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*grabi hands*

i went to target today to pick up a few things for my new apartment!!!! ) the past couple of days at the new place have been that fun intermediary period where we had to try to figure out who owned what - does the toilet plunger come with us or stay at the old place? is the vacuum preston's, jim's, or mine? (neither, actually: i borrowed it from kathryn.) so today i went to the store and picked up a bunch of random things that we needed (shower curtain!!! so vital.) and also restrained myself from buying a bunch of things that i wanted to buy, but knew we didn't need or could buy later or might coerce people into buying for us as wedding gifts.

these other things include:
window curtains (and curtain rods...)
mixing bowls and colanders
new clothes for jenny!!! (sundresses, skirts, sandals/flats, sexy underthings, board shorts to match my swim top, new jeans and cargo shorts, old navy tank tops...)
big decorative candles
bathroom hand-towel ring yay, we got one!!!
wall mirrors
throw pillows (not that we need more - i just want more)

so, now i have a bunch of paraphernalia to move about into new homes. come on, feet.
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listing things...

things that are preston's that jim and i will need new of when we move out:
couch jim's parents got new ones, so, hey! look at that, free slightly-used couches.
coffee table came with the couch - yay!
kitchen table and chairs (except maybe jenny d has a set she's not using? gotta get jim to ask about that)
shower curtain bought!

things i want that i don't have (ie wedding gift registry stuff):
more kitchen towels
bedroom chest for blankets
mixing bowls
noodle jar
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wedding gift registry ideas:

jim wants:
xbox 360
...and some other stuff that i can't remember

jenny wants:
new clothes!
dishes and glasses and casual silverware
star wars movies
architecture textbooks

the nice thing about this is that people don't have to buy me christmas gifts, because my wedding is four days later!
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i want to go buy a sketchbook and ten packs of vine charcoal, because charcoal sketching is my new favorite thing to do. i was searching for a pen to do some sketches for my professor and i came across a stub of extra-dark soft vine charcoal in my bag. so i used it to sketch, on white trace paper, and i loved it. the mess, the flexibility- it's so easy to erase and start over, and i feel like i'm actually getting into the drawing, i'm literally getting my hands dirty. it just really worked for me. thank god i'm not allergic to charcoal like i am to graphite.

the only problem is getting the drawings to stop smudging once i get one that i like. ^___^

in other news, lent has begun! i keep thinking that today is monday or tuesday for some reason- it just doesn't feel like a thursday to me, i don't know why. this week has gone by so fast. i did get to go to an ash wednesday service yesterday- and skipped the second half of studio on a pin-up day to do it- which was cool. i didn't realize until then how much i miss father dan's preaching; he's very good. i think it helps that over half the congregation is college students.

spring break in two weeks!!!! i can't wait, i have so much to catch up on. i need to work out a schedule of all the midterm projects and tests i have coming up, because i know they're approaching, and i'm getting kind of subconsciously worried about it. i know my pols midterm is next thursday, and taylor's midterm is on the 9th, and our thesis paper in studio is due the monday after break. and the deadline for surf is the wednesday after break...

....and then there's my portfolio, and applying for jobs, and wedding planning to do.... it's all lovely.

but today was a good day. breakfast, class, built a model, lunch and conversation with jim, work, sketching, desk crit, and now class is over! it's dinner time, and i have structures homework.

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christmas wishlist!!!!

i want:
$ for a new laptop
a wma-mp3 music file format converter
movies: v for vendetta, gladiator, star wars (all 6).... hmmm....
windchimes for the balcony of our apartment
fountain pen ink bottles
architecture books
a new belt, with a d-ring (prongless) buckle

things i know i'm getting, or that i've already received:
pilot pens (sara, you rock.)
fingerless gloves from cait (yay!!)
the end of the semester
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wow, i've been in the computer lab for a while.... like, since lunch-time. studio definitely inhibits my social life. *eyeroll* design: my anti-drug

BUT!!! i have two completed cad drawings and three nice photoshop prints of my sketchup model, to a total of the five required drawings due on tuesday. it pleases me that the modern architect doesn't have to do all of these by hand, because that would suck. although i do have to be more-skilled-than-proficiency at three very complicated programs instead... ^/___^ still, i'd take computer skillz over the labor of ink and lead any day. well, almost. the computer offers at once both less and more distraction than doing drawings by hand would: the interwebs at my fingertips, but nothing in the room to distract me except for other people being productive.

i'm realizing that i really need a computer (preferably a laptop) of my own, for the four or so heavy-duty architecture programs that we use: autocad, sketchup, vectorworks, and photoshop are the ones we've used in the past week alone. this depresses me. i have no money. -___-'

also, i see carpal tunnel in my future.
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oh. my. GOD. bri, curse you for posting this!!!! it drew me like a fly!!!

...i counted books i'd only half-read in the italics section, because i've been meaning to go back and finish them but never have.

