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today i learned about the ampersand, and other letters no longer a part of the English alphabet.

as a result of this, i'm determined to put a proper calligraphic et into my handwriting from now on, instead of the sloppy-backwards-3 i've been using instead.
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burned the BLAZING HELL out of myself today.

we went to galveston today for mother's day; we being myself, my mom-in-law and dad-in-law, my sis-in-law, and her fiance. My hubby (mom-in-law's son, obv.) had to work so we were not a complete set. D: anyway - had breakfast, went to beach, flew kites, waded in surf (very weedy this week...), lolled about on beach, went to dinner (seafood!)..... and all this time i forgot to put on sunscreen.

i am red as a lobster from hip to neck, except for the outline of my bikini top.

in other news, i still have SO MUCH TO DO for my thesis publication draft, due tomorrow, it is NOT EVEN FUNNY.
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from, because I was wondering how to spell au contraire. F***ing French.

"How French Has Influenced English" re: stupidly. )
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vicodin is AWESOME.

so i got two wisdom teeth out yesterday morning. it was an adventure! )
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so much fun at akon this year!!! unlike last year, we actually planned to go to specific panels and events, rather than wandering in and out of the dealer room and artist alley all day like lost con virgins, which we haven't been for years. (you can also tell a con veteran if you mention the long lines waiting for the elevator and the other person replies with "really? i didn't notice any lines." because a veteran knows how to work around them. ^___^)

cut for lots of wisdom. )
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so! i received a startling education about acting and foreign roles, just now, as cait and i were talking about the deplorable lack of non-white people as main characters in the live-action avatar movie that's coming out. okay, so the whole fire nation is going to be the same race as dev patel, ie indian (disregarding the fact that the fire nation was modeled on japan, and china a little bit, cait adds). but they're the bad guys.

anyway, my education: conveniently linked here.

and here:
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come on, people, really?

wikipedia is not a valid source. get over it. )
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jim and i went to circuit city (liquidation sale!) and best buy today to price computers, since i desperately need one- a laptop would be best, so i can get the mobility of bringing it to studio to work with my professor. i got $400 christmas money towards that end, and my budget is $500 (before tax)- depressingly, i still need to pay for my wedding this year too.... *sighs* anyway, jim gave me a run-down of the relative merits of everything we looked at, and we came down to three options:

desktop #1:
Compaq #SR5710Y
processor: AMD Athlon 4450E dual-core
ram: 3 GB
hard drive: 250 GB
graphics card: Nvidia GEForce 6150-SE
includes keyboard and mouse
price: $369
(and nearby, a shiny flatscreen monitor for $149; i have an older monitor, but it's a big clunker... that totals to $520 before tax)
(a similar machine)

desktop #2:
HP Pavilion Slimline (it's freakin' tiny! i could put it in a lunchbox!)
processor: AMD Athlon X2-5000 dual-core
ram: 3 GB
hard drive: 320 GB
graphics card: GEForce 6150-SE
price: $429
(another related machine)
(closer to the one i was looking at)

Toshiba Satellite L305D
processor: AMD Turion X2 dual-core
ram: 3 GB
hard drive: 250 GB
graphics card: Radeon 3100-S29
price: $529

AutoCAD 2009 sysem req's:
processor: AMD 64 or Intel EM64T
64bit (what??? i'm reading jim's notes here...)
ram: 2 GB
hard drive: 750 MB for installation (and those files get big, too; but i do already have an external hard drive for those)

so my thoughts are as follows:
-i want a laptop for the mobility of having it in studio (i am the only person in my class who doesn't bring their laptop to work in class, and it's gotten me in trouble before.)
-i am already used to working in the computer lab and borrowing time on other people's computers to make do
-i want to not exceed my budget but still have a decent machine
-i want to get the best i can for the price i pay

so... i think i want to get the compaq desktop. and i should probably get the monitor as well, because i'll need a good one anyway... but on the other hand, i do already have a functional monitor, and i also have a wedding to pay for. thoughts?

whatever i buy, its name will be Hoffnung auf Zukunft.
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did you know this was happening? i didn't know this was happening.

