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things to do... )
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this is so depressing. i have a to-do list. already. )

it's only the second day of school. this is just not right.
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yeah, it's that time again. i should have made a list on friday, or today in studio, but dumb-butt me didn't think to do it, and now i'm freaking out.

things i gotta do:
-compile my notes for keiji before thursday
-post videos to cnu's page
-new plans for studio by wednesday - high priority
-site and program drafted by wednesday - high priority
-get camera from kathryn for pictures on tuesday
-read karate book
-finish grading paul's papers asap - high priority
-grade mike's papers
-check blackboard for arch students' posts on tuesday night baaaaad students! :D
-check blackboard for itec students' responses
-readings for colaco by thursday
-section detail for tackett due next week
-email itec questions to kyung-hee
-read and return Texts and Sprawl
-buy food for food drive

i've been learning so much for my thesis project - it's been great, i've been like a sponge since saturday for this stuff, and meeting with prof. rogers today was immensely helpful - but i just cannot absorb this stuff fast enough. i have to have a site and program picked out by wednesday.

"if i could get a grip on reality, i'd choke it."
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this weekend i had two separate nightmares about not getting things done for school. you can tell what my brain has been occupied with.

-figure out more info. for strategy project:
...where does water go from an a/c unit?
...specific cents/gallon water costs
-fix variables diagram for strategy project
-fix .0003 cents in strategy presentation
-other corrections to strategy presentation
-get the rest of the info. for rifaat's class project:
...which meter is the arch. building on?
...landscaping again.

-email data sheet to katie
-scan section of bldg and add sketch
-make presentation for rifaat's class
-studio work:
...3 more elevations
...water diagram
...circulation/activities diagram
...fix plans - add lineweights and floor textures, add columns
...redo filter diagram in blue
-submit nanette's proposal, update bwt spreadsheet
-send job search info to jim
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my to-do lists for the week )
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okay, so, pardon the geekery of the following comment, but: i was trying to think of an adequate description of how unbearably humid the weather was today, and i can only compare the sensation of stepping outside this afternon to walking through a gungan underwater force-field. the water hits you like a wall in the air, i do not lie. it was epic.

pin-up in studio tomorrow, moved up from this thursday, argh. finished two concept maps, still have data map to do; also, forgot to get reading for history from the library. going to be busy tomorrow morning. must remember not to eat lunch in history because yesterday i was scolded for doing so. grrr...

obsessed with disney's mulan at the moment, although still reading "atlas" as it updates - that being slower now, which works better with my schedule. life is full of things happening, no free time anymore, and it makes me twitchy. don't like cutting free-time out of my schedule, don't like having so many different pulls on my work-time. got in trouble in studio last week because wedding plans interfered with last project, must do make-up work on layout design before contest submission. signing photographer's contract tomorrow, appointment with florist friday morning. must remember to email lauren about hair stylist.

been sick since yesterday - sniffly and congested, leads to headachy and sleepy - and so not in the mood for working. taking robitussin. is magic medicine.

caitlin in town for the herp convention this weekend!!! very excited about that, have hardly spent time with the friends that live close by, let alone her or bri or anyone else from austin. have barely seen jim because of different schedules, despite living together. *sadface* both home right now (miracle) but am too busy to do more than enjoy his presence in the next room.

life wins, i give up. going to sleep now.
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oh lord i have so much work to do for tomorrow:

-finish maps for urban environments presentation ETA 2232: victory!!!
-study for logic test ETA 2327: quit half-way through... so let's hope i pass.
-studio: put urban diagram sketch into adobe; write out concept/argument; diagram conditions and program; print context photos; some other stuff that i know i am forgetting... ETA 0220: i have been awake for over 20 hours, and must be awake again in less than six. i give up.

i want star trek. *grabi hands*
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...i feel so accomplished!!!

cosplay things we did today:
-fixed the collar of bri's cloak
-added wire boning to my outer shirt "boob points" and reaffixed the ribbon on top
-added the remaining gold braid on my belt
-added snaps to connect my shoulder pads to my outer shirt in front
-added velcro to connect my outer shirt to my slip skirt at the boob line
-repainted my tights and belt connector
-fixed cait's sword belt-loop (fell off last year!!!)
-glued together the left shoulder-guard of cait's cloak, which broke in storage
-added velcro to connect cait's tunic and undershirt and prevent sliding

cosplay things to do tomorrow:
-pack all costumes, including boots and my gloves
-bring: hairspray, hair ties, curling iron, hair pins, comb & brush
-bring: sewing kit with needle and threads, liquid stitch, velcro and snaps, elmer's glue, scissors
-neaten cait's wig

other things to do tomorrow:
-pack clothes and food (and deodorant!!!!)
-bring my laptop and book
-put my ring in the case in the bathroom for the weekend
-burn dennou coil and bring the sutepri cds to watch
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so much still to do this weekend...

