road and load conditions. i like driving. it's nice alone-time for me, no one else, just me and the radio and the open road.... so, yeah, driving is fun, especially long drives. i just wish i didn't have to pay for gas!!!! (i will not get into my whole hippie-tree-hugger spiel about renewable fuels and the infrastructure of our society, so don't ask. i could talk for hours.)

2)i exist for jim's family! they've been denying my existence, because the last two or three times we were supposed to meet, things came up- nasty weather, conflicting schedules, and other random acts of god- so that i always somehow managed to never meet them. and i wasn't even trying! o__0 so on monday i met his aunt kathy and aunt laura, and aunt laura's daughters cassie and ella- his mom's immediate family. i already knew his aunt renee, actually. and his cousins are pretty cool, about our age, and we got on very well.

3) weather is AWFUL. why do people not design buildings and stuff better, so that we aren't so affected by the weather? it was baking hot and humid as a bog in the afternoons, so i spent that time in the little mini-pool in the backyard both days. i have a whole 'nother rant about design and passive heating and cooling and why builders are so STUPID most of the time. ugh.

but it was overall a very fun trip. and i got to go shooting! this morning, actually- i meant to leave in the morning, but i'd forgotten that jim and his dad were going to the range that morning, and they'd invited me. so i pushed back my departure time and went to the range! they had three semi-automatic handguns- a beretta 9mm, a 280 revolver, and a bersa 380 carry-concealed. i liked the bersa the best- it fit well in my hand, it didn't have as much of a kick, and even with the shaved sights i was pretty precise with my groupings. but i was taking my time, making sure my breathing and my posture and everything was good.

one thing i am kind of depressed about is that niki- nicodemus, jim's cat (american standard domestic housecat)- has kidney stones and they're killing him, so i don't know if he'll be alive the next time i visit. he's my favorite kitty in the world!!! great personality, plus he's beautiful- solid black with a fluffy ruff and amazing eyes. he's my baby. *sighs* i forgot my camera, which i meant to bring, so i don't have any pictures of him or anything.

......and now i'm back in austin. the drive back was horrendous actually- 3.75hrs driving time, with about 45mins of break time between all my stops to cower in fear of the heat. the compressor of my air conditioning is broken, so i was going with the windows down the whole time. it was AGONY. i fled the heat. also, i need to remember never to drive between the hours of 5pm and 6:30pm in austin, because rush-hour SUCKS. it took me an hour to get through austin. SO. LAME.
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omg i rock so hard!!!!

man, who knew volunteer work got you to places like this? just this past thursday was the start of the focus-the-nation teach-in at uh, for which i was volunteering on the planning committee. it wasn't that bad- i made posters and spread the word to students in the dorms and at the arch building, helped plan the event itself, offered suggestions for things, that kind of stuff. for the event, there was a speaker panel on climate change, tables with flyers and petitions and sign-ups and things, and a line of "eco-friendly" cars outside with their hoods up for students to poke around in. i was working the table for the student environmental club, and the table next to ours was from environment texas, an advocacy organization which i've coincidentally been donating to for over a year now. so colin, the guy from envirtx, started chatting with me and we signed each others' petitions (*eyeroll* that sounds so weird) and he asked if i might be interested in doing internships or volunteer work, and i said yes.



except now i need to figure out how to write a proper resume, and not fumble horribly through an interview, and crap, did i even bring any of my nice clothes to houston this semester? *flails* i feel super-unprepared for this. it's all official and stuff! colin is forwarding my info to a couple different houston organizations that take interns from envirtx, like GHASP and ICLEI, and they will call me sometime next week for an interview. omg what do i do?!?!

but still. i am so made of win. woot!!!!
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i hate to be preemptively, overly-optimistic, but....i think i just got hired. *dance of triumph* shout-out to caitlin, for pointing me in the direction of the 'tuesday morning' that had a hiring sign out- they did my application and my interview right there in the office, and the manager told me that as soon as my background check runs through, she'll give me a call and we'll talk about hours.

...that sounds like a job to me!!!!!!

i win at life!!! success!!
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god, i am SO distracted right now... i've been zoning out ever since i got home; my mom is listening to the tapes of hp5 in preparation for the movie coming out this summer, and it's insanely distracting!

....i definitely just zoned out again.

anyway, what i meant this post to be about was a recap of how totally awesome a-kon was. even though i got sick- dunno what with, i'm going to the doc's office tomorrow morning, but i had a headache friday and saturday, and i've had a sore throat since saturday as well. mom says i have tonsillitis or something like that, maybe strep throat. so- everyone i was around at a-kon, this is your warning!!! anyway, cos-playing rocked on saturday. we looked amazing, and we were going as a group, so people were always taking pictures of us, and we're in the a-kon picture archives or whatever they're called. we walked the dealer room a lot, and artist alley was fantastic, and the cosplay ice-skating saturday afternoon was a blast, too. man, we had so much fun. *grins* and i saw rhys and zuri in the lobby on sunday morning!!! that was weird; i hadn't expected to see them, although i'd known they were going. and i didn't recognize zuri in her blue wig and cat ears. *eyeroll* oh! and the photo shoot- there was probably a hundred cosplayers from naruto all in one place saturday afternoon, after the ice-skating, and we were the only sanin who made it into the photos. that was fun. and some of the other cosplayers were amazing, as well. there was one really good rock lee, and one of the timeskip sasuke cosplayers was pretty good, too. and all of the sound nin, and haku and zabuza, although i don't think they came as a group. but anyway, it was a blast- and we're already planning who to cosplay as for next year. we're looking at the siblings from scrapped princess- i'd be pacifica, which means i get to be the only one showing cleavage again. but these costumes are gonna be SO much harder than the ones we put together in a week for a-kon this past weekend. *worried*

bri's post about the weekend is much more thorough than mine. go read it if you're really interested. mostly it was an amazing weekend and i had a blast. and jim got hella drunk friday night. *woobie* but i love him anyway. ^/____^ i just zoned. hoo~oo...

i meant to put a drabble up here, but i'm way too distracted to post anything right now, not with the harry potter tapes playing. it's interesting, though. i think i only read book 5 once, and i'd forgotten most of it- i know the basics of canon from fanfic, but i keep getting sucked in to little scenes i don't remember, or at least not clearly. who else is excited about book 7 finally coming out?!?! *grins*

i win

Jun. 4th, 2007 01:01 pm
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*cackles* things are going well in the life of jenny.

point: a-kon was amazing, and i will post pictures on facebook later
point: i got my acceptance letter into second-year studio; it was sitting on my bed when i got back from a-kon
point: my birthday is less than a week away, and i get to see my boyfriend. (*gleeful* this is possibly the best part.)
point: i already have in mind who i'm going to cos-play as for a-kon next year, and it's going to be bloody hard to make, but we have a year, so i'm not worried- yet
point: i'm going to dye my hair blue this friday
point: i have successfully rewritten the first season of heroes in four-plus hours (tim kring must be a genius, or insane), with help from nee-san and nee-chan, after one minor character change, and it is amazing. (i take a moment for myself. *grins*)
point: there's a thunderstorm outside. yay!!!

pretty much, i win at life. *joy*

note to self:
things to do today:

-finish painting bathroom
-call aaron, then call adam's mark hotel about stuff left in our room
-turn in app. to b&n at lakeline
-check email!!!! (zomg)
-clairmont checks reissued
-post pictures on facebook
-work out summer schedule- vbs, vacation, single days, visit lauren in austin(?)
-send grades to ftb scholarship committee


Jun. 1st, 2007 09:47 am
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a-kon 18, here we come!!!!!!




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