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SG LAS round 1 - challenge 3

CHALLENGE 3: "I love it when a plan comes together!"
AUs Allowed? - No.
Crossovers Allowed? - No.

due by WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20th at 5:00PM (EST).


ETA: defaulted - did not turn in an entry and did not acquire/use any further skips. *shrugs* it's midterms.
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I did a bad thing. I joined the Stargate LAS community.

It's not my fault, I swear!! [ profile] needtakehave totally suckered me into it!!

ficvid rec

Aug. 2nd, 2006 05:08 pm
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omg everyone look!!!!! if you have ever even seen a commercial for stargate atlantis, go download this:

and watch it.

a vid by 'lim' entitled "this is how it works", for the sga fic "freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose" by 'synecdochic'. i am so pimping this out to, like, the world. my love for "freedom" is boundless, and then astolat pimped out this vid and i DIED. dead. a lot. *loves*

and  )

ETA: yeah. it rocks.
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so, i've been reading like, a million sga fics over the past couple weeks. (i'm on a kick. stfu.) and i had some thoughts, about the characters, and the plot, and, well, stuff. many of these were actually noted in the fic "using occam's razor to skin schroedinger's cat", so there you go. *eyeroll* fanfic writers think alike. nee-san, i expect feedback. you can actually comiserate on this with me. and bri, you too. *glares*

oh so many issues... ) no real news. well, except:

omg i go to college in fifteen days omg!!!!!!!! *dies*


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