Isreal bombs Gaza Strip. )

seriously. wtf?
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(i don't know whether to be ashamed of or take pride in the fact that i had to look up those lyrics. deutschland uber alles! *lol*) continues to be entertaining. ) and in other news, i'm making good progress on my first model- all the walls are cut, my floors are traced out and i'm just waiting for the shop to open so i can cut them up, and i've started on the columns. the only other thing inside the building is the bookshelves- which are gonna suck, but whatever- and then i can glue it all together, add the window mullions, and hit my head against the wall trying to figure out the roof. joy.
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ah,, you're so distracting. *grins* i found an interesting article on the definition of death. )
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interesting article on again, yay! secret toddler languages. )


in studio today we discussed the phenomenon of the gimme generation, and why we're in it. *headdesk*
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my scarf makes me happy. (*huggles caitlin*) and so does the weather!!!!

but i want to rant about studio, which starts in about 40 minutes. *sighs* hannah dropped studio today- which means she isn't majoring in architecture anymore. she's minoring, but she's switching her major to business. she said she decided to do this last friday, before we had jury or got our -so-far-this-semester grades, but she's been thinking about it since last year. and she looks so free now- she'll have time to sleep and watch movies and hang out... i'm sure we'll still see her around, but it's just so strange to see her locker empty and her desk clean.

and yeah, we got our grades for our progress so far this semester. and i have a d. i don't quite know how this works, but the eight of us that had kirkland and griffin together all have c's and d's (except libby), and then there were 5 b's. and those people who got b's (sarah excepted) are basically the people who don't produce what truitt asks for and who seem to have a low work ethic, who go out and have fun and don't do group work. i can't speak for their designs, but apparently truitt scores design higher than effort. which is understandable, i suppose, but it still sucks for those of us who're producing every model and every drawing he asks for and yet are still getting non-pass grades in his class. (in architecture design studios, you have to get at least a straight c to go to the next level, regardless of gpa.)

so apparently i need to not worry about actually finishing all the crap he assigns us to do, and instead focus all my time on improving my design, which truitt admittedly hates. (note: i have a d, and he tells me i have improved. i take this to mean that i have improved to a d.)


it's quite depressing.

if i get dropped from studio, i'm changing my major to philosophy and graduating in '09.

and in other news... )
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okay, it's kind of weird how helpful the featured stories are. seriously.

tips for pregnant women going green. )


in other news, i bought my first magazine today at the heb, and it was a bridal magazine called "the knot". sara and i looked at all the dresses, and then we got online and i signed up for an account at that website is badass. i mean, it's amazing, fantastic, fun, and incredibly helpful. it has so many organizational features and tips, i couldn't believe it at first.

i'm still so giddy about all this- i haven't even been engaged a week! but here's one downer: i was talking to don on the phone just a little bit ago, and he looked up the 2009 calendar. it turns out, dec 29-31 of next year falls right in the middle of the week, tuesday thru thursday. which isn't that big a deal since it IS basically new years' eve, so it's not like it's too much of a hassle, but still.... most weddings are weekend weddings, you know? and i'm not actually sure if anyone would be willing to do a new years' eve wedding. we might have to have it on the 30th. *shrugs*

well, anyway, i have work to do. ttl!
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so... i don't think i'll be able to vote this year. like, at all.

i clearly remember registering to vote in williamson county in austin during high school, but... according to the search engine on the website of the texas secretary of state, i'm not registered. anywhere. this sucks so hard.

the postmark deadline for voter registration is oct6- three days ago. i feel like such a retard- i wasn't even worried about it because i remember registering. i just don't know what happened. but i was trying to get an application for absentee voting this morning, and.... i apparently never registered. wtf?!

so i can't vote for the next president. crap.

