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y'all, i just aced my last two finals of the semester, and i'm getting married in exactly two weeks (plus some-odd minutes).

heilige scheisse.
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okay, so, pardon the geekery of the following comment, but: i was trying to think of an adequate description of how unbearably humid the weather was today, and i can only compare the sensation of stepping outside this afternon to walking through a gungan underwater force-field. the water hits you like a wall in the air, i do not lie. it was epic.

pin-up in studio tomorrow, moved up from this thursday, argh. finished two concept maps, still have data map to do; also, forgot to get reading for history from the library. going to be busy tomorrow morning. must remember not to eat lunch in history because yesterday i was scolded for doing so. grrr...

obsessed with disney's mulan at the moment, although still reading "atlas" as it updates - that being slower now, which works better with my schedule. life is full of things happening, no free time anymore, and it makes me twitchy. don't like cutting free-time out of my schedule, don't like having so many different pulls on my work-time. got in trouble in studio last week because wedding plans interfered with last project, must do make-up work on layout design before contest submission. signing photographer's contract tomorrow, appointment with florist friday morning. must remember to email lauren about hair stylist.

been sick since yesterday - sniffly and congested, leads to headachy and sleepy - and so not in the mood for working. taking robitussin. is magic medicine.

caitlin in town for the herp convention this weekend!!! very excited about that, have hardly spent time with the friends that live close by, let alone her or bri or anyone else from austin. have barely seen jim because of different schedules, despite living together. *sadface* both home right now (miracle) but am too busy to do more than enjoy his presence in the next room.

life wins, i give up. going to sleep now.
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forgot to set my alarm last night and was very VERY late to my first class this morning. specifically, i woke up 15 minutes after it began. but all was well - i made it to the second half of the class, and the sky had been blessing the ground with water since before dawn, and continued to do so until midday.

i like rain.

long day yesterday, and today as well. this week i've had shifts at work for the first time all semester. this is good because it means i am earning money, but it is bad because now i don't get home until after dinner time, when i am used to leaving university in the early afternoon. takes several hours out of my work time.

much to do for studio tomorrow, and still have not finished wedding invitation designs. alas, i am busy.
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listing things...

things that are preston's that jim and i will need new of when we move out:
couch jim's parents got new ones, so, hey! look at that, free slightly-used couches.
coffee table came with the couch - yay!
kitchen table and chairs (except maybe jenny d has a set she's not using? gotta get jim to ask about that)
shower curtain bought!

things i want that i don't have (ie wedding gift registry stuff):
more kitchen towels
bedroom chest for blankets
mixing bowls
noodle jar
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things to do over spring break:

pols research paper
hang out with jim
habitat for humanity, ali's beach party on saturday
visit mutti and vatti
go to andy's house while in pearland
surf(purs) application finished
wedding guest list finalized
play civ4
bri and cait visiting!!!
cake sampling with allison's mom
catch up on ONE tv show
fill out counseling questionnaire at mt olive
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wedding gift registry ideas:

jim wants:
xbox 360
...and some other stuff that i can't remember

jenny wants:
new clothes!
dishes and glasses and casual silverware
star wars movies
architecture textbooks

the nice thing about this is that people don't have to buy me christmas gifts, because my wedding is four days later!
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engagement party last night was so fun!! there were twenty people there including jim and i, and i knew almost everyone. we had the party at olive garden and it was so~o tasty!! and then we went back to my apartment and played apples to apples, which i've never played before. kathryn set it all up and got all the invites out, and there was even cake and flowers! and veronica got me a gift, which was pretty awesome, too. and then after everyone left i went over to jim's place and collapsed, i was so exhausted from this week. but i got like nine hours of sleep- and i actually slept- and i didn't have anywhere important to be this morning, no work to rush and finish. kathryn and i went to the rec this morning (and the weather was absolutely stunning), then we went to the bank and the grocery store, and it started pouring just as we were leaving the heb, but by the time we got back to the apartment it had stopped raining. *shakes head* that's texas for you.

so today and last night were amazing, which makes up for how everything from tuesday to friday morning absolutely sucked. (well, i had an okay crit on wednesday, but that was about it.) i haven't been sleeping well or very much at all, and i'm getting more and more uncertain about how my education is gonna play out. i talked to jim about this last night: i'm going to finish my degree, but i don't know if i'm going to try for my license afterwards. i just don't like what i've learned so far about architecture as a profession in the states. maybe it's different in other countries, or maybe i just don't know enough architects, but as much as this is what i've wanted to do since i was three years old, i don't know that i could handle becoming the kind of person that architects seem to be. so maybe i'll be a drafter. *shrugs* we'll see.

ETA: booked the church this past tuesday, and tomorrow i'm putting down the deposit for the sanctuary and reception hall. excitement!!!
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oh god. i just spent $533 on a dress.
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the end.


