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finished the honeymoon section of my scrapbook/ photo album yesterday, to a total of about five hours' work.

i basically came home form work on friday, put my things away, sat down at the table and started working.

i've already scoped out all the memorabilia i kept from the honeymoon. unfortunately, so far as i can remember my camera was still broken at the time so i have zero pictures from our honeymoon - which is a TRAGEDY, as we had a great time in seattle. but i did keep various receipts and fliers and maps, and from that i cobbled together a pictorial itinerary of our week in downtown seattle two years ago.

and i did the title and captions too! there's a lot of my very tiniest handwriting to accompany the various stages of our journey, fun things we did, etc. i only used a two-page spread for the whole thing, so i have a lot more memories that didn't make it on the pages, but at least the bare minimum is there for posterity, right?

and of course when i was starting out, i thought to myself, "i don't need to trim these pages, right? i can just be very delicate about sliding them in the sleeves, and it'll be fine." nope. the sleeves pop open around the pages when they're laid flat, and i ended up trimming one of them a tiny bit anyway. i'll probably go back and adjust them both at some point in the future.

next i need to tackle the wedding pages. oo-de-lally.
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guys, i finally actually started my scrapbook/photo album today. WOOHOO!!!

that shit is hard.

i made two pages - well, technically neither of them are finished, but more on that later. anyway: page the first, a field trip in middle school, took an hour, partly because i went to slide the finished page in at the end only to discover that the page sleeves may be 12" wide, but that doesn't mean they comfortably fit a 12" piece of paper. i had to take the first one half-way apart and trim it down to 11.75". and then the second page, some high school photos, only took me about 40 minutes to do, because i was prepared that time!

and actually neither of them are DONE done, because i didn't put any title/captions/narrative on the pages. i don't have any alphabet stickers OR any nice markers to make text with. so i still have to go back and add that to both of them.

i still have a metric ass-ton of photos to go through from high school and early college - not counting the ones on facebook, which i started using about freshman year in place of hard-copy prints. also not counting all our wedding photos and memorabilia that i kept.

i think my motto from now on is "at least one a day". this feels distinctly like nanowrimo.


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