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So... I watched both Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope this weekend while quilting, and I'm on a Star Wars kick. I've already reread a couple of my old favorites, but now I'm hankering for something new.

Anyone wanna rec me some Star Wars fic? :D
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apparently 'väder' is swedish for 'weather'.

what the hell, george lucas?!?!?!

what. the. hell.
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hahaha lolz

"Here It Goes" music video to the Ok Go song of the same name
star wars goodness!!!

i'm playing music vids for my mom. ^____^
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"love song requiem"
-this vid is AWESOME!!!! it's obi-wan/padme, and seriously, why didn't the show go this way in real life? do you realize that obi-wan never got to meet leia? he helped birth her, gave her to bail organa, saw her hologram message, and died just meters away before ever actually getting to see her again. so. SAD. *flails*

damnit, youtube.

Trading Yesterday - Love Song Requiem

good switchfoot video:
-song "dare you to move"; instead of padme being force-shoked by anakin on mustafar, obi-wan and anakin start fighting and padme is left to watch, and eventually to talk them down and save anakin; v well done


May. 9th, 2007 11:10 pm
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so, first and foremost: i just finished the star wars marathon about two minutes ago with the end of ep6, and omg did you know that they replaced the force-ghost of anakin played by the old dude with hayden christiansen? (sp?) me an lauren saw it and we both jumped and squeed at the exact same moment. omgwtfyay!!!!!! and the guy who played chewie, matthew something, was definitely at a-kon last year- nyar!!!! (i didn't get anything signed or pictures taken or anything- i was too busy looking for gomichan to buy some bitches. *shamed*)

the other yay is that i had my last exam today. i am officially done with my first year of college!!!! and now i have a little over twelve hours to completely pack my room, start to finish- i haven't done any more than fold up my comforter and put it at the foot of my bed. that's my packing so far. well, i did a lot of cleaning and organizing and stuff, but not actual packing.

so, squee!!!!!! (to the max.) ^/_____^


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