massive list of stuff to be done... )
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things to do over spring break:

pols research paper
hang out with jim
habitat for humanity, ali's beach party on saturday
visit mutti and vatti
go to andy's house while in pearland
surf(purs) application finished
wedding guest list finalized
play civ4
bri and cait visiting!!!
cake sampling with allison's mom
catch up on ONE tv show
fill out counseling questionnaire at mt olive
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the end.


*gasp* okay, studio is officially over!!! unnoficially, however... )

.... i want sleep desperately.

still to do:
final draft of history paper due by thursday
tuesday meeting at work 11a-1p, meeting with truitt 330p
wedding stuff: pick venues, dress shopping, reception party list - check
documentation for studio
re-do section model and finish perspective drawings
secure loan for next semester
advising for honors course next semester
study for and take finals: bachman & taylor
gynocology/uti appt
post graphic design pic
compile portfolios for engl1300
laundry!!! (oh god.)
finances/ balance checkbook
work out spending for studio, bachman
help sana on her model
state inspection for marshy on wednesday morning
buy christmas gifts - jim, family/friends, secret santa
monday church 11:30am
2nd year crit on monday @1pm, visit after church?
save and print and put together fic 'zine
new cougar card

(also, i had thoughts about body types. my fiance is hott. *grins*)
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so, on thursday our studio professor had a "family meeting" with us, and gave out assignments for both this coming monday (f***) and final review at the end of the year (just kill me now). and they are as follows:

due Monday, Nov 3:
1/4" sliced-section/elevation drawings, 3-lineweight limit
1/16" plan drawings, all issues resolved
1/8" section drawings, all issues resolved
1/8" elevation drawing- spatial/material
3D diagrams of program/skin and concept/detail linked
perspective diagram (if the old one is unchanged it will do)
1/8" complete model, all issues resolved
1/4" or 1/2" sliced-section model

due for Final Review, Dec 4: all at final quality
1/8" model (4 days)
1/2" or 1/4" all-basswood section model, no detailing (5 days)
1/8" section and elevation drawings (12 hrs)
1:50 or 1:100 urban plan diagram, with project represented (1 hr)
1/16" plan drawings (6 hrs)
at least two hand-constructed perspective drawings, rendered in photoshop (1 day)
2-4 diagrams of structure/mechanical and envelope/skin (36 hrs total)
BONUS: any other rendered, axonometric, or 3D drawings

time lengths in parentheses are for the amount of time truitt expects each of these things to take us to do at final quality. we stop design and begin work on these on Nov 17. note that thanksgiving break is after that, and that my other classes (and my job) continue until... dec 5, i think.

we are so f***ed.

i need chocolate.
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*sighs* new list of things that must be done:

-build both models
-"design" in section/3d

-finish outline report
-make powerpoint

-read chapter 6

writing center
-go over everyone's essays
-bring poems to class today
-go over WID packet
-online training courses (10 days to finish these....)

...i got very frustrated last night and spent a few hours going through my room like a whirlwind cleaning, until i felt a bit better. and then i had to be productive, but i didn't want to even think about architecture, so instead of doing research for studio i decided to work on the report for longoria's class.... about architecture. -___-'

i am very upset with life at the moment.
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msn, you've let me down..... *shakes head in disappointment*

anyway, i have loads to do today, and i need to keep it all straight:

to do list for today:
-studio: drawings and models
plans(4) - add context
sections(long and short) - clean up, add context
isometric diagram work tomorrow by hand
1/2" section model
1/8" model with facade

lit. review critique
read ch 6 for class tomorrow

-taylor: homework problems *gags* i tried.

tomorrow finish essay on lina bo bardi
tomorrow begin powerpoint

-writing center:
tomorrow finalize hours for WID
tomorrow read over WID packet
read ENGL1300 essays: yae, kelynn, p
later sometime begin online training courses
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i'm trying to get in the habit of taking my phone with me everywhere i go. it's harder than i thought! i've enlisted kathryn to remind me, and so far it's been working okay. but we're on day 2, here. ^__^

so, life is looking up! i'm not doing horribly in studio anymore, although i am still horribly behind. i already did my project for structures tomorrow, and i paid my electricity bill this morning. i need to go to the bank and the post office, but i don't have a meeting tomorrow at the writing center so i'll have the time. yay! now if only i didn't have a metric assload of work due in studio on monday.

