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Harry trudged to Agincourt, ankle deep
in mud, and wistful, weary, thought of sleep;
thought of crowns and souls, and old life-goals told
to empty rooms when he was young and brash.
The world still thought him young, beguiled by gold
and trinkets made of names. Names are just ash,
he’d learned, had taught himself, but writ in blood
they thicken, may be set and shaped like mud.
But spilt in love it must be, willingly,
and for a cause near-just (but only near—
for mortal men justice runs crookedly
as any crab). He held his soldiers dear,
like children, brothers, even as he spent
their lives like coin.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. The royal French, they bent
the weight of all their bitter scorn on him,
and vowed they’d eat his heart where all could see,
would drive his army down into the grim
shadow of the grave. Surely victory,
they said (and all the world with them agreed)
must go to those with strength, with eager steed
and arms still fresh, not yet worn down like teeth
on sand or bone. The outcome’s known. Why try?
Return your rusty sword to battered sheath,
bow your head and bend your stubborn knee. Why
take the field when you cannot win the war?
But Harry — he went down to Agincourt.
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hangman is comin down from the gallows and i don't have very long.... spn drabble.... i just can't get this fandom out of my system, jeez.

Genre: Supernatural TV series
Pairings: none
Rating: K+ / PG
Spoilers: major spoilers for 2.22: All Hell Breaks Loose Part II
Summary: Dean receives an offer, and makes a choice, and makes a deal. AU.

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and my anthro101 class- yay ethnographies!
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I wrote this in a fit of not really having the desire to do anything else. We'll see if I ever continue it.

Genre: Supernatural TV series
Pairings: Sam/Jess
Rating: T / PG-13
Spoilers: none, except general series canon
Summary: Jessica Moore has a secret. AU

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two very amazing things just happened.

the first is that i locked all of my worldy possessions except my cell phone(ie- notes, glasses, wallet, textbooks, etc, my backpack) including my keys in my locker. just five minutes ago. i am a GENIUS, y'all. (the good news is that i forsaw this happening, and the spare key to my locker is with my boyfriend. the bad news is that he's working out at the rec so he won't be able to pick up his phone until 5 or 5.30. *headdesk*) thank god i am aware of my own forgetfulness and carelessness and planned for this exact eventuality in advance.

(final warning: geekiness and fandom abound hereafter.) the other thing is that, while reading my anthropology textbook, i came across a three-page discussoin of the algonquin expression of paranoid schizophrenia through the windigo myth. ...holy. crap. quote from the text: "these northern [Native Americans- Ojibwa and Cree-] recognized the existence of cannibalistic monsters called Windigos. Individuals afflicted by the psychosis developed the delusion... that they were themselves transformed into Windigos, with a craving for human flesh." etc. show, you are amazing and made of win. *squee*

EDIT: oh, and charissa found this:
-some poor mcdonalds worker getting messed with. that's a drinking song they're singing into the order box. *eyeroll*


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