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vicodin is AWESOME.

so i got two wisdom teeth out yesterday morning. it was an adventure! )
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okay, so, pardon the geekery of the following comment, but: i was trying to think of an adequate description of how unbearably humid the weather was today, and i can only compare the sensation of stepping outside this afternon to walking through a gungan underwater force-field. the water hits you like a wall in the air, i do not lie. it was epic.

pin-up in studio tomorrow, moved up from this thursday, argh. finished two concept maps, still have data map to do; also, forgot to get reading for history from the library. going to be busy tomorrow morning. must remember not to eat lunch in history because yesterday i was scolded for doing so. grrr...

obsessed with disney's mulan at the moment, although still reading "atlas" as it updates - that being slower now, which works better with my schedule. life is full of things happening, no free time anymore, and it makes me twitchy. don't like cutting free-time out of my schedule, don't like having so many different pulls on my work-time. got in trouble in studio last week because wedding plans interfered with last project, must do make-up work on layout design before contest submission. signing photographer's contract tomorrow, appointment with florist friday morning. must remember to email lauren about hair stylist.

been sick since yesterday - sniffly and congested, leads to headachy and sleepy - and so not in the mood for working. taking robitussin. is magic medicine.

caitlin in town for the herp convention this weekend!!! very excited about that, have hardly spent time with the friends that live close by, let alone her or bri or anyone else from austin. have barely seen jim because of different schedules, despite living together. *sadface* both home right now (miracle) but am too busy to do more than enjoy his presence in the next room.

life wins, i give up. going to sleep now.
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well, i had a pretty good day yesterday. actually, it's been a pretty good couple of weeks, all told.

there was cait's graduation and then her birthday, and my portfolio to do, yarn harlot visitng bookstop (emergency knitting!), and then akon. and then i came back to houston for my first week of working with surf, uh's summer undergraduate research fellowship - for which i have already been paid $2800, but for which i must also present the results of my work at a conference and in a published journal. (yikes.)

and then friday i went over to jim's parent's house and paid $340 (the total cost was $940, and that was with several hundred in discounts) to get the a/c in my truck fixed. and it's still not working perfectly, so i have to go back tomorrow and get it checked out again. but i had a good time hanging out.

and then yesterday i went to galveston with jenni and we ate lunch on the beach, swam around a bit, and then met up with some of my friends (sara, tara, sara's sister alli, etc) to go see the aia sandcastle competition on east beach. the sandcastles were okay, but i got a little sunburnt and footsore. and earlier in the day when jenni and i were swimming in the shallows, i got stung (right knee, left ankle) by a jellyfish. and it must have been a stealthed ninja jellyfish, because there was a whole crowd of people all around the beach but i was the only one to get stung, and i never even saw the bugger. hurt like the dickens, even with the vinegar i got from the lifeguard, until sara brought some meat tenderizer to put on it. and it already looked like tenderized raw hamburger at that point. yeach.

i got a little sun-sick last night, and didn't get anywhere on the work that i should have done friday and was trying to finish. but jim just got me some robitussin, and i have advil already, so i'm feeling much better now.

on friday night jim got a speeding ticket, his first ever, which will total about $430. *shakes head* i'm not really upset at him, though. plus, he made back a good portion of that in unexpected tips last night at work, which is only ever a good thing.

so all in all, it's been an interesting time.

ETA 10,6,09: jellyfish sting stopped hurting within a day, but still has a pretty bruise pattern on my skin. next time going to beach, will bring vinegar. stupid jellyfish.
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i'm trying to get in the habit of taking my phone with me everywhere i go. it's harder than i thought! i've enlisted kathryn to remind me, and so far it's been working okay. but we're on day 2, here. ^__^

so, life is looking up! i'm not doing horribly in studio anymore, although i am still horribly behind. i already did my project for structures tomorrow, and i paid my electricity bill this morning. i need to go to the bank and the post office, but i don't have a meeting tomorrow at the writing center so i'll have the time. yay! now if only i didn't have a metric assload of work due in studio on monday.

....and i have class in ten minutes.


