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burned the BLAZING HELL out of myself today.

we went to galveston today for mother's day; we being myself, my mom-in-law and dad-in-law, my sis-in-law, and her fiance. My hubby (mom-in-law's son, obv.) had to work so we were not a complete set. D: anyway - had breakfast, went to beach, flew kites, waded in surf (very weedy this week...), lolled about on beach, went to dinner (seafood!)..... and all this time i forgot to put on sunscreen.

i am red as a lobster from hip to neck, except for the outline of my bikini top.

in other news, i still have SO MUCH TO DO for my thesis publication draft, due tomorrow, it is NOT EVEN FUNNY.
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And also I think I aced the final exam I had this morning.

I win at life. :D
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gotta love this feeling: leaving studio and saying to my friends, "see you in four hours!"
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good morning! we've talked the whole night through. good morning, good morning to you!

...except replace "talked" with "worked".

(from Singing In The Rain) :D
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things to do... )
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So I've had a great couple of days, which, thank God - school starts again tomorrow.

Last night I accompanied the hubby to a get-together with some of his college friends. Bear in mind he has a foodie education, so this was a cooking get-together and it was themed. My hubby made the appetizer without heat: beef carpaccio on a fan of sour apple with paprika coulee. Channing made the salad without greens: butternut squash topped with radishes and thai chili oil dressing. The host, Jake, served an entree without protein: mushroom pot pie with puff pastry tops. And then the birthday boy, Nathan, made the last two courses: parmesan and bleu cheeses, with honeycomb and toasted hazelnuts, followed by a dessert without sugar of cocoa smear with smashed raspberry, candied oranges, and cocoa sorbet quenell over toasted coconut. All five courses were accompanied by an appropriate wine or port, with mixed drinks for the ladies while dinner was prepared.

Yeah. It was delicious. :D

And today I finally got to talk with my thesis advisor about my concerns with my project, and in about three sentences he totally changed my perspective. I've been worrying over break about some concerns with the size of my program and the city parking ordinances - which is especially important for me, given that my project proposes a high-density mixed-use development specifically for the purpose of convenience to people who can't afford a car - and he simply suggested that I take a step back and view this not as a problem that needs to go away, but as a challenge, a focus, and even the source of my solution. Instead of worrying about fitting the requirement, put it under, on top, inside the rest of the program; or maybe reverse it, and put the rest of the program inside a parking garage. Don't let it be a problem - let it be inspiration. And I was so invested in the problem that I couldn't take the time to breathe deeply and step back and think of it like that. (Also he's been doing this about twice as long as I've been alive, so. The advantage of experience.)

And tonight we're celebrating my sis-in-law's 21st birthday (which is tomorrow) so I have dinner and cake and relaxing in the hot tub to look forward to in a few hours.

So while I didn't get through everything on my list of holiday-to-do's... life is good at the moment.

ETA: I slipped getting out of the hot tub and fell on my butt, like a cartoon stepping on a banana peel. I cracked two nails and bloodied the knuckle on my toes, and the whole right side of my butt is one big swollen bruise. You win, life. I give up.
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thesis topic APPROVED!!!!

*throws confetti*
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yeah, it's that time again. i should have made a list on friday, or today in studio, but dumb-butt me didn't think to do it, and now i'm freaking out.

things i gotta do:
-compile my notes for keiji before thursday
-post videos to cnu's page
-new plans for studio by wednesday - high priority
-site and program drafted by wednesday - high priority
-get camera from kathryn for pictures on tuesday
-read karate book
-finish grading paul's papers asap - high priority
-grade mike's papers
-check blackboard for arch students' posts on tuesday night baaaaad students! :D
-check blackboard for itec students' responses
-readings for colaco by thursday
-section detail for tackett due next week
-email itec questions to kyung-hee
-read and return Texts and Sprawl
-buy food for food drive

i've been learning so much for my thesis project - it's been great, i've been like a sponge since saturday for this stuff, and meeting with prof. rogers today was immensely helpful - but i just cannot absorb this stuff fast enough. i have to have a site and program picked out by wednesday.

"if i could get a grip on reality, i'd choke it."


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