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Rep. Straus,

As you prepare for the upcoming special session, I just want to thank you for your decisions earlier in the year on the proposed "bathroom bill", and I hope you will continue in the same manner in the future. I hope the legislature can reach a compromise that is not damaging to the well-being of transgender students. Even more so, I hope the legislature will focus on the much more important school funding situation that desperately needs to be resolved. I'm so grateful for all you have done already on these issues, and I want to encourage you to keep at it! It's nice to see that Texas has at least one Representative who is doing the right thing. Thank you so much for your hard work!

Very Sincerely,
~Jenny Curtis



Oct. 6th, 2013 09:46 am
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If my baby is born while the U.S. Government shutdown is still on-going, the Social Security office will not be able to issue a Social Security number and card for him at birth. Without a SSN, we can't put him on our health insurance. Not to mention things like getting a pediatrician or registering for day care.

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note to self: learn how nuclear power works, and what kind of waste it produces. meanwhile, this article brings into stark relief the way governments are not thinking sustainably. why resolve today a problem that can be postponed until 70 years from now? an article about radioactive waste leaking into soil and groundwater. )
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apparently some bad shit went down with one of Misha Collins' fan events (Stonehenge Christmas) and I think he's feeling pretty burned by it. he didn't tweet anything for a few weeks after the fact, and i just got on my youtube subscriptions today to find that all his videos are gone/private-locked.

part of me feels like this was going to happen eventually - that if he gave so much of himself to his fans, eventually something bad would happen - but the other part of me is so fucking pissed off at whoever the people were that ruined this for the rest of us. i'm not even really a true minion - i haven't done GISHWHES or been to any of his con panels or followed him on twitter (well, no officially). but i still really enjoy in a passive way how much of himself he gave to us fans in so many ways, even just interacting with us as real people (i use "us" in the collective sense, having never so much as been in the same state as the man myself). i think it's a damn shame that anyone could ruin the relationship between him and his fans - we appreciate him as an actor, he opens up to us, we appreciate him as a person, he asks us to do amazing things, we accomplish amazing things in his name, and the world is a better place. now that cycle has been wrecked, i think, or at least wounded and scarred, and it's just really extremely disappointing and saddening.
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i voted today!!! i didn't get as much time as i really wanted to research all the candidates and propositions on the ballot, but today was probably my only chance to vote at all, so it's better than nothing i guess.

thursday night we carved pumpkins! mine is BMO (from Adventure Time) and jim's is Captain America's shield. the third one ended up as a big heart, although it started life as something else. :P

also i did a zombie walk last night and it was SO MUCH FUN. we had ripped-up zombie costumes and gruesome bloody dead-looking makeup, and when we went to get drinks afterward, a bunch of people at the pub (mostly dressed as scantily-clad-all-in-black or clever-or-ironic-political-statement things) were very freaked out. my life is complete.
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Raise your hand if you've ever played a game (computer game, board game, RPG, whatever) where you get to set the qualities of your character/tool/system on a sliding scale. zB: I think it's the Sims game where, at start-up, you get to pick the look of your character and then you get to pick their personality, by starting with a set number of points and assigning those points to different categories (smart, funny, athletic, etc) until all your points are gone. You only get so many points, so you have to pick how to distribute them and hope that the result works out in game-play the way you want it to.

Wouldn't it be awesome if the national budget worked the same way?

That's kinda how my budget works. )
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long lead-up to the political question. )

What I want to know is this: what do you think are (or should be) your "rights" - as a human being, or as a citizen?

my own beliefs. )
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Vatti sent me this email. )


Despite the horrendous political overtones and bias in there, I actually do think there are several salient points in it.

I think that food stamps should not be used for luxury food (brings to mind the news story about the guy arrested for using food stamps to buy steak and lobster, and then reselling them at a profit). I'm a bit biased about medical care - I don't think anyone's life should be casually ignored when the means to save them is available, regardless of cost. Housing is a HUGE pet peeve for me, though - if you're living on a government check in housing paid for by the government, you should not be living in a high-quality apartment - 'barracks' is right. I also don't think welfare checks should be able to buy new cars or flat screen TVs or new laptops.

The not-voting and the government-work things are questionable - that sounds to me very much like a communistic regime, in which citizens are told what job they will work and given no say in the matter and no way to change the entity that enforces the rules. However, if the welfare laborers (sounds like a euphemism for 'slave', doesn't it?) are able to get themselves a paying job to get out of the situation, then they aren't technically trapped as government slaves. On the other hand, it took me three months to find a job in my profession, so in a practical sense it would be very difficult to get out of government servitude in that way. But on the other other hand - it would be completely voluntary, right? If you don't want to do the government job anymore, then you just tell the government not to send you a check anymore, right? And if it's voluntary to begin with, then no-one can say they're being forced, so long as the government isn't the only employer out there.

Which, on a tangent, is a distinct and scary possibility - we officially have more people than either food or jobs, and we're artificially sustaining ourselves, imho. Something's gotta give.
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I just had a surreal experience.