ETA: so this morning i banged my right elbow really hard against.... i think it was the counter-top? i dunno. anyway, it hurts a lot, and i think i bruised the bone or something. i was definitely having trouble picking up anything heavier than a pencil or straightening out my right arm today. and it still hurts. owwie.
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so, as of today i've been sick for a week. curse my weak immune system!!!! *shakes fist* my symptoms vary, but it's still getting to me- yesterday i skipped studio (a 3.5hr class, btw) to sleep, and then got a full night's sleep last night anyway. suckage. -____-' (the burn on my thumb is mostly gone now, though- so that's good.)

in other news, cool weather approaches!!! this morning it was actually a bit nippy out- about 60f- and i could have worn a jacket. well, for all of about half an hour. by 8am it was too hot again. but the cold was there!!! maybe it will come again tomorrow...

anyway, i'm in studio now. today's gonna be a really busy day for me, absolutely no free time- i should actually be working right now, even, but.... i figure, one short lj post won't hurt.

so in the interest of keeping this short- ta!
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screw you, uhpd!!!!!!!

they upheld my parking citation. that is such utter crap.


also, i burned my thumb on the baking pan about thirty minutes ago, and it still hurts. bugger.
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yuck. i'm infected. chari and sara were both sick this past week- actually, i think they're both still sick- and now i am too. i was nauseous all day in the computer lab, i kept thinking i was gonna throw up all over the keyboard. which would suck, cause it would probably damage the computer and i'd lose all my work. *sighs*

football game today, vs southern. didn't go, but last i heard we were winning 38-3. woot?

lots of work to do for studio, and the lab isn't open on monday. six hours tomorrow to finish all my drawings. wish me luck.

EDIT: so we won the football game 55-3. and i'm still kinda sick.
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look me in the eye and tell me
you don't find me attractive
look me in the heart and tell me
you won't go...

(tegan and sarah)

i. hate. drawings. SO MUCH. i'm super-awesome at doing technical drawings, but as soon as griff starts asking me to do presentation drawings, to apply tones and make things look pretty, that's when i go completely retarded on him and he ends up giving me a c on all my projects. and he won't compromise at all on them- aesthetics of a presentation drawing are so subjective, but he has a particular style he likes, and he won't let me try one that's easier for me to work with. there were some amazing drawings up for the accreditation review in april that didn't have a single tone on them except for some shadows on the site plan. they looked so awesome, and that's the kind of awesome i can do. but not all this crap with shading stuff in. there's no standardization to it, just what griff thinks looks good. i hate that.

so i somehow have to finish all my technical work by tomorrow, and puts some tones down so griff has something to tear apart. because tomorrow is the last day i get to talk to him before these suckers are due, and i can't manage with that- he'll hand me another c- for my drawings. and that's such crap.

in other news, i have the plague. or something that starts with p, anyway. went to the health clinic this morning- 25 bucks for a check-up and an anti-biotic prescription, yikes. the doc said that my throat looks like raw hamburger- his words, not mine. but at least i don't have secret!strep-throat or anything like that. i tried to check my throat in the mirror by myself, but i just couldn't get enough light, y'know? so they gave me these giant white horse pills to take every day for the rest of the week, of something that starts with a and has at least seven syllables. maybe by the time i turn my drawings in, i won't feel so much like i'm dying anymore. i've drunk more water in the past week than in the three weeks before that put together. *sighs*

life kind of sucks right now.

ETA: sara says that i'm very bitter. i will acknowledge that yes, i am. *shrugs*
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*whimpers* fanfiction..... i want it. T____T i'm all out of creative juices, i've reread all my own fic, i've done as much of my physics test as i can until sara gets back tomorrow, i've cleaned off my desk. i'm about to resort to doing dishes and sewing, just for something to do.

why did i give up fanfiction for lent?! why????? everyone who reads this, please rec me something good to read once i am free to do so.

god, i am such an addict.
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i have been awake for 5 hours, and in class for 4. i think i need to re-organize my mornings; this cannot be good for my mental state.

also, i sprained my left wrist somehow while i was sleeping.

and physics sucked this morning. but griff likes my model, which is far more important than physics class. woot!
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somehow i apparently didn't archive this vid.

it's the sylar movie trailer.

also, i have a headache.
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i went to the astros game yesterday!!!!!!!! and actually, it was fun! ^/________^ more on that here. ) afterwards we all went to house of pies- i was full, so i got pie to go and just had hot chocolate there- which tracy and lauren's mom have never had. yay, pie!!!!!!!

