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i'm going to try posting my recipes here on LJ, mostly so that jim can access them from his phone while at the grocery store. :D i keep them as docs on my computer, so there's some formatting that's probably going to get royally screwed up, and i'm probably going to end up being too lazy to fix all the html, but whatevs.

starting with Mutti's Sausage in Red Sauce, since that's what we're making tonight

Mutti's Sausage in Red Sauce

Ingredients (double batch)
olive oil
~1tbsp minced garlic
1 large yellow onion
~14oz* (one medium can) diced tomatoes, preferably Hunts brand (*recently using double for better consistency)
6oz (one baby can) tomato paste, preferably Contadina brand
2lbs (about 30oz) beef sausage links, preferably pre-cooked (2x 14oz packages works fine)
cumin to taste
~4tspn chili powder
6-10 dashes wooster sauce (dash = shake the bottle)
two dashes of lemon juice (dash = squeeze)
**side dishes: mashed potatoes, green beans

large frying pan and wooden spoon
cutting board and knife
measuring spoons
large bowl

1 - put some olive oil in the frypan on medium heat until nicely warm
2 - cut the sausage links into slices; chop the onion
3 - sautee the onion - add garlic to taste; when done, remove from the pan and set aside
4 - let the pan heat up to medium-high and then add the sausage; let the sausage sit, redistributing occassionally, so that maximum surface area gets heated; sausage is done when burnt crunchy bits appear and the fat comes out - the sausage will shrink a little (it will help to put a bit of onion in with the sausage - when the onion is not only clear but starting to brown, the sausage is about done)
5 - "deglaze the pan" - lower the heat to medium and add: sauteed onions/garlic, diced tomatoes, cumin (to taste), lemon juice, wooster sauce, and chili powder
6 - add tomato paste and water in small amounts, as needed, until the sauce thickens but is liquid enough to simmer
7 - stir together and let simmer for at least 30mins (the longer the better) while stirring occasionally (meanwhile, prepare side dishes); serve!

prep/cook time about 1-1.5hrs
makes about 10 portions
serve with mashed potatoes and green beans


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