....and i have class in ten minutes.


ETA: so this morning i banged my right elbow really hard against.... i think it was the counter-top? i dunno. anyway, it hurts a lot, and i think i bruised the bone or something. i was definitely having trouble picking up anything heavier than a pencil or straightening out my right arm today. and it still hurts. owwie.
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i had a geek moment earlier, but i don't have time to talk about it right now. it involved ceilings, and how awesome they are. ......ANYWAY.

(by tomorrow)
-perspective drawing
-fix and reprint precedents dwgs (green! check little tests too)
-read and respond to essays for engl1300
-taylor: project due friday, homework due monday
(sometime soon)
-mail mom earrings, tuition file
-mail g&g promissory note
-avoid hurricane

EDIT: so, my geek moment: truitt was talking about the advantage of hand-drawn section-perspective drawing and how they make it easier to perceive space, and i was thinking how sad it was that we couldn't see the structure of the ceilings in the arch bldg. i mean, before the invention of the tile ceiling, looking up revealed a celebration of the structure of a building. many ancient buildings emphasis and decorate their ceilings- the exposed structure indicates the construction of the space and isn't as boring or confining as a box-like partition.

....*yawn* okay, it's past my bed-time.

EDIT: (post-hurricane) i can see the ceilings now!!!!! *cackles*
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so~o much to do....

today or soon:
-eed kat and kara
-calendar saturday
-receipt balance
-get wreath
-call uh omg it does NOT help if you get a new phone system and don't tell anyone!!!
-call leasing office call back a mr. sean steele by 5pm if no email

sometime before next month:
-jeweler's store: bells, ring, charms
-paper store
-patch towel
-sort and dispose of projects
-change oil, fuel filter, rotate tires (new tires?), mileage light
-quilt material sorted
-catch up on: spn3, sga3, dw31, tw2/3, atla3
-go and see: mummy3, indi4, bats2, hellboy2 amuses me that according to my body clock it's about 5:30pm right now. damn chinchilla!! *shakes fist*
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thank god for university libraries and technologically incompetent professors. thank GOD.

sabatino postponed our research paper- the ten-page whopper that was supposed to be due today- because he didn't realize that he had to give us a passcode for, which made my weekend productivity plummet like a skydiver but also saved my butt, since i got a chance to prowl through the closed collection for some resources this afternoon to actually write my paper, as opposed to BSing it.

this week is gonna be hell, though. i have way too much stuff to do, and all of it's important.
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well, kind of. i feel like everything in my day has gone right, except that i died right when i woke up, so i can't really enjoy it. except i never woke up, because i never went to sleep, but this analogy was so full of holes to begin with that it was more like a net, so whatever.

i didn't finish my model. at about 6.30am this morning i looked at it, and it was as close to done as it was going to get for today. all the walls and ceilings and things are there, but i don't have the foundation piece- the walls are lightly glued directly to the grass- and i don't have any of my detail work- window frames, railings, crossbeams, any of it. also, my staircases look like shit, and i didn't even build all of them.

but my drawings look fantastic. which they better, because i stood in line for five hours to do a plot that took twenty minutes. jeez!

i feel like the two aspects of our studio presentation- drawings and model- each have a 0-to-100 gauge of perfectness, but we each only have 150 points of effort, so we can never get both of them to 100%. except daniel, but we all pretty much agree that daniel isn't quite human. anyway, i spent a lot of time on my drawings and- barring my exploded axonometric, which could have looked phenomenal with another 40-60 hours of touch-up work that i obviously didn't have time to do- they look amazing. i'm very pleased with my drawings this time around. so it's pretty much par for the course that my model is craptastic.

but the rest of my day has gone well. in physics, not only did our homework get postponed- which means i'll have time to do it tomorrow- but we didn't have enough time to take our quiz in class, so that's happening on wednesday as well. and my anthro professor very kindly said that i could reschedule today's test and take it tomorrow in his office. (note to self! i need to remember to email darren about scheduling that.)

since last update:
sleep count: +2.5hrs, total since thursday morning: 15.5 hours sleep
time till project is due: 0hrs 30mins
time in the bldg: since friday at 3pm, 63
drawings done: 5/5
model done: ....technically, no.


so, the thing about all this that really sucks, is that i have to get up tomorrow and start it all over again.
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hmm... busy busy.

things to do... )


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