and this morning was my first day singing in the choir for mass on campus. sabrina- she's the music director, a really nice vietnamese woman- leaves after today to work at st. michael's church nearby, so we're about to get a new choir director, but i enjoyed it today. i just miss singing; this is the first time i've done any organized vocal performance in over a year. *pouts* but i get to sing with the choir- even though it's catholic mass and i'm definitely a confirmed lutheran. ^/____^ i had a good time, though. and today is father dan's birthday, and also the first sunday of the school year, so the archbishop of our area- there's a fancy word for that, but basically it means our area- came to do the sermon. father dan looked so morose and displaced! well, anyway.

first week of school done! i dunno how i feel about that. i finished my arch project in less than five hours yesterday before the game- it was amazing!! griffin assigned it to us monday, then tuesday i did some preliminary sketches, and wednesday i redid one of them in vectorworks on sara's computer, but that's all the work i'd done. saturday morning at about 10:15 i started on autocad with a blank screen, i took a quick twenty-minute lunch break at 1pm (jim brought me food; he's been racking up the wonderful boyfriend points lately. *smile*), and then ryan came to visit me at two and we chatted while i finished up, and i put the last lines in at 2:58. it was crazy!!!!! i feel so proud of myself. *beams* i pro'ly could have out some more detail in, and i didn't get christo's email in time to put in the scaled figure that griffin wanted, so it's not perfect. here's the thing: 'it may not be done, but i'm done with it.' i was never that motivated for this project to begin with- it had a big high-school feel to it, but i finished it to my satisfaction. and then it took 45 minutes to print, and that's without mesing up a single thing printing either. jeez! nine dollars total to make three 18x24 black-and-white/monochrome prints, and the paper was about 5 total bucks at texas art. that's an expensive first project!! sadly, the price tags for second year are only going to get worse.

and my immune system hates me. i have a cough and chest congestion, basically a cold. *grumbles*

thus is life.
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i'm hungry, but my teeth are all scraped raw and sore and sensitive. *pouts*

and i have two little cracks in my teeth that are two small for toothbrush bristles to get at for cleaning that are kinda stained and almost-going-to-be-cavities. which i will later have to get cleaned out and sealed: they want to have real fillings when they grow up.

and wisdom teeth! they are happening. i almost wouldn't have to do anything at all with them, because they are growing in perfectly fine and all slow and straight and stuff... except my jaw bone is just a smidgeon too short, so in like ten years they're gonna be crowded behind my molars and make my gums rot. so sometime during the next few years i have to get them removed. joy.

but, yes!!!! dentist appointment is DONE!
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disaster has been averted!!! i did an e-check to uh to pay my tuition, since they still haven't processed my other two scholarships, even though the guy i talked to said that he knew for a fact the my check from jpmorgan was in the office, they just hadn't opened it and typed it up yet. *grumbles* so now they owe me a refund, the buggers.

i just got my last hpv shot. no cancer for me!!!!! the nurse wanted to do it in my hip- cause it hurts less there, aparently- but i was having none of that. i'd rather go with the familiar pain in the arm, the thought of a big needle digging into my hip muscle just freaks me the heck out. so i have a daffy duck band-aid on my right arm now. *grins*

and now i have stuff to move, and so, SO much packing to do. *sighs*

i went to the pool yesterday for the first time this summer!!!!

eta houston: three and a half days

more lists of things to do before school:

inventory stuff going to houston
kingdom hearts for jess
pics of new mexico from bri
dentist appt thursday morning
clean bedroom
save chipotle receipt!!!
clean house
party on wednesday
tag and repaint touch-ups in bathroom
go bookshelf shopping w/cait: ikea, walmart, container store?
ask at bank about third-party check to mom
contact melissa mullis abt getting projects
get projects from melissa
deposit check
get $28 money order for janet nguyen- mail
change meal plan
get economy parking pass (can i pay this in cash????)
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yesterday i had a headache in the afternoon, and i laid down on the couch while my mom made me a cup of tea. it was hot, of course, so i set it on my stomach while i waited for it to cool. and then i fell asleep. and then i moved and spilled near-boiling tea all over my right side.

i'm a bit stupid like that sometimes.

so my right side and my whole right arm got burned, and i spent three hours putting ice packs and aloe vera on me until it stopped hurting. and then i woke up today and all that skin was peeling off like a sunburn. gross!!! ugh. but it came clean in the shower, and mostly i don't hurt anymore. *eyeroll* so, jenny has learned her lesson from this.

in other news, yay for feeling content with the world. it's nice. i'm all mellow and peaceful and stuff.

and i filled out my paperwork today, so i am officially hired! that's exciting. i didn't actually work today- that starts wednesday- but i did paperwork and got my uniform and my boss wanda told me what i was gonna be doing and showed me how everything worked and stuff. then i ran a couple errands. cool stuff.

so, that's life at the moment. life rocks.