Bold those you've read. Italicize those you want to read (or those you've been meaning to get to...). Underline those you own. Add one! )
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yay for labor day!!!

went to del rio with bri and cait for caitlin's family reunion this past saturday-monday. lots of fun! i took pictures, which will eventually be up on facebook, but in the meantime:

i spent 10 hours in driving time from houston to del rio via austin, and another 10 hours back again- thankfully i didn't have to drive all that myself!!!! del rio, for those who don't know, is on the border with mexico near a big, BIG lake. very desert climate. we stayed in a very nice hotel but spent days at caitlin's paternal grandparents' trailer near the lake, which is only occasionally occupied. there was lots of food and ps2 games and chatting- and babies!!! cait has two new baby cousins, lilah and milah, who are actually cousins to each other, not sisters, believe it or not. so. CUTE. it made all my maternal instincts go squee.

i forgot my phone charger in houston, so my phone died saturday afternoon/evening, which was fun. we slept for most of the car ride up, or wrote fanfiction. i handwrote like fifteen pages of avatar fic over the weekend. and i did my homework! see, i wasn't completely unproductive. i did design sketches for studio and i did my reading assignment for pols, too. bri did her homework, but cait had left her books at home, so she didn't- sha~ame.... ^/_____^ and we watched the first episode of 'life on mars', because john simm plays the main character. *squee* he looks exactly like, the master, which is kinda weird to think about, in a cool au-fanfiction kind of way.

on a completely random side note, i'm doing all this typing in the dark- i can't see the keyboard. i had no idea that i could type so well- i know where all the keys are, even after moving my hands. this is kind of.... unexpected. but cool. *shrugs*

also, i discovered this weekend that i hate channel-surfing with an unusual and surprising passion that was slightly unexpected on my part. it's just.... ugh. i hate it.

flesh-eating pigeons finally went away this weekend, too, but i still can't find my swimsuit, so that was a bummer. we walked down the mile-plus distance to the lake and put our feet in where the water comes up over the road, but it's not the same as tubing like we did two years ago. ah, well.....


i, robot- the movie, i have and have read the book already.
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i hate my life SO much right now.

kill me now. )
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notes )

feeling much better about life now. *content sigh* got the curtains up, got the beds bunked, got the posters and my parallel bar out of the truck. still missing one bracket for my parallel bar- i found the one i'd lost, but then i lost the other one. *headdesk* i've dropped german, which is not only useless but redundant for my majors despite how much i enjoy it, and replaced it with a 3rd year arch course (because everything but physics i've already done, so my advisor opened me up to the junior-level courses). got my parking pass (and forgot to put it in my window when i was in my truck. doi.) returned my german text book. made my bed. started further unpacking.

so, all the nasty little things that were ganging up on me earlier this week have been solved (except my tuition/fee bill, which is still an evil, bloodsucking monster that i want to slay with a rusty spoon) and i no longer feel as though the world hates me. joy!!!!

also, nick and i went and talked to the firsties today in kirkland's studio before 3.30p, which was therapeutic and fun. it's... refreshing, to not be at the bottom of the barrel anymore.


another scholarship to pay for college
pretty rugs for my dorm room floor
a better computer, so i can put cad and vectorworks and sketchup on it
posters and sticky tack to cover up the evil sandpaper walls of death
september to be here already
cooler weather
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into the west )
...i dunno, i'm in a lotr mood right now. john williams someone who sounds like john williams composed the soundtrack for 'night at the museum'. went to caitlin's house and watched lots of stuff- first 'night at the museum', which has dick van dyke (sp?) and robin williams and a whole bunch of other cool people in, and was really funny- no really, it's hysterical- and tousan loved the miniature people ("no; they look sad...."); but cait absolutely broke my brain. *murderous thoughts* then we watched 'heroes'. lots and lots of heroes- the last three eps of season 1, in fact. yay, season finale!!!! cut for spoilers! )
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it must be the weekend, then!

i just took an hour nap, trying to stay awake to read frickin jean-jacques rousseau. and i can't spell his name anyway. grr..... i hardly ever encounter a book that i have trouble comprehending. not focusing i've had and struglled with and (mostly) beat, but this time i actually find myself getting to the end of the paragraph and realizing that i have absolutely no clue what the heck the guy just said. that's kinda weird, and it's really bloody annoying. i'm on page 80 of 137, which is decent, except i have a paper due on this sucker on like monday or tuesday. *seppuku* so i'm determined to finish it tonight.

i'm in jim's room- have been for pretty much the whole weekend since yesterday afternoon, with a few exceptions, like to eat or go to my soccer game or when he exploded the vacuum and i couldn't breathe. (now it just smells like fabreeze in here. *sniggers* i teased him SO much about it....) it's alright- i've mostly been working, and he ought to be (*eyeroll*), so it's not like quality boy-time, but still.... anyway, right now he's sleeping for a bit, and i have like four hours of reading yet to do still... *mopes* we may watch a movie later.

gack! i found all three lotr movies at walmart for 7.50 a piece!!!! we were in the checkout line before i could make myself put them back. *exasperated* i'm so horrible.

i'm adding the complete hp sereies in paperback to my wishlist. all i have is the third and fourth in hardcover. man, everyone and their brother is gonna get jossed come july. *sigh* that's so depressing! but i'm depending on jkr to leave the ending after book 7 open, so we poor fanfic writers can still thrive on something!!! (i hope...)

well, i absolutely can't avoid my dead philosopher anymore, so.... ta.


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