I was reading a preview of a book called "Always On" by Brian Chen, a reporter for Wired (here's the link on Amazon - ). It's about how the iPhone has totally changed not only the world of technology but how we interact with the physical world - how the internet and smartphones and mobile devices have changed every aspect of our lives, from education to business, and how they're affecting economy from multiple directions.

And then I finished that and read an article from Businessweek about the failure of the US Postal Service. (that one's here - ) The article explains how, thanks to the internet, the USPS ships more junk mail ("job security") than regular mail, how the volume of snail mail is falling like a rock, how the USPS is belly-up to its unions and not allowed to lay off employees or close branches that are taking a loss. In fact, the entire postal system is taking a loss. They've been borrowing money from the government to stay afloat, but the prediction is that the USPS will be totally defunct by this time next year, unless they adapt as postal systems in Europe have already done.

The overlap was a bit surprising. Cool stuff, y'all.
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So I just learned a LOT about how presidential elections work in the USA. I kinda vaguely knew about some of this already - I did take US government in high school - but I never really understood it this clearly before. :D

For reference:

Okay, so, setting aside the electoral college and indirect voting for a moment, let's just look at the process of getting on the ballot. )
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my high school gov't professor had this poster in her classroom, and i just remembered it.

political definitions via cows. )
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so, barrack obama is the next president of the united states of america, our 44th, and the first non-white president. this presumes failure on the part of the multiple groups that have sworn to assassinate him. i will take this moment to say that he had my vote (regardless of circumstances) and that nonetheless i am worried for our country, because i didn't like ANY of the four presidential/ vice-presidential candidates in this election. but i think obama's ideals are alligned with my own (more than anyone else running, anyway). the greatest concern i have now is in how democratic the legislature has turned out to be after this election. i wanted to have obama in office with a split-party or republican congress, because i think that way we can have smart, conservative laws passed under a liberal lens- which i think is what we need. unfortunately (for me) that's not what happened.

well, either way, what we have is a situation that is quickly going down the crapper, no matter who the president is. and i think people need to wake up and smell the sewage instead of continuing to dream that everything is gonna be fine.

in other news... god i have so much work to do. *seppuku*
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so... i don't think i'll be able to vote this year. like, at all.

i clearly remember registering to vote in williamson county in austin during high school, but... according to the search engine on the website of the texas secretary of state, i'm not registered. anywhere. this sucks so hard.

the postmark deadline for voter registration is oct6- three days ago. i feel like such a retard- i wasn't even worried about it because i remember registering. i just don't know what happened. but i was trying to get an application for absentee voting this morning, and.... i apparently never registered. wtf?!

so i can't vote for the next president. crap.

...i think i'll register online anyway, and see if it somehow goes through in time for me to vote. miracles happen, right?

i fail at life. *headdesk*
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on heroes from yesterday: jim says that future!claire is the sharpest bulb in the drawer.... cause she's the broken one. *rofl* god, i love that one!!!! and future!gabriel- omfg awesome!!!!! i love him. and his son's name was noah. SO MUCH LOVE for future!gabriel.

so, i watched the second presidential debate tonight. it was alright. previously i've been pretty dead-set for obama, because early on in pols last year i compared policies, and i matched most closely with him. and also because i like his energy policies better. but after watching the debate.... i learned three things:

-barack obama is kind of an assole
-mccain is experienced and level-headed
-obama is an idealist

so basically, mccain would be the better president, regardless of policy... but i disagree with him more than i disagree with obama. so i think what i'm gonna end up doing is vote for mccain and then research the hell out of the congressional candidates for this election. cause congress writes the laws, y'know. *sighs* this does not make me happy. (for the record, i'm a liberal.)

crap! it's already 10pm. *shocked*

ETA: wow. i had no idea that this post would prompt so much discussion in just... twelve hours. i'm impressed, y'all!!!! ^___^
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according to ( ) i should vote for barack obama this fall. (discuss.)

in the comparative poll there, he was closely followed by hillary clinton. i had no idea i was so democratic. (okay, that is kind of a lie; on most issues i am very liberal, but hey, communism looks good on paper, too.) i kind of wanted to vote for ron paul or bill richardson, but apparently neither of them are gonna make it to the general public vote in november.

EDIT: so, you know how there's a difference between learning something and knowing something? learning something is when someone tells you a fact and you say, "okay, sure, i'll accept that this is true"; knowing something is when the fact comes to you without having to think about, just a gut reaction, "i know this to be true". up until today, i have been learning about vector forces in physics. but just five minutes ago, i realized that i knew how vector forces worked. this is really cool. note: if the net force is zero, the object can still be moving.

EDIT2: it would help so much if my physics professor would actually teach us stuff instead of throw homework at us and just expect us to keep up and ask questions next time if we gt lost. i get lost because he hasn't taught us how to do all this crap yet, but it doesn't help that the point where i can go ask questions about the homework is in class the day it is due. it also doesn't help that i can't go to the lab/tutoring/help-center thing because he doesn't assign the homework until the day before. ugh. *fumes*


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