...i think i'll register online anyway, and see if it somehow goes through in time for me to vote. miracles happen, right?

i fail at life. *headdesk*
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on heroes from yesterday: jim says that future!claire is the sharpest bulb in the drawer.... cause she's the broken one. *rofl* god, i love that one!!!! and future!gabriel- omfg awesome!!!!! i love him. and his son's name was noah. SO MUCH LOVE for future!gabriel.

so, i watched the second presidential debate tonight. it was alright. previously i've been pretty dead-set for obama, because early on in pols last year i compared policies, and i matched most closely with him. and also because i like his energy policies better. but after watching the debate.... i learned three things:

-barack obama is kind of an assole
-mccain is experienced and level-headed
-obama is an idealist

so basically, mccain would be the better president, regardless of policy... but i disagree with him more than i disagree with obama. so i think what i'm gonna end up doing is vote for mccain and then research the hell out of the congressional candidates for this election. cause congress writes the laws, y'know. *sighs* this does not make me happy. (for the record, i'm a liberal.)

crap! it's already 10pm. *shocked*

ETA: wow. i had no idea that this post would prompt so much discussion in just... twelve hours. i'm impressed, y'all!!!! ^___^
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so, the gov't bought out wamu just recently.

on bank failure. )


jeez, msn, what's with you being so useful all the time?
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so, i've been up since 4am tending to a pair of male 2-day-old baby chinchillas. their mother died after giving birth sometime before saturday morning, probably due to complications in birthing, and cait volunteered- or was volunteered by her boss, i'm not clear on those details- to take the little guys home and feed them every hour or two. one of them is a bit of a runt and hasn't been able to hold his head up since yesterday evening.

i have new and increasing sympathy for mothers of newborn babies. and human babies aren't born with teeth. and evaporated milk has possibly the most noxious smell of any non-fecal matter i've ever encountered. i think i'll be breast-feeding my children, thanks all the same.

it's a painstaking process, making kinky (the bigger boy) stop squirming long enough to eat, and then holding the little guy at the right angle and gently pulling his mouth open- he can manage swallowing, barely. we've been feeding them with a dropper, and kinky can generally take a good squirt of formula milk and lick it off his whiskers, but the littler one is taking one drop and one painful, hard-won swallow at a time. they're both napping in my lap- i found the little guy sleeping upside-down on his head earlier. *eyeroll*

after the 6am feeding kinky widdled on me. little rat. *glares* he likes sitting on my shoulder. i call him kinky because there's a little kink at the end of his tail. chinchillas look kinda fun- like some kind of rat-gerbil hybrid. they have gerbil-like fluffy tails and a huge puff of fur on their heads, it makes their skulls look two or three times the actual size, SO funny. they're big, though- these guys are literally newborns and they're bigger than adult mice, about the size of a small young rat, but fluffier. i don't doubt chinchillas have color morphs, but these two are a gorgeous salt-and-pepper coloring, with white on their bellies and tails. they have really long kangaroo-like back legs, though.

oops, it's 9am- time for food, little guys!!!!

EDIT: 10:55am. the little one's dead. i fed him at 10 and curled him up with his brother on the heat pad, and when i got out of the shower he wasn't breathing anymore. *sighs* his body curled up in my hand is still warm, and it almost seems like i could be mistaken, but one look at him and it's obvious he's not breathing. still....
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so..... as of roughly 3am today i'm 20 years old. yay?

i don't really feel much different- i stopped being excited about my birthday in high school. it's always been a muted affair for me, except my golden birthday, because i have a summer birthday, you know? i never had many friends around to celebrate with, and not enough people acknowledge the use of half-birthdays for that to be worthwhile. so as a kid i didn't do much. and i think, after about 7th grade, i just stopped caring about it as much. it's still, y'know, the day i was born, which is kind of cool to think about, but i stopped expecting big things. this year i practically forgot that it was happening, and i wouldn't have even known it was today except that people kept reminding me.

and i'll admit, it's not something that i completely disregard. celebrating birthdays is part of my culture, so i'm aware that my birthday is approaching and in the back of my mind there's always that feeling of, 'hey, it's my birthday, i should do something special'. so i'm not a total weirdo about it, i guess.

but i'm no longer a teenager, and that does feel different. it's about the only thing that turning 20 gets you- second most useless birthday among the ones that are worth counting, imo- you're not a teenager anymore, which really does make a difference in how people think about you. and, i guess, in how i think about myself, when i consider my age as a factor. it's one less excuse to have at my disposal for having fun and relaxing and stuff.



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