*gasp* okay, studio is officially over!!! unnoficially, however... )

.... i want sleep desperately.

still to do:
final draft of history paper due by thursday
tuesday meeting at work 11a-1p, meeting with truitt 330p
wedding stuff: pick venues, dress shopping, reception party list - check
documentation for studio
re-do section model and finish perspective drawings
secure loan for next semester
advising for honors course next semester
study for and take finals: bachman & taylor
gynocology/uti appt
post graphic design pic
compile portfolios for engl1300
laundry!!! (oh god.)
finances/ balance checkbook
work out spending for studio, bachman
help sana on her model
state inspection for marshy on wednesday morning
buy christmas gifts - jim, family/friends, secret santa
monday church 11:30am
2nd year crit on monday @1pm, visit after church?
save and print and put together fic 'zine
new cougar card

(also, i had thoughts about body types. my fiance is hott. *grins*)
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muahahahaha!!!! look what i found! i love it when i find useful things. )
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jim very helpfully found these links for me:

and i've picked out a few places that caught my eye:

anyone wanna check 'em out and tell me what you think? i'm by no means limited to these, but this is a starting point. the nice thing about getting married here in houston is that i can visit all these places... you know, in my copious spare time. x__X

it's looking like a really good idea to get a wedding planner, simply so that i can make someone else do all the legwork. yeesh.
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ah, life. all its surprises are so... interesting.

so a couple days ago i talked to jenny durham, a friend of jim's who is also a wedding planner, and she gave me some good advice about getting started for a wedding. i explained about wanting a winter wedding, and the whole issue with december dates, and she said that it is feasible to have the wedding on new years' eve. the basic issues are these:

the dates when i want the wedding to be, dec 29-31 of '09, are right in the middle of the week, tuesday thru thursday. normally people have weekend weddings, but that's simply so that they can work around work schedules and travel, not only for themselves and their families but for all the people that they invite to the wedding. but because it's during a holiday when pretty much everyone invited will be off of work, on school break, retired, or close enough family that it's worth them taking vacation, we won't have to worry about that so much. we will have to worry about booking the place for the reception, because new years' eve parties will be going on about the same time. i wanted to have an afternoon wedding and a dinner reception anyway, but jenny pointed out that if there are parties that need to set up in the same place as the reception, we'll be hustled out early. so there's that.

she also explained that having the reception in a hotel is a really handy thing to do. since my entire family and a good portion of jim's family will be coming in from out of town, they'll need to stay in a hotel for at least a couple of nights. jenny said that most hotels with reception halls will offer a discounted rate to family coming in for a wedding reception, especially if you book multiple rooms in advance.

so what i need to do is pick a church (and pastor/officiary/priest/enabler/whatever) that will do a wedding ceremony on the afternoon of december 31st- and a church that won't look awkward with only 40 people in it, as jenny pointed out- and then find a nearby hotel with a somewhat larger reception hall open for the early (and hopefully late) evening of new years' eve, and then confirm them all.

i also need to make sure that my ring is insured, and meet the jeweler who made it- because it was custom done!!!! *amazed* it's so beautiful, i really want to thank her (him? i think her) for doing it. also because it won't fit in any standard clasp-style wedding bands, which is the kind i want: where the wedding band fits around the engagement ring like a puzzle ring. super-cool, imho. ^___^

and the last thing i've been thinking about is living arrangements for the summer and fall of '09. i finish school in may, and i have a home and a part-time retail job waiting for me in austin. but.... i want to do the PURS/SURF scholarship over the summer, which would mean that i'd need to stay in houston for at least a little while. and i want to get an internship, which is kind of hard to apply for in a city where i don't live. then, i'll have the five months and change of the fall semester of '09 before i get married in december. very few apartments off-campus offer one-semester/month-to-month leases, so i would have to get a lease for a year, basically. but then jim and i will be moving in together in december- well, technically january, i guess. so: where to live?

the only feasible option i have so far for living in houston is to bunk with jim (or another houston friend...?) over the three months of summer, and then get a lease for myself for a one-bedroom apartment until december... at which point i would get married and jim would move in with me and be on the lease with me. that sounds like a good idea to me, but i'm open to counter-arguments or alternatives. i've only just started thinking about all this.

so: thoughts? concerns? ideas? rancid fish? ....anyone?

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okay, it's kind of weird how helpful the featured stories are. seriously.

tips for pregnant women going green. )


in other news, i bought my first magazine today at the heb, and it was a bridal magazine called "the knot". sara and i looked at all the dresses, and then we got online and i signed up for an account at that website is badass. i mean, it's amazing, fantastic, fun, and incredibly helpful. it has so many organizational features and tips, i couldn't believe it at first.

i'm still so giddy about all this- i haven't even been engaged a week! but here's one downer: i was talking to don on the phone just a little bit ago, and he looked up the 2009 calendar. it turns out, dec 29-31 of next year falls right in the middle of the week, tuesday thru thursday. which isn't that big a deal since it IS basically new years' eve, so it's not like it's too much of a hassle, but still.... most weddings are weekend weddings, you know? and i'm not actually sure if anyone would be willing to do a new years' eve wedding. we might have to have it on the 30th. *shrugs*

well, anyway, i have work to do. ttl!
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wedding plans!!!!! omg i'm so excited. this is all i've been able to think about all day. and, y'know, some of this stuff i've already thought about and i'm just finalizing ideas, but some of it.... wow, this is so awesome.

okay, first things first: the proposal. this is how it happened. )

anyway, wedding plans: i've been thinking.... )

today's been such an emotional roller-coaster for me, though. i got so many congratulations from friends- everyone in my studio has known for weeks!!!!!- and hugs and people admiring my ring (it's beautiful), and i felt so popular and happy and excited.... but i'm struggling a lot in studio right now, too. so i would be working on drawings and getting really depressed... and then i'd see my ring on my finger and in two seconds flat i'd be grinning and happy again. i feel like i'm pregnant!!!! *rofl*

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