May. 24th, 2007 04:19 pm
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i got a shot. *pouts*

/baby. no, srsly, i hate getting shots. they freak me out, even more than the part where it hurts- major phobia here. *sighs* but i went and got my second hpv shot today. i will be geeky!!!!

nee-san found this cool sylar music video. (i don't know how she finds these things, she's just magic.)

i like sylar... *smirk*

(i know, i know, i already posted today, but adding this onto the other entry would just be really ADD of me. so. deal with it.)
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and the... total appropriateness and inappropriateness and utter, deathly irony of this icon on today of all days just goes to show you: humanity is weird.

if anyone else is like me and hasn't been watching the news, go do it. you can't miss it, it's like columbine to the fourth power out there.

i went to the opening lecture on freud at noon this morning, and then my friends and i went to the cafeteria to eat lunch. everyone was staring at the tv that they always have on mute in there, but i ignored it, because my philosophy is that everyone in our society is always staring at the damn tv no matter how pointless the drivel is, and that bothers me. but then someone (lauren?) commented about what a pity it is how messed up people get like that, so i had to ask 'what?' and then it all came out and i had to turn around and look at the tv too. we spent most of lunch trying to debate what happened and why someone would have to be absolutely batshit fucking insane to do that. it pisses me off so much.

so, yeah, in case anyone actually really doesn't know what's going on: some idiot shot over thirty people this morning at virginia tech, and most of them are dead. including mr. idiot, more's the pity, because this is why texas has capital punishment: some people deserve it, hands down. i can't think of any reason why this might have been a good idea, except (and can't you tell i'm a sci-fi geek?) if all those kids were in on a plot to blow up the world in five minutes unless someone is heroically brave and stupid enough to try and stop us right bloody now, oh noes!!! and the likelihood of that being true is so close to nil that i don't even care to find out, and he shot himself anyway, or at least they can't tell if it was the police bullets that got there first.

idiot. idi-fucking-otic, and i am so pissed off!!!!!

and now i need to email sam and make sure she's not dead. fuck.

ETA: still no reply from sam. (and what the heck does 'eta' stand for anyway? imo it just means 'edit'.)

ETA2: so, sam is alive after all. and she IS going to virginia tech. whookay.
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i just slept for 14 hours. whew.

i left studio early at 5 yesterday, went straight back to my room and crawled into bed. woke up an hour later when jim called, then went back to sleep. and i just woke up at seven.

sadly, i don't really feel much better. i think i have some strange new time-locked disease, because every afternoon this whole week i've been feeling sick. and yesterday was yucky. all through studio, i felt this combination of nausea and a stomach ache that left me short of breath; the nausea eventually faded, but the stomachache is still with me right now. bugger.

ill! infected! sick! pestilent! wounded! plagued!

yeah. so i definitely could have continued sleeping, but i at least need to do the german homework that's due in two hours. so.

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i want to die. kind of. in a really 'escape the pain through a less painful and very final way' type of longing.

i'm in studio. our building analysis project final models are due in... 14.5 hours, and i started my building about six hours ago. *seppuku* i will be here all night. i will be here all morning. i must be here all morning because i need to use the band saw and the belt sander on my base, but shop doesn't open till 8am. i have alloted myself a 15 minute break- not the first tonight- to relieve the pain and cramping in my fingers from too much cutting with a dull exacto blade.

all in all, this means: jenny wants to die. a little.

anyway, i only have a few minutes left, so i'm gonna get off the computer and go back to work. *sighs*

nothing further to say.
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still sick. getting worse, despite new & improved medicine. sleeping all day. can't talk. not eating. miss being outside, seeing people. miss jim, pro'ly won't see him this weekend. have important stuff to do, too sick to do anything. dad is worse, not gonna think about it. bad times